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The Lounge Wireless Internet Apr 23 2009
16:47 (UTC)
Original Post by tahitisweetie123:

So how many people on this website are currently at work & using the company's computer to access the internet?  Isn't that stealing as well?  It's not your computer, not your internet, yet you're stealing valuable company time while surfing the net.  Not to mention, using up their bandwidth as well.  Shame shame shame. Tongue out

 lol, I am pretty darn sure all companies know their employees use their internet connections, I mean come on. If they didn't want them to use it the computers wouldn't be connected to a network. Seriously. And I could bet you they also expect that employees will use them for peronal use too.

The Lounge Gift ideas for someone on a tight budget. Apr 13 2009
23:52 (UTC)

Make him a coupon book. You can do ones like you'll cook his favorite dinner, a massage, foot rub, etc. Something you know he will like.

Weight Loss What are they feeding their kids? Apr 10 2009
21:40 (UTC)

The Maury show today is about obese children, one kid 4 yrs old weighs 113. The parents don't see why they are so overweight. Even though all the eat is junk food, fast food etc. I think it has a lot to do with people not being educated in nutrition. I mean some of the portions these kids get are outrageous!!!! Like more then I should eat in a day. It is probably one of the things I find the saddest, to see these small children already so obese and knowing pretty much how kids will treat them and that that can't run around and play like they could at a healthy weight.

The Lounge Who the heck came up with "Serving Sizes"? Apr 09 2009
19:00 (UTC)
Original Post by starlitocean:

baker - oh my god i love your cat!

 Thanks!!! So do I!! :D

The Lounge Who the heck came up with "Serving Sizes"? Apr 09 2009
18:16 (UTC)

You know what I love?? Small Capri Suns are 1 serving, and if you get the larger sizes it's still only 1 serving... lol.

The Lounge does anybody else like some truly demented television? Apr 09 2009
16:58 (UTC)

*raises hand*

lol, I watch Toddlers & Tiaras occasionaly, also shows like Bridezillas and the new one on oxygen called Pretty Wicked,  watch Tough Love sometimes. And the ones like Charm School or whatever it's called were they try to 'reform' them. lol. They make me laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

Weight Loss The "Lighter Life" Plan- Starvation Diet? Apr 08 2009
15:54 (UTC)
Original Post by linz78:

There was a lady who was featured in Closer magazine....or should I say her grieving family were featured. She had been on this diet and died as a result. Apparently some of the advice given my lighter life is to drink tons and tons of water. Obviously good advice if done in a healthy manner but they had brain washed her so much into the drinking water thing that she sat and drank and drank and drank and drank.....until became so ill that she went into a coma and died. I can't remember what its called when you drink so much water that your brain swells. I know its very rare but thats what happened to her as a direct result of being on the diet. I can't believe they're even legal.....550 calories???

 It's called water intoxication, and the site does say now not to drink too much at one time (probably beacuse of that ladies death).

Wow, check this link out.- Seems these LighterLife people don't care about their customers. Here is a snippet.

"Another former LighterLife dieter Paul Kendrick was admitted to hospital with water poisoning, having drunk too much in a bid to relieve constipation caused by the diet.  He asked LighterLife to warn people against drinking too much water but, counsellors told BBC researchers that it was "not possible" to drink too much water."

Anyways  tealparadise the site says the foodpacks provide 100% of all needed vitamins and such, so you were right about that. Bit it is way to extreme to me as well. I would much rather eat what i want and lose at a slower pace then this stuff.

Foods Foods you thought you hated... Apr 08 2009
02:42 (UTC)
Original Post by yummy_kitty:

Until I was about 19 I thought I hated avocado. I remember being grossed out by it once as a little girl.

Then I had a bf who made me some home-made guacamole, and I LOVED it. I immediately went head over heels for all avocados (plain, in guac, smeared on bagels, layered on cheese-sandwiches, etc...)

Avocado is now one of my favorite foods of ALL time, and it breaks my heart to think I went 19 years without this food in my life.   :(


I'll never get those 2 decades back  *sniff sniff*  :(

Exact same story with me!!! lol :D But I first liked guac, then plain avocados, now I just wish they were not so high calorie!!!!!!!

