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Weight Loss Eating Back Calories? Should I? Jun 11 2008
21:24 (UTC)
I have to say that this is a terrible weight loss strategy.

And I hate to see people think they are "completely fooling their body"...

Basically what you're doing is starving yourself a little (by not eating enough for your non-fatty energetic metabolism), you keep it like that for a while so your body adapts to it a little bit, and then you give it maintenance amount of calories (which is not the same as before by the way).

At the bottom line, you lose about 1000 calories of fat at the end of this (not taking into calculation the fact after those two days your body will save more fat because of what you did to it), and about 1000 calories of muscle tissue.
Sounds like one piece of a deal ! If you're anorexic, or stupid.
Weight Loss My New Goal Jun 11 2008
21:02 (UTC)
NOBODY and I mean it, NOBODY should eat less than 1500 calories (and NOBODY includes girls too, very tiny girls, who burn a tiny amount of calories to survive).

Go see a nutritionist, or you'll never make it. Our body IS ADAPTIVE. And adapting to this amount of calories mean your body will NEED fat, needing fat means we SAVE THE FAT, and not use it asif it wasn't important.

Go see a nutritionist, and I'll say it again.. Go see a nutritionist ! I've been JUST LIKE YOU - and for all that time I am beating myself up.

Take a look at my picture - that ONLY happened after I went to see a nutritionist, cause whatever you know - you don't know half of what they know - they made a degree on it, they know what you need, and what wouldn't work, and would would work best.

And again... Go see a nutritionist.
Weight Loss Weight loss question Jun 11 2008
20:51 (UTC)
A link straight to the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake, published by the RDA): ebtablemacro.pdf

Edit: You need Adobe Reader or another program that can read PDF files.
Weight Loss evening cravings are killing my diet plan Oct 20 2007
01:43 (UTC)
keep something nice in the fridge for evening.. I have these cravings sometimes when I'm not too tired when I get back home, I have this box with some fruits I like and sliced pepper (red&yellow) which I like alot.. and I just eat it and brush my teeth, then go to bed..

also processing this food makes me tired so it helps lol
Weight Loss Stuffed with cals? Help Oct 20 2007
01:37 (UTC)
don't worry about it as long as your body fat percentage stays above 6-7%

if it decreases at that point add a junk food day and have a bit of a more enjoyable life.
Weight Loss How to stop eating Oct 20 2007
01:33 (UTC)
what do you mean "how to stop eating", YOU CONCIOUSLY CONTROL WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.

stop acting like a confused silly baby and don't put things that don't do you good in your mouth.

don't wanna eat? don't eat then !
Weight Loss Coming out of starvation mode... Oct 20 2007
01:29 (UTC)
you don't reach starvation mode... you only begin to starve when all underskin fat is gone and muscle atrophy is at max.

only then your body starves and begins consuming vital tissues.

what you do manage to reach is slow metabolic rate.. takes about a week to get it back to normal.
Foods High protein, low fat, low carb foods Oct 20 2007
01:10 (UTC)
egg whites are not complete proteins, they don't contain all 8 essential amino acids - don't rely on these for protein.
Fitness How much cals. is healthy to lose Oct 20 2007
01:07 (UTC)
you either gain or lose, can't do both at the same time.

if you have fat you want to lose, then lose it first, and then gain some clean muscle - bulking up is ugly and then losing the fat feels like you throw all your work away when your muscles shrink.

eat 1.4-1.7 grams of protein per LEAN kg of weight, and that's enough - eating more will NOT help you gain muscle, overeating protein goes to fat.

also I know it sounds unneeded especially in this healthy-lifestyle (with some anti-supplement) based community, but drinking a protein shake after the workout could really cancel out all the thoughts of "maybe I didn't eat enough, what if my muscle is breaking down cause I didn't feed it with protein" thoughts (well, atleast I used to have them).

anyhow, don't be scared of over excercising, hell - don't be scared of anything. learn about your body as much as possible, you'll get to know what's right and wrong for you.
Weight Loss Coming out of starvation mode... Oct 20 2007
00:39 (UTC)
yes there is... you could actually keep the pounds you lost off.

gradually eat more calories, though don't eat any processed food.
eat fruits, veggies, maybe gradually add some 0% yoghurts (the ~60cal ones) sometimes..

you WILL feel hunger, keep reminding yourself to think with your brains and not your stomach.

also, work out regularly - I like to keep my muscles in pain for a while so my body also repairs something, it will also help boosting up your metabolism.

don't eat anything processed other than what you can control by knowing the calories, and if you eat something processed don't eat more than 100-120 cals of it in a meal, keep it natural.

each day increase cal intake by like 100 cals and you'll be fine.

hope this helps.

btw, your body has no "trust" mechanism, this part is controlled by the brain, conciously.
it helps to think of the body as an organism composed of small little engines (cells), when the cells don't get enough fuel they work slower.. then you throw out a huge amount of fuel at them when they don't process fast enough, and it then gets thrown to the storages (fat).
Weight Loss Starvation diet... I know its bad..but... Oct 10 2007
09:40 (UTC)
stop worrying about your metabolism, this mainly happens because your stomach stops working which causes calorie burn to drop abit (a muscle which usually always works just stops working) and there's no digestion going on.

