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Weight Loss To eat, or not to eat? That's the question x) Mar 01 2011
19:57 (UTC)

Please eat the cake!    Maybe you will want half a piece but eat it!  You say you have been on the low calorie diet for two weeks.  If you really need to lose weight we are talking about much longer than two weeks.  For me I have to eat a bit of everything or I begin to feel deprived and eventually I will eat too much of evrything! 

Happy Birthday!  I couldn't see the cake but it sounds wonderful!

Weight Loss how many people are on "diets" they could actually stay on forever? Feb 08 2011
16:26 (UTC)

I sure hope so!  In September I came against the big health wall of hypertension........219/120.  After arguing with the staff that their equipment was faulty, I decided I would do whatever it takes to lose weight and hopefully avoid a stroke!  That day at the internist's office I weighed 184.5.  Still difficult to write that down!  Today I weigh 148 and still dropping a pound or two a week.  I have just returned from a six week trip where I ate lots of Mexican food, and lots of seafood..........but in between I did two things.  I ate half portions of everything, yes even dessert and I exercised almost every day.  Off to the doctor tomorrow, fingers crossed that he omits at least one of the three meds I am on because this morning by BP was 110/70.

I wouldn't be able to give up the things that I think of as "good" but I sure can reduce the amount and EXERCISE

Weight Loss The comment drive me crazy Dec 05 2010
13:04 (UTC)

Unfortunately for me, I have been away from calorie count for a while and because I have recently faced a health issue I am back and enthusiastically does bother me that in a place where personal problems should at the very least be accepted with kindness there remains a core of posters who seem to get their kicks from demeaning comments by others.  I regret that and hope that there is as little harm as possible coming from those kind of comments. People who are trying to make life changing decisions need to be encouraged not made fun of by someone.  I don't believe this is done intentionally but carelessly.  Let's be a caring community and leave the sarcasm for face to face since the written word is often misinterpreted. The true value of this kind of site is often that those who have "been there" share solutions......but thoughtfully not with harshness.   Just a thought.

Weight Gain When do the scales show your 'true' weight? Dec 04 2010
16:59 (UTC)

Buy a good scale, weigh at the same time of day (early monrning seems best____, no clothes and your weight will reflect where you doesn't matter what the number is, it is whether you are going up or down and if you are at a size you are content with!  Forget the number.   I used to jump on the scale every time I went into the bathroom.  Now I weigh at the begining of the day and if the weight is up, I eat accordingly.  Good luck!

Weight Loss The comment drive me crazy Dec 04 2010
16:53 (UTC)

 I have to wonder why some people can't let others alone!  If it works for you........great.  If something else works for me.............hurrah!  We need a bit more kindness to our fellow eaters!

Motivation How much do people think you weigh? Dec 04 2010
16:47 (UTC)

Read recently that over 85% of women have an invalid concept of how they look in reference to weight.  That falls of both sides...........smaller than acual appearance or larger than actual appearance.  I find it perfectly normal and acceptable that someone might want an unbiased opinion as to "how do I look?"   Most of us wouldn't be on this site if we had always had a true picture of how we "LOOK"   I would have stopped at 10 lbs overweight for sure and if an anorexic had a clue how they looked they wouldn't starve themselves to death in some cases.  Let's give each other a break and not find fault with someone's honest seeking of an answer to a question!

The Lounge Gender Roles Jul 07 2010
12:36 (UTC)

Sounds like you have parents who have found a great way for them to live and have prepared you for making the choice that works best for you!

Weight Loss Diet Pills Jul 07 2010
00:11 (UTC)

Bad news!

The Lounge Gender Roles Jul 07 2010
00:09 (UTC)

No problem with gender roles here.  I am 74, liberated, always have been, always will be, raised by a liberated mother, married to a wonderful man for 53 years who would have it no other way.  If gender bothers anyone I come in contact with I consider it their problem and not mine.  I think the only thing women can't do is be a father but we sure can pick good ones! and that is pretty good!

Recipes breakfast? Jul 05 2010
15:57 (UTC)

I think there is a "best breakfast".  You just have to find out what it is for you!  Some of us function well on repetition, other have to have variety.  Find what works for you, in the right calorie range for your goals, and very important something that makes you satisfie until your midmorning snack time.  For me it is a wholegrain cereal with fruit..........until that day I "need" something else.   I have a few things like egg/toast, a whole grain muffin that i fill in with occasionally..........still being aware of the calorie count.  I think personally I benefit from finding something and being repetitive.  Good luck!

Weight Loss Bitter? Jealous? Jul 01 2010
23:21 (UTC)
Original Post by wishuponastarr:

Original Post by sikes09:

Maybe it's just me and if it is excuse my rant. But is anyone else tired of reading about these really tiny people on here with "ED" that want to know if they need to lose more weight when they are already like 105?

