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Weight Loss Let's say goodbye to last stubborn 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15-ish pounds! Feb 22 2013
00:59 (UTC)

Hello all! I am wondering if you all would be willing to have me in your group. You guys seem like a supportive bunch. I am 5'3 and 135, looking to get down to 120 eventually. However, I busted my knee a few weeks ago and have to get surgery on March 28th. For that reason, I am looking to get fit  and healthy as possible before then in order to decrease my recovery time post-surgery. I hope to lose ~5 lb by the 28th. After surgery, I will continue to eat healthy and lift weights, etc with my upper body and continue with some ab exercises until I can bend my knee!

Feb 21 -- 135.4

Mar 1 --134

Mar 8 -- 133

Mar 15 -- 132

Mar 22 -- 130.5

Mar 29 -- 129.5

Weight Loss 5'3" Goals Jan 23 2013
06:11 (UTC)
I am 22, almost 23, college senior who is 5'3 and at my highest weight, around 138. I'm so sad and feel awful. None of my clothes fit anymore. My ultimate goal is 120, and shorter term (spring time) is 125. I am in the market for some buddies and/or inspirational stories of how other people lost 15-20 lbs. I have been feeling really desperate recently so message me with tips/stories/if you want to help me or each other out!
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 26 2012
00:54 (UTC)

Sorry I have not been on. First finals, then a tragic event with a friend. Have spent the past 5 days in the hospital with my friend and the family. Things are not looking great. Also probably wrecking my metabolism from not eating all day and then snacking on junk because I am there and then eating SO SO SO MUCH today. Last I checked, I lost ~5 lbs (139-134) during this challenge. Not quite 10 lbs but still 1/2 lb per week. Im going to try to find or create a new group/challenge to join for the next month. Hope to lose 6 lbs in January.

Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 19 2012
05:47 (UTC)

Oh no, Tink! That is terrible. Good for you for getting out of something you knew wasn't right for you. So many people stay in relationships where they say the same thing about knowing their significant other is not right for them. Working out will help release stress/negative feelings and give you something to dedicate and fill your time with in the tough stages. 

I've kept up my gym routine since being home. I love the gym I go to in my town so that is just a bonus. They have a $30/30 day membership. A bit steep since I will only be home for 2 weeks but my gym at school is free so I don't feel like I'm shelling out too much. Plus, there are nice shower facilities and a steam room/sauna. It's a fancy gym! I get bored when home for break sometimes so it is a nice place to go and spend a big chunk of time at. 

Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 15 2012
15:37 (UTC)

wow, akla - AWESOME JOB! 5 lbs in 6 weeks. That is great stuff. Looks like you will need a new goal for January. I have been estimating calories the last few weeks, as I did not have a food scale and was eating in dining halls more than usual. I finally decided to buy a food scale and tell me roommates that I was going to be counting everything I ate. I also had (have?) a slight binging problem so I usually would give up after a few days but NOT ANYMORE! Binges the last two nights but I'm going to chock those up to finals and declare right now: I'm over it! NO more :)

Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 14 2012
18:20 (UTC)

Hi all! I am on my 4th day of counting calories and I'm loving it. I wish I had been doing this every day. It is great to know how much 1500 calories are and what I can to work some off if I go over. Exercising has been mediocre. Still aiming for 5x/week (2-3 days "on", 1 day "off"). My workouts have been switching off between 1 day running (35-45 mins or so) and 1 day Nike Training Club 45 minute workout at the gym with aprx 20 mins elliptical afterwards. I weighed in this morning at 134.4 which puts me at 5.5 lbs lost since I began (although, I do believe I must have been a bit bloated in the beginning). I wish to be 132 by xmas. I have a doctors appt in 1 week and I am interested where their scale will put me.

I am leaving for winter break on Sunday morning and will be home for 2.5 weeks. I am hoping to really go all out with exercise while I am home. Ideally, I would run ~4 miles in the morning and then go to the gym for a Nike Training Club workout or weight training later on in the day. I think this would burn ~600 calories a day and help with toning and muscle building. Any thoughts on this routine? How is everyone doing? It has been quite quiet around here recently.

Weight Loss Anyone want to join me? Trying to lose 15 pounds and there is strength in numbers! Dec 14 2012
17:27 (UTC)

chicago - AWESOME job! I was never a part of this challenge but should have been. I am 22 yrs old, 5'2 and 134.5 lbs at the moment, down from 139 but up from 120 3 years ago. I just looked through some of your old posts and am SO impressed with your dedication, attitude, and loss. Kudos to you for losing weight the healthy way (eating enough and deficit of ~1 lb/week). Could I message you if I ever need any tips or motivation? I truly aspire to follow your lead. I hope to be 130 by Jan 1st.

Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 12 2012
07:21 (UTC)
Time has escaped me since finals and exams. However, I just completed my first EVER two days of accurate and total calorie counting/logging. I had to estimate on a few things because I ate dinner at the dining hall last night and had some food that I couldn't find. Worked out yesterday and today. Working out and a nice shower is such a good study break. Getting VERY little sleep which is the bad part...
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 04 2012
23:56 (UTC)
rainbow- I don't really think anyone in this thread is qualified to give you an accurate answer. From my experience, that doesn't seem like an amount that would make you gain. However, that is just based off my experience on calorie count and reading many different threads. It depends on your activity level, age, etc.

How has everyone else been doing? This thread has been quiet lately. I had a good day yesterday although I ate lightly in the morning so my calories were heavy later on. today has been good and I had a great 6 mile run this afternoon, another warm day. I will be at the library late tonight so I'll have to make sure I eat some healthy snacks so I'm not super hungry when I get home around midnight or later. I'm thinking a rice cake with peanut butter and an apple or a Greek yogurt and an apple! Weighed in at 135.5 this morning which makes for an almost 4 lb loss this "challenge". I'm assuming my having a stomach virus for 3 days 2 weeks ago has something to do with that number..
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Dec 04 2012
05:06 (UTC)

How did everyone's weekend go? Mine was good. Definitely should have worked out but I ate well, so that is good! Portion sizes are getting better so next step is consistent work outs. It was warm in the northeast today so I did a nice track workout which ended up being 5.75 miles including warm up & cool down. I am to work out 5x this week. I am trying to decide if I want to run a 10k on New Years day! I will weigh in tomorrow. I think I said this before but I am going to start weighing in every day and writing it down in my journal on my page. Feel free to look and help keep me accountable!

Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 29 2012
18:11 (UTC)
I believe I have lost ~3 lbs since this challenge has started. Im still working on portion control and mindless snacking. Today I have had a soy latte and a Greek yogurt as well as a handful of almonds. I am going on a 4 mile run right now and also plan on going to the gym this evening for weight training. I would like to lose 4 more lbs before Xmas, 3 before my doctors appt on Dec 18th. I'm picking up a food scale today so I can FINALLY accurately track my calories which will be 1450/day :)
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 26 2012
07:32 (UTC)
How has everyone been doing? It is very late here and I have to wake up early so I will not be weighing in tomorrow but Tuesday instead. I have been good at working out but not great at eating. However, I eat much less when I am at home for some reason which is awesome (much less but still enough). let's see if I can keep that up now that I am back to where I live. Already messed up tonight by not eating dinner before going tithe library and endlessly snacking when home. Got to watch that!
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 23 2012
04:52 (UTC)
Hello! I'll do a bigger update Monday but I've been doing well the past week, I guess. I went to a big event last Saturday and drank all day but then ended up getting the stomach bug and not being able to eat for 2.5 days so perhaps things evened out. Ate a bit too much at Thanksgiving (2 pieces of pie after dinner, etc) but SO much better than last year, or than I would have been a month ago. Ran a 5 mile turkey trot road race and ran my fastest race time yet. PR by soo much. Since I am still pretty new to running I'm dropping time quickly. I'm competitive so it's things like this that keep me going! Need to pick something new to train for now :) will weigh in Monday. Think I still need 6 lbs if I want -10 by Xmas. As always, keys for me will be consistency, portions, and not mindless/unnecessary snacking!! Good luck to all
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 15 2012
06:06 (UTC)
Laura - switching up your routine is always nice. When I go running multiple times in a week (which is should be doing every week), I always have to change up the distance/tempo so it doesn't get too monotonous.

Lexie - awesome job! You have been doing a great job as of late. I'm super impressed. I'm almost always able to talk myself out of working out due to being tired/busy. Something I have been working on.

Kelly - 6 mile walk is awesome!! I hope you got a workout in today too.

I had a great day today. Did a 45 minute circuit workout at the gym and then 20 minutes on the treadmill. Didn't work out yesterday grr. I want to try and workout everyday until Tuesday!
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 12 2012
23:09 (UTC)
hi guys! Sorry I have been a bit MIA. I have been doing well the past few days although my goal was to never let more than 2 days go by without exercising and I didn't work out fri, sat, or sun. Today we had unseasonably warm weather in the Northeast so I went out on a 6 mile run which was excellent. I will weigh in tomorrow. How is everyone else?

Weedeemer - I feel uncomfortable with you saying that you can eat close to nothing until the holidays. This does not seem like a healthy outlook or one that Calorie Count supports.

Laura - intestinal problems are the worst. I have had more than my fair share. I realized I was lactose intolerant but my symptoms only subsided for a bit before coming back. I stopped eating gluten and am now (mostly) symptom free. I encourage you to take record of food intake and symptoms!
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 09 2012
06:09 (UTC)
Laura, hopefully it was a loss. You can definitely get below 143 by next week. Work hard and stick to your guns. 6.5 weeks until xmas!!
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 09 2012
06:06 (UTC)
Kelly, perhaps your body is just out of whack because of being sick. My weight definitely fluctuates when sick. Give it another week and see if it comes down.

Today I snacked way too much and didnt really have any set meal other than breakfast (which was delicious oatmeal, apples and blueberries). I did an hour of cardio though and hopefully didn't go over calories too much although I really have no idea. That makes 4 days in a row working out though which I'm very happy about! I'm shooting for 6 days in a row hopefully. I'm proud of myself!

Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 08 2012
05:58 (UTC)
Lexie, so glad that you are safe and things are starting to get back on track in terms of every day living and normalcy! Also glad to have you back.

I ran 4.6 miles yesterday which went well. I didn't do the long run due to a mixture of being craazy sore from Monday's workout (first weighted workout in a LONG time) and not having enough time. I did another weighted circuit training workout today. I almost didn't but my roommate mentioned she was going to the gym and so I told her to make sure I was going too! I was 139.2 again this morning. Bleh. Hopefully that means 136.2 in actuality!
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 06 2012
19:51 (UTC)
Yes, water retention due to weights definitely affects the numbers on the scale. I weighed in at 139.2 this morning. I'm extremely sore from yesterday, especially my hamstrings. It's a great feeling! Still planning on running and doing abs today although perhaps not quite as long of a run as I planned. Might save the long run for later this week.
Weight Loss -1 lb/week until Xmas! (aka -10 lbs) Nov 06 2012
00:32 (UTC)
My scale said 139.8 this morning. I'm really hoping that I'm hanging onto water weight after this weekend (drinking, unhealthy eating, etc). I may start weighing in the trainers scale in the athletic office or taking measurements. This puts my goal more towards 20 lbs rather than 10!!

I woke up this morning and did a full body circuit at the gym for 45 minutes which was great. Tomorrow I'm going to do a 5-6 mile run depending on how sore I am and then do 15 minutes of ab work. I've eaten great and aim to not have a post-library binge tonight. How is everyone else doing?