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Games & Challenges Wrong Answer Game Sep 11 2011
01:25 (UTC)

An unhealthy obsession with the online game NeoPets.

What was the Twilight Zone?

Motivation A work in progress, but damned proud of the progress! Sep 11 2011
01:21 (UTC)

You look absolutely fantastic now. I swear that you look younger, happier, and so much more vibrant. 

Keep up the good work; you are an inspiration. :)

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 11 2011
01:14 (UTC)

One of my very favorites! Yum!

Stuffed bell pepper?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 10 2011
23:35 (UTC)

OHMYGOSH YUMM. Don't give me cravings!

Fried popcorn shrimp?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 10 2011
23:34 (UTC)
Original Post by _adrienne_:

^Are there actually PB&Co stores?  :O  I always just buy mine at the regular grocery store, but a PB&Co-specific store sounds heavenly!

Anyway, yum to the nutella + pb on graham crackers.  It sounds heavenly.

Brown cow cream top yogurt?

ETA- Heh.  I used 'heavenly' twice.  I guess that's the best description for anything pb-related.  :p

Yep, they have a little shop/restaurant place in Greenwich village- across the country from me. 


Bread pudding?

Recipes In desperate need of a HEALTHY pizza recipe. Sep 10 2011
23:01 (UTC)
Original Post by fakeeee:

I completely understand what you're going through!  I don't want you to have the same problems as I did, though. :(  If you think about all the separate ingredients, pizza really isn't that unhealthy.  It's just been given a bad name.  You can try just removing meat if you want.  But seeing as you probably already had it... it's ok.  Just try to eat MORE!

I wasn't in search of a sparse, bird-food pizza, just one without grease, meat, or a poop-ton of cheese. Thanks though!

Games & Challenges Wrong Answer Game Sep 10 2011
22:59 (UTC)

Leprechauns are convicts with leprosy.

Who invented Facebook?

Health & Support How do you get past fear foods? Sep 10 2011
21:49 (UTC)

I've never had a full-blown ED but I've definitely gone through phases where I had "fear foods". 

The only way to get past them is to eat them. Just shove it in your mouth, forget it, and realize that it wasn't all that bad. 

The Lounge w Sep 10 2011
21:43 (UTC)

Haha, that reminds me of when I was around 12 and having just gotten my first phone, wanted to try it out. I texted my dad and said something like, "Hi. Luv ya have fun at work." My father was not accustomed to cell phones and one of his students told him that the strange beeping noise was a text message. He read it out to all of his students. I'm sure they thought that he had a truly adorable daughter.

This might be one of those "you had to be there" stories, but I thought it was pretty giggle worthy:

I was volunteering at the library when an older man walks in to check out his books. Some of the librarians were asking around, wondering where the stapler had vanished to. The man chimes in and says, "This library is haunted" to the girl helping him. He goes on to tell the story of a guy who used to hang around at the library every day, then pointed to a spot on the ground near him. "He died right there, you know." "ever since, strange things happen. Staplers go missing..."

As he left he said, "Goodbye, young Catherine." Cat is a few years older than me- around 27ish.

I just thought that he was such a stereotypical elderly fellow, spreading the old ghost stories to the younger generation.

Recipes The only thing better than a fresh, ripe strawberry... Sep 10 2011
21:07 (UTC)

These look simply amazing.


Weight Loss Most accurate time to weigh? Sep 10 2011
20:16 (UTC)

Yeah, there's really no point in weighing yourself more than once a week, due to water and food weight. Wait a few days before making any real judgement.

Weight Loss Woman's pants sizes Sep 10 2011
20:14 (UTC)

Since everything started being mass-produced in China, sizes are completely meaningless. It's not just vanity sizing, either-it's an intentional effort to destroy the American standard. I guess the only thing to do is to try on the pants and find the ones that fit.

Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Sep 10 2011
20:06 (UTC)


Health & Support Unexpected Milestone Sep 10 2011
20:04 (UTC)

That's fantastic! Don't you love it when you expect bad news and you get great news? I'm sure that made your day. :)

Games & Challenges Wrong Answer Game Sep 10 2011
20:01 (UTC)

Vincent Price killed Roger Rabbit and literally framed his dead body in a picture frame. Poor Roger still hangs upon his wall.

What is the state animal of Montana?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 10 2011
19:57 (UTC)

Never been to a PB&Co but that sounds quite nice, so yum!

Nutella mixed with PB on graham crackers?

Recipes In desperate need of a HEALTHY pizza recipe. Sep 10 2011
19:25 (UTC)
Original Post by suwannee47:

Original Post by bigearslittleguy:

I'm visiting with my family this weekend and we're making pizza. I desperately want to eat it but am very reluctant to sabotage all my hard work. Please provide a recipe for a healthy pizza. (I don't really eat meat so a veggie pizza would be fantastic.)


I have a healthy pizza recipe that I love!.  Instead of using a traditional pizza crust, I use 2 large portabella mushrooms per serving, the largest ones I can find, because they shrink a lot.  I remove the "fins" using a butter knife.  I then bake the mushrooms cap side up in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes.  I let the mushrooms drain on a paper towel for about 15 or more minutes.  Then, I top the mushrooms with pizza sauce (or a good spaghetti sauce), Weight Watchers Mexican Style Cheese, Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles (1 tablespoon per mushroom), Chopped Green Bell Pepper, and Chopped Onions, and then a little more cheese.  Total cheese for both mushrooms is around 1/2 cup.  I then bake the mushrooms in a 400 degree oven for about 8 minutes.  These are delicious and are low in calories.  The amount of the ingredients depends on the size of the mushrooms.  I have this recipe in my Food Log and it comes to under 275 calories.



Oh my goodness, this sounds delicious! I'm going to have to try this!

Foods this or that? Sep 10 2011
16:44 (UTC)

1. Does your icecream come in a cone or cup?

Cone, by all means. Extra foooooodddd!

2. What is on your oatmeal, PB or nutella?

Peanut butter. Don't think I dig chocolate in my oatmeal.

3. PB is for banana or jelly sandwiches?

Jelly, banana, both. I'm going to say banana since they're my favorite!

4. Scrambled or boiled eggs?

Soft boiled, please!

5. Readybrek or OatSoSimple?

Don't know what they are but both sound kind of icky.

6. Tea or coffee for your morning break?


7. Apples. Red or green?

Give me my beloved pink ladies!

8. Quality Street, Roses, Heroes or Celebrations as a treat?

I'm thinking these are all Brit foods. I'm going to randomly choose Roses.

9. Raspberry or Strawberry jam for on a scone? 

Strawberry, don't like the seeds.

10. White or brown bread to make a sandwich?

Brown! So much more flavor. :)

11. Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts?

Krispy Kreme, please!

12. Starbucks or Caffe Nero?

Never been to either, I prefer the small beatnick coffee shops. ;)

13. Lemonade or Coke with your dinner?

Ewww. I guess lemonade, but I don't really like sweet drinks with dinner.

14. Greggs or Sayers?

Argh. I'm such a stupid American. Going to go with Greggs, because their website looked better.

15. Do you prefer custard hot or cold?


16. Muller Rice or rice pudding?

Rice pudding is heaven. 

17. Do you get cream or marshmallows for your hot chocolate?

Marshmallows usually, but I prefer cream.

18. Jam, cream, custard or chocolate eclairs?

Oh chocolate eclairs..NOM

19. Apple+custard or Jamberry danishes?

Apple custard.

20. Pop tarts or toasties?

Hate both.

21. For dinner, pasta or rice?

Wild rice!

22. Skinny or fat fries?


23. For pizza crust, cheese, bbq or tomato sauce to dip?

Garlic butter sauce!

24. Burrito or Enchilada?

Burritos because they're quicker and more versatile!

25. Tacos or Nachos?

Excuse me while I puke in a bucket. Hate both.


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 10 2011
16:35 (UTC)

Yum! I like them on my ham sandwiches, they go really well with mustard.

Banana drizzled in honey?

Weight Loss Filling low-cal foods that are actually healthy? Sep 10 2011
15:44 (UTC)

Mashed cauliflower is incredibly filling and low calorie. You just mash up boiled cauliflower (I use a blender), add some milk and garlic, and there ya have it. 1 cup only has around 70 calories and it's crazy filling. I like it even better than mashed potatoes!

Hard boiled eggs are healthy and low in calories. 

I find asparagus and tomatoes to be really filling, while carrots and celery don't fill me at all. o_o

Oh, and don't forget tofu. I fry it up, soak it in Worcestershire sauce, dredge it in bbq sauce, and eat it, all for about 80 calories.