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Weight Loss Eating too much of non-junk food ? Sep 25 2011
17:32 (UTC)
5's fine to eat a little bit more on the weekends. Most people who are losing weight tend to eat a little over weightloss calories on weekends, and it's just a nice respite from their strict diets. 

In fact, some people LOSE weight while eating 1600 calories every day!

Now if you ate 8000 calories a day of clean, raw, healthy foods, you'd still gain just as much weight as you would eating fries and hot dogs. It's just a mathematical equation. Calories in > calories out= weight gain. It doesn't matter what kind of foods you're eating.

Foods Healthy snacks while at uni? Sep 25 2011
17:20 (UTC)

Hi candy!

My favorite healthy snacks are:

  • Hard boiled eggs. Boil a bunch at the beginning of the week, and pop one in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. They're only about 70 calories each and give you boundless energy.
  • Nuts. Pack 5 unsalted almonds in your purse for a quick pick-me-up that totals around 50 calories.
  • Grapes, though they can get mushy and soggy on hot days. 1 huge cup is only 60 calories.
  • A little homemade granola without candy or added sugar goes a long way.
  • Dried fruit leather if that's your thing.
  • A pot of Greek yogurt.


Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 25 2011
17:13 (UTC)

Yum! I love quiche.

Spanish quinoa?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 25 2011
02:55 (UTC)

And horseradish! YUM.

Whole wheat pita stuffed with spinach, tomato, and grilled tilapia?

The Lounge How do I avoid annoying the heck out of people? Sep 24 2011
18:42 (UTC)
Original Post by janelovesjam:

Maybe open with 'I'm sorry to interrupt your evening, but I wondered if you could help out. The centre is interested in your opinion [people like that, or some do] on some of our services. Just a few quick questions, totally anonymous, won't come back to bite you.' 

Smile (if you're a woman and you're talking to old guys, that'll help), and make it painless and fast. 

Thanks! I'm going to take your advice along with the advice of brightmoments. Should work pretty well. :)

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 24 2011
18:03 (UTC)


Strawberry candies?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 24 2011
17:15 (UTC)

On google, they look delicious, so yum.

Chocolate covered Twizzlers?

Weight Loss if you are a female can you give me your height weight and vital stats please? Sep 24 2011
17:04 (UTC)
Original Post by sj1122:

please tell me your


I recently discovered that I am actually 5'5", not 5'4" as I've thought for years. It was pretty surprising!


112 lbs-ish

measurement around the fullest part of bust

Deary me, only 33 inches. I like to take a big inhalation when measuring this to bring it up to 34".

measurement of your waist


measurement of your hips

36". Yes, I am insanely pear shaped.

your bra size


i think cup size affects how big or small you look... so im just trying to get a general idea...


im 5'4"


38' 31' 41' my bra size is 34D even though i have lost weight my cup remains the same :(

The Lounge How do I avoid annoying the heck out of people? Sep 24 2011
04:09 (UTC)
Original Post by pinegrovedave:

Original Post by brightmoments:

Original Post by pinegrovedave:

Original Post by bigearslittleguy:

There are a lot of grumpy old men who frequent this place, and I'm sure that they aren't going to be too happy about me intruding upon their space.

Wear a bikini perhaps?

 Just guessing here, but I think grumpy old men aren't all that know, to see a young man in a bikini serving them their coffee.

A kilt then? (My bad....For some reason I thought the OP was can't always tell by the avatar and name)

And....pinegrovedale gets the award for best intuition. I am a female but I'm going to have to convince my male coworkers to wear bikinis. Now THAT would be excellent.

Health & Support Underweight, High body fat? Sep 24 2011
02:43 (UTC)

Chances are your calculator is wrong. The only way to calculate your body fat accurately is with a caliper or using a water test. Electric body fat sensors are extremely unreliable.

Women are supposed to have a little bit more body fat. 25% is perfectly fine on a girl. It means that you're healthy, womanly, and made to have children. If you have the classic womanly figure, your fat will be distributed in your hips and breasts regardless of how fit you are.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 24 2011
02:09 (UTC)

Yum, sounds fudgey.

