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Games & Challenges Roll Call - March 2007 Exercise Challenge!!!!! Mar 28 2007
02:47 (UTC)
Foods high fiber Mar 25 2007
19:35 (UTC)
funny, I just made a journal entry about it:

I just received my order of Gnu Fiber bars from
I know that it's a matter of taste but I absolutely love them (for what it is, of course). They are even better than my Kashi bars. Each has the same calories as Kashi (130) but a whooping 12g of fiber! Woohoo. I love these things. My favorite flavor is chocolate brownie (surprise, right?), but banana walnut and cinnamon raisin are ok too.
Games & Challenges April Exercise Challenge Sign up Mar 23 2007
03:34 (UTC)
I'm in for 1500. Thanks!
Games & Challenges March Water Drinking Challenge ~ End of Month totals needed :) (reply #155) Mar 23 2007
03:34 (UTC)
3rd week update: 1960/3100
Games & Challenges April Water Drinking Challenge ~ Time to post April totals! (#109 :) Mar 23 2007
03:20 (UTC)
I am in for 100/700/3K. Thank you!
Games & Challenges Roll Call - March 2007 Exercise Challenge!!!!! Mar 21 2007
14:08 (UTC)
Week 3 Update:

The Lounge United2gether - Happy 1 Year Anniversary as a member of C-C!! Mar 17 2007
02:37 (UTC)
Once again I am late for a party and just in time for a clean up duty!
Ok, I see there's one glass of champaigne left, although a flat one LOL
:::looks for a second broom to help lolli clean up:::

Big Congrats on your anniversary! LOVE YOU JULES!!!!
Games & Challenges Roll Call - March 2007 Exercise Challenge!!!!! Mar 16 2007
01:42 (UTC)

Health & Support Please, any success stories for weight loss and stopping smoking? Mar 15 2007
06:10 (UTC)
Hi, I'm in the same boat. Not much weight loss going on right now.

I quit smoking exactly 2 months ago after 13 years (I'm 32). I've decided to forego weighing in weekly due to the possible weight gain or slow weight loss that I have antisipated -- and I was right. In 8 weeks I only lost 3 pounds even though I am exercising vigorously for the first time in my life. But I am still happy, because it's a loss. 3 pounds is better than nothing, right?
Games & Challenges March Water Drinking Challenge ~ End of Month totals needed :) (reply #155) Mar 15 2007
05:57 (UTC)

If I were to count ounces totals it would indicate that I am getting enough water everyday. Actually 5 of those days I didn't get my quota of water, so the other days I had to compensate. Just being honest  :(
If I were to count days where the challenge of 100 ounces/day was accomplished it would be: 9/14
Will try to do better in the upcoming week.
Games & Challenges Roll Call - March 2007 Exercise Challenge!!!!! Mar 15 2007
05:08 (UTC)
My week 2 update:

Games & Challenges Roll Call - March 2007 Exercise Challenge!!!!! Mar 08 2007
07:21 (UTC)
still nursing my achilles.
week's total only
Weight Loss Stretch marks? Mar 04 2007
18:41 (UTC)
I've used liquid vitamin E in the past (topically) for my big ugly car-accident scars seven years ago and it did wonders. I remember the dermatologist telling me it was also great for strechmarks. And I've also heard Palmer's Coco Butter Lotion is good for that. But I am skeptical. I think if you are trying to prevent stretchmarks you'll be more effective using the above 2, but if you already have them, it's tough to get rid of them.
Weight Loss Anyone been fat their entire life and finally HAD it? Mar 04 2007
03:29 (UTC)
*raises hand*
I sometimes wonder if I have high cheekbones or a small waist or a shapely butt under all the layers of this Other-me. Not that I hate my fat, we've made peace, but I still want it gone "politely." And I bet my knees are really skinny and abs are really toned - underneath. LOL
The Lounge My Google search turned up this!!! Mar 03 2007
17:29 (UTC)
Weight Loss 60 cals Mar 02 2007
06:20 (UTC)
"filling" is quite subjective different snacks would be more or less satisfying to different people;

? a slice of Light beef bologna
? 3 crackerbreads (20 cals each)
? 6 sugar-free jellos (10 cals each) that will fill a lot of room
? 70-90 radishes or 3 cups of sliced (not trying to be cheeky, I really do binge on those sometimes)
? a small grapefruit (by the time I pick the darn thing apart, I am not even hungry anymore)
? Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Light Original Cheese - ea. piece is 50 cals
? Laughing Cow Light Swiss Original Cheese - ea. wedge is only 35 cals
? eggwhite omelette with a bit of cut veggies (16 cals per)
? hot chocolate, no sugar added (swiss miss - 60 cals w/water)
? Jell-o sugar free pudding snack (some are only 60 cals)
? V8 can of vegetable juice (that's 10 cals over 60, but leave some remaining in a can, you probably wouldn't want to drink that last "condensed" part anyway)
? about 15 cherries
? about 15 baby carrots
? Fage Total 0% Greek strained yogurt (half of the quite large 8oz. container = 60 cals)

chrisq, I like the tomato snacks too. I often use the cherry tomatos, cut them in half and fill them with various soft-cheeses, it could be eaten raw or slightly baked. A little snack yet so yummy.
Games & Challenges Roll Call - March 2007 Exercise Challenge!!!!! Mar 02 2007
03:29 (UTC)
Weight Loss To weigh or don't weigh? That is the question. Mar 01 2007
06:32 (UTC)
I absolutely agree with perdita,
It depends on what would happen if  you get on the scale and the number doesn't match your expectations. Personally (and I know I am in a minority here) I find it completely crippling to weigh myself constantly, because it seems that my whole validation is dependent on the number on the scales.

I've only started eating healthier less than two months ago and I am one size down. And I'm ok with that. I have to lose over 100 pounds, that's a really LONG journey, why ask "Are we there yet" every 5 minutes? I will only weight myself once a month or so just to see my progress. That way, even if my weight fluctuates up or down every day, I don't see it and my emotions are not riding that rollercoaster. And even if I plateau and only lose a couple pounds a month, it's still a success and would keep me motivated.

However, I've read somewhere that people who weigh themselves every day are statistically losing larger amounts of weight on the average.

But I think you should  do what feels right for you. Either way, good luck!
Motivation Body Acceptance Week Mar 01 2007
03:51 (UTC)
mejohnst, Happy Birthday!!
The Lounge Wanted: One Lifestyle-Change Buddy, Must Like Bad Jokes Mar 01 2007
02:52 (UTC)
Hi, i am so psyched to meet another sci-fi lover!!
I'd love to be friends - I'm 32 and also have 100 plus pounds to lose but I can't knit. :) I have been single for the entire two weeks now and have a furbaby -- a beautiful 4-year old sweetie pitbull girl.

I added you to my friends list & feel free to 'pm' with bad jokes anytime.