The Lounge Victoria Beckham Should've Been the One Named "Scary Spice" Apr 08 2009
01:39 (UTC)
Original Post by jazzygal:
Also, I have never found Brad Pitt attractive at all, which makes me apparently the only woman who feels that way. 

Me either, I think he is U-G-L-Y.

The Lounge there a better food on Earth? Apr 07 2009
16:57 (UTC)

Hey since you like bacon, you will probably like bacon mayonnaise.  And it has less calories then regular mayo!!! (Plus they also sell bacon salt) :D

And here the sell maple syrup bacon lollipops!! (Who doesn't like that combo Wink) Only thing is that they are $10 for 4!!!

The Lounge Hey! Guess what Alex and I did! Apr 04 2009
18:29 (UTC)

Congrats!!! You're gonna be the coolest mom ever!!! :D

The Lounge Sexy Ugly Celebs? Apr 02 2009
16:42 (UTC)
Original Post by jenniferthepennifer:

I think the following are not ugly sexy.. but just plain fugly

  • William Defoe
  • Conan O'Brian
  • Jack Black

 Willam Dafoe creeps me out, he is very freaky looking.. lol

Sarah Jessica Parker- her face grosses me out for some reason... and Ashton Kutcher

Oh and vron082, so with you on Liam Neeson, so very hot (esp. his voice)......(oh and Bruce Willis too..) lol

Weight Loss Weekly Weigh Ins Mar 27 2009
19:05 (UTC)




The Lounge Homemade gifts: unique and thoughtful, or just a cheap cop-out? Mar 25 2009
17:08 (UTC)

I have kept every homemade gift my cousin has made from since I was about 6 or 7. Other peoples gifts, not so much. I love homemade gifts.

Foods m&mmmsss Nov 04 2008
02:03 (UTC)
Original Post by dattaplot54321:


And just so you know, funsize m&ms (ie. the kind that would be on clearance right now) are already portioned into 100 cal bags and are significantly less than the little box labeled "100 cal".

Totally!!!! I had bought the 100 cal packs (7 for $2.89.. I think) And they had the fun size pack of 8 for .99!!!! Craziness!!

The Lounge Lifelong Love Affair with Books! Oct 31 2008
15:23 (UTC)
Original Post by jules817:

i was so that kid in middle/high school who finished the assigned books in like two nights while all the other kids would read the assigned chapter a night.

then everybody would roll their eyes at me, because i...GASP...liked Willa Cather hehe 


 Me too!!! I also was the only kid in my class who read for fun!! Man kids don't know what there missing out on by not reading....

The Lounge Lifelong Love Affair with Books! Oct 31 2008
15:21 (UTC)

Little House on the Praire series (had to throw them away, they were so worn & falling apart)

Berstein Bears (even to this day when I see them at the bookstore I have to read one, lol)

A Little Princess-Frances Hodgson Burnett

Chronicles of Narnia

The Boxcar Children series

The American Girl Books (Really young like 6 or 7) 

Number the Stars


gosh, just about anything!!

The Lounge Browsers Oct 25 2008
17:57 (UTC)

Firefox is the best!!!!

The Lounge The Biggest Loser Oct 22 2008
22:36 (UTC)
Original Post by cheree89:

Anyone else think that Brady made up the story about Phill asking him to keep Amy P. around, just to get Heba more on their (Brady and Vicky's) side?


I so thought that too!!!!!!! bc it seems like it is totally something he would do, bc they have already said they are there for the money and anything that would keep them there longer.....

The Lounge The Biggest Loser Oct 22 2008
21:11 (UTC)
Original Post by tiredofbeingthebiggirl:

Brady, Vicki, and Heba will get what is coming to them. 

I always feel sympathetic toward all the contestants when they have to remove their shirts to weigh-in.  Last night, I found myself counting Vicki's fat rolls on her back.  (She looked so mean when she stepped onto the scale.)  I caught myself and felt bad about being so judgemental,(yeah, I'm just now losing some of my rolls.) 

That comment about how the $350, 000 would be theirs was totally uncalled for as well.  Vicki and Brady now just seem like materialistic, uncaring people. 

Heba is rude, rude, rude and I will have a celebration when she is gone.




I agree 100%...