I am jealous that I am not that tiny. I am a big enough person to admit that ( pun intended ). I just get a little disheartened when I am looking for support from people who have been where I have been and I see girls that are HALF of my weight and are complaining they want to be skinnier.

Sorry again if I am the only one who is annoyed by this.

actually, posts like that don't bother me at all. if i feel 'annoyed' about a post after opening it up and don't like the topic, or just simply don't like the responses, then i simply close the thread and carry on to another. i read different posts for various reasons, some i read for information, some i read for curiosity, and some, like this one i read all 4 pages......for entertainment. i was bored. normally i would have closed this thread, but it started to get entertaining. the fact of the matter is, don't let anyone's post get you all in a tizzy, just close it and don't read it if it bothers you so much. also , the less it is responded to, the more likely it is to dissappear from the front page of posts.......but if you keep responding to it, it will jump to the top of the posting list again and again and again........also on another note, some people i think that post are pretty young and perhaps have problems like ED's or just simply lack of life experiences to make good decisions in their life. instead of getting annoyed by those so called posts, just post some good sound advice and hope that the person takes it to heart, otherwise, just close the thread. life is too short to get annoyed by something so small. :) smile and be happy:)


 Yes!  One click and you are off to something that you like, and it is just that easy, I am clicking now!

Weight Loss Bitter? Jealous? Jul 01 2010
19:32 (UTC)

I was feeling a bit down over the last few days because after losing weight two years ago I am back at "eating right" again.  Thinking do I never learn? After reading this thread I am trouble free with some pounds that need to go away but very fortunate that I can still accomplish that!  But at my age I am concerned for anyone who judges people by their weight ..............either fat or skinny.  Let's get on with it folks and hope that we all find our solutions.  Be happy knowing there are truly more important things than how much you weigh and have some understanding for those that find it a problem.  A loving family, friends, a good book to read, a loving husband ,  a walk in the woods, on and on are high on my list.  Not Pollyanna here but grateful for every day!  Fat or not!

Foods The Evil side of SOUP Oct 23 2009
12:47 (UTC)

Newsflash..........................soup is available other than in a can, which is half water!

Weight Loss May I toot my own horn just a lil' bit?? Oct 12 2009
19:19 (UTC)

Congratulations!  You encourage me!  You have come a long way in a year!

Weight Loss Can I have a "comments about my weight" thread please? May 27 2009
11:34 (UTC)

I am so sorry your father makes these comments to you.  Unfortunately your problem with him seem to be bigger than your past weight problems.  We can handle our weight but our relationships need two people to be successful.  Good luck with what appears to be a stressed relationship that should be a supportive, loving one.

Weight Loss advice May 10 2009
16:19 (UTC)

Congratulations on being way ahead of the game!  I definitely relate the scales to exercising.  I quit regular exercise and it seems no matter what I eat the scales go up.  I think the moral of that story is ....................Ta DA!!!!!!!!!!  Even slim people need to exercise to truly be healthy, and those of us who tend toward the "not so slim" need it just a bit more.

There was a cartoon character, POGO, who gave great words of wisdom.  "We have met the enemy and they are us"............not Starbucks, Wendy's etc!

Neat to see someone so young who gets it.  Wish I had put it into action many years ago.

Weight Loss . Apr 30 2009
18:52 (UTC)

Personally I take responsibility for my weight, both when it is down and when it is up.  Not my  mother's fault, my father's fault, giving birth to my children, grief on losing someone I love, or any of the myriad of reasons people give to be overweight. 

I hesitate to agree with techdog, don't want to make him get after me!, but he is right on target.  Everyone has those excuses.  Few of us are totally free of emotional and spiritual pain.  The only way we win is to take control and be healthy.  I still have problems with that at times but I know I am the one who makes the decisions

Weight Loss . Apr 30 2009
15:31 (UTC)
Original Post by nads101:

whoops, I spelt frustration wrong.

 Spelt????????????????  LOL  How about spelled.  We all make those mistakes.

Weight Loss Sometimes I just get a little frusrated with my family! (removed original title) Apr 09 2009
13:06 (UTC)

That "hate my mom" is a very strong comment!  I would hope you could control your own diet without hating your mom.  If you do hate her, I think there may be more going on than diet.

Motivation Nasty Person On Here Apr 03 2009
12:59 (UTC)

You have a lovely face which is ofcourse the only part of you available to see!  The person who wrote you obviously has a problem with her own looks and spirit.  Ignore her, pity her but don't let her comment phase you..........which sounds like what you are doing!  Turn it over to the moderators and forget her.  You wouldn't want to sink to her level!  Being very generous we might just feel sorry for her problems what ever they are.