you being tired also makes your calorie burn more efficient since you do things slower with less power or not do some of the stuff you'd usually do.

anyway if you're hungry, you're losing weight.

by the way, THIS IS NOT A STARVATION DIET... starving comes after you burn out all your enegry stores (fat/muscle hypertrophy) and vital tissue aplasya is required in order to produce energy (extracting energy from muscle cells etc).

this only happens when you're at about 4%-5% body fat if you're a guy and %6-%7 body fat if you're a girl.

this is fine, though I suggest taking some blood tests (I always say this cause it's important, though I never bother checking myself so.. eh) and making sure you're not harming yourself.

just keep going as much as you can, and I suggest writing down a note or making sure that when your apetite comes on, you will think with your head and not with your stomach.
Weight Loss Feared Freshman Fifteen Sep 27 2007
19:43 (UTC)
eat more, burn more.

I too share the same problem, eating is a social thing around here aswell and if you miss these pizzas/chinese takeouts you're gaining distance from the group of friends.

I spend an hour running at morning or night, depending on what and when we do it.

more eating and more excercise is not actually less good than eating less, it would actually be good for you...
Foods Coffee has CALORIES????? Sep 20 2007
10:54 (UTC)
getting caffeinated for 50 calories... sounds like a deal to me >:)
Weight Loss Do people generally look down on fat/ overweight people? Sep 20 2007
10:49 (UTC)
ofcourse, my treatment to obese people is different.

first off, most of the time I won't have any sexual attraction (in case it's a girl), and hey... being obese tells something about the person.

I find some anger at obese people, because I look at them like big babies.
They can't control what they put in their mouth, either they don't care (which makes them ugly by personality) or they are too weak to take control to their own hands.

At the gym, though, it's all different. My treatment to fat/obese people there is like gold. I help whenever possible and talk to get to know them.

The bottom line is, obesity points out a behavioral issue, a very ugly one.. nobody wants his lifemate to look like a couch.
Fitness Running during the day or night? Sep 01 2007
03:11 (UTC)
I run at 6:30am and 10:00pm, light running each for about 25 minutes.

so I guess both ?
Weight Loss Talk some sense into me...please Sep 01 2007
03:07 (UTC)
noelle is right you've lost a huge amount of weight, don't let that evil penut bugger get you, you're stronger than that !

put on some heavy metal with lots of screaming and hit the streets sprinting like fire (:<

now seriously, get over yourself.. it's just food.
Weight Loss Talk some sense into me...please Sep 01 2007
03:01 (UTC)
ah I guess you need a change...

find something fun to do, do kickboxing, kayaking, swimming, have you tried weight lifting? change your diet abit, introduce new foods, excercise more but less intensively, or increase intensitivity if you're bored.

just change stuff around.. I'm always getting bored of things.

for example I bought myself a box bag because I was abit bored and learned some karate moves LOL

though, ontop of the routine-breaking activities you need to have a pretty light excercising plan.

I suggest just going for a walk (run when feeling energized, though plan on walking) every morning or something, and do weights 3 times a week at evening.

I guess you just need to change some stuff around.
Weight Loss Insomniac Sep 01 2007
02:54 (UTC)
when you sleep you burn less calories, so if you take in 300 calories in a meal, go to sleep and burn about 70-80 calories a hour, and digestion takes less than one hour for that meal, then you throw about 200 calories of that meal into your fat storage.

when you sleep, metabolism is slower, thus more excess energy from food, which is thrown into storage- your fat cells.
Weight Loss Would you.... Sep 01 2007
02:49 (UTC)
Have a balanced life and eat properly.

I eat good food as much as needed, work hard at the gym, rest at home and do my stuff, eat junk at weekends, and am as happy as it gets.

I'm not skinny, I'm not fat, I'm fit and muscular eventhough was not planned.

My plan of getting "skinny" only began to work when I let myself live life in a balanced way... I just stopped caring, and just done my thing without overthinking anything.

Go to gym 3 days a week (now 6 though that's a recent addon), eat nice (not shrinked) meals containing protein, carbs, and fats, all the veggies and fruits I want, and I also take interests in things other than my body's image.

deciding to just live life and do the minimum is the best thing you can do.
Weight Loss how much can your weight fluctuate Sep 01 2007
02:38 (UTC)
when you see this kind of bullshit happening you should know it's just water weight, and/or the waste of the meals (aka crap) you ate the day before waiting to get popped out.

to gain a pound of fat you have to eat about 4500-6000 calories, all at the same time (digestion would take about 900 calories, then transforming it to fat would take about 1500 more, which leaves us with 2900-3400 calories... which is 322-377 grams of fat)

anyhow, you probably burn more than 1800 calories even if you sleep all day, these 1600 calories you ate don't include digestion which burns out about 200 calores, and I bet you used up all the rest of them to provide you with energy, and even catabolized some fat from your body's own storages.

unless you eat over 2200-2400 calories, donn't worry about gaining anything...