Lemon curd?

Weight Loss Does your body decide when you've hit your ideal weight? Sep 23 2011
18:15 (UTC)

My body does. 
Last month I ate very unhealthily in order to lose a couple "vanity pounds" that I'd put on in college. In the beginning, everything was fine. I felt great and had no desire to "overeat". Once I hit 109, my body started fighting back wildly. I binged uncontrollably and craved peanut butter, nuts, chocolate- all weight gain foods.

My happy medium is somewhere around 112-115 lbs. My body, mind, and spirit are comfortable there. :) 

Health & Support friend putting me off recovery!!! Sep 23 2011
18:10 (UTC)

Talk to her about it. Explain that you are sick and that you need to recover; that her comments aren't helpful at all. Tell her how they make you feel. Are they triggering? If she cares about you, she'll understand that she shouldn't make you unhealthy! If your friend doesn't nip these comments in the bud, you should just avoid contact with her. She's throwing a wrench in your recovery and that isn't what you need. :(

Does your friend suffer from an eating disorder? If so, she might just be bitter that you're recovering and she isn't. It's possible that she feels frustrated and in denial of her own disorder. 


Weight Loss INITUTIVE EATING? Thin Within? Has anyone tried initutive? Sep 23 2011
18:03 (UTC)

I've decided to start eating intuitively since counting calories has driven me to undereating, bingeing, and an unhealthy attitude towards food.

The trick to intuitive eating is to really listen to your body. Sometimes I'll have PMS and crave Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Does my body really want that? No. I control myself. There's a difference between wildly eating everything in the house because you "want" it and eating what your body really needs. I only eat when I'm genuinely hungry. 

Once you get into the groove of it, it's ok to have an occasional treat. :)

Foods Homemade oatmeal for breakfast Sep 23 2011
17:54 (UTC)

I had oats for breakfast too!

I used 1/2 cup of oats with 1 cup of water, mashed up a banana and tossed it in. While the oatmeal cooked on the stove, I added a teaspoon of vanilla and cinnamon. 

It was brown, warm, and amazing. 

Motivation Argghhhh give up already Sep 23 2011
16:47 (UTC)

Well, there are several reasons why you're not losing weight.

(a.) The cabbage soup diet is a fad diet. It does essentially nothing. You can't really lose weight over the course of 7 days of starvation. Sure, you'll lose water weight, but it's nothing sustainable or healthy. 

You aren't even losing water weight BECAUSE of the cabbage soup diet. It's very high in sodium, which will cause you to retain water, even though you're drinking so much. Please get off of the cabbage soup diet. Diets don't work. Lifestyle changes do.

(b.) A few days isn't long enough to see results OR gain muscle. This takes time. When people report dropping 7 lbs a week or such, you can bet your buttons that they'll gain it right back. REAL weightloss will take you weeks and months to complete.

(c.) You're starving yourself and your body is slowing down your metabolism and grabbing onto any energy it can get. That means you're not burning any of your food. Try eating 1500 calories a day and see what happens. 

Weight Loss Is Cheating All That Bad? Sep 23 2011
14:30 (UTC)

Cheating is actually good for you.

I notice that after a cheat day, I always lose a little weight and my stomach looks flatter. It revs up your metabolism, meaning that when you return to normal eating, you'll really burn it off. 

I also think that it may encourage a huge BM, so your stomach will be less bloated. 

"Normal" people who aren't on diets have occasional "cheat days", and don't even think about it. It's a natural thing for a person to do.

Enjoy your fried chicken!

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 23 2011
14:12 (UTC)

Somehow I don't see those two going together.

Roasted edamame coated in chili powder and Tony's?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 23 2011
03:16 (UTC)

MMMMMM....seriously my favorite snack!

Anise cookies with icing and sprinkles?

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Sep 23 2011
02:21 (UTC)


Tabasco Jelly?