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Weight Loss to eat or not to eat? Oct 06 2010
11:01 (UTC)

It depends.  When I'm training I'm more likely to have the calories, otherwise I suffer later for lack of energy.  On a rest day, if I'm genuinely not hungry, I just listen to my body and don't have them.

Weight Loss Body fat percentage and realistic weight loss goals Oct 06 2010
10:58 (UTC)

I'm 5'6".  When I weighed 125lb I came in at 17% BF.

Fitness Please please please help me!!!! Oct 05 2010
22:06 (UTC)
Original Post by spinach_spy:

3. Ever heard of raw foodists? They eat only foods that have not been cooked above 115 degrees, no meat, no dairy, no eggs, raw veggies, fresh and dried fruits, raw nuts and seeds, sprouts, nut milks, nut/seed butters, cold-pressed oils, spices and herbs, vinegars, etc... This diet gives you soo much energy, and is super healthy too! I'm about 40% raw, and all vegan, and I have sooo much energy!! :) I feel great! It also helps with weight loss if you are still losing weight.


 yes but I assume you're not training for an Ironman Triathlon?

Weight Loss You're missing the bigger issue. Oct 05 2010
21:48 (UTC)

I thought the OP makes an interesting point in terms of people seeking to achieve positive self-worth / confidence / self esteem through weight loss...

Just the other day there was another thread on "why do you really want to lose weight" - and the reasons given are 85% about women's desire to achieve self-esteem and confidence by improving their looks.  Then maybe 10% give "health" answers and 5% other random reasons.

I doubt for may it will be the magic bullet the expect it to be.  Quite often these issues run a lot deeper and the weight becomes an excuse for not wanting to look at those issues.

Someone I know was a perfect example of such false expectations.  She always blamed everything on her nose (don't laugh!) - so she saved some money and had it operated on.  Firstly nobody noticed... those who were told said she looked fine before...  in short she didn't get the reaction she wanted off people, which she thought would magically transform her into this outgoing and confident woman.

Maybe that's because the 'problem' was never the nose...?!

Fitness Please please please help me!!!! Oct 05 2010
21:27 (UTC)

I trained for an ironman last year and you might not like what I have to say but here goes...  maybe you can learn from my experience.

Depending on what heart rate you train at you may not burn anywhere near as much as you think.  A lot of LSRs or long rides will take hours and hours but not burn thousands and thousands of calories as you may think.

Lots of people will tell you you'll need to eat this much during long bike rides, and have all these power bars & energy drinks...  If you feel you have to have them, log them!  It's very easy to go over especially with drinks.

You will get a hunger like nothing you've ever experienced before.  I've come home after 5 hour rides and scoffed a whole chicken by myself in a crazy protein craving etc.

Finally you may want to read this. _article/training/the_final_nail_in_the_cardi o_coffin

Rachel Cosgrove's physical experience of IM and IM training pretty much mirrors mine.  It totally fecked up my body both in terms of weight gain and injuries. 

I'm done with ultra endurance stuff and have gone back to short fast work, HIIT & strength training.  Lost 22lb so far (of my 40lb gained!!) and pain free after months of hip problems.

I don't want to put you off IM, it's a great experience and you'll learn a lot about yourself, just be careful. x

ps: the reason I got injured was partly because I didn't take enough time to build up my core which is hugely important when you cycle hundreds of miles a week!  Learn from me and do you core strength work.

Best of luck.

Weight Loss Water! Oct 04 2010
21:14 (UTC)

Absolutely and every athlete knows that!

By the type you feel thirsty you're already dehydrated and it's too late in the sense that your 10-20% of drop in performance has already started a long time ago.

Although I do agree on the statement about sports drinks.  They are justifyable during a 100 mile bike ride or marathon but not a legs-bums-and-tums class.

Fitness Training for a 5K then a Half marathon! Oct 04 2010
19:28 (UTC)

10 minute miling isn't fast but it's not terrible either. 

You've only just started so you're not ready for speed work until you've improved some more on your endurance.  When noobs start running with our club we usually give the following advice:

  • learn to run for half an hour at a steady conversational pace before you even think about introducing pace work
  • no running on consecutive days til much later
  • decent running shoes that are suitable to your gait
  • keep good form, no overstriding
  • no increasing of distance by more than 10% per week
  • enjoy!


Fitness ;) Oct 04 2010
14:38 (UTC)

So basically to summarise this staggