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Motivation Teen weight loss group? Jun 24 2007
04:53 (UTC)
Hey Guys-I am so happy to have found this group. I am 18 and 5'4 and weigh in at 154 glorious pounds...I have learned to accept my body but really want to build up my confidence before I go to college in the fall and drop some weight. My goal weight is 128-which I haven't weighed since freshman year of high school, but anyway really excited to get wishes and good luck to all of you!!
Weight Loss My perfect diet plan..maybe yours too? Jun 23 2007
23:49 (UTC)
Thats really impressive. I was in your same exact situation 4 years ago and i was able to get to the weight i wanted for freshman year. But over the years I gained the weight back so I am at it again now before my freshman year of college! Best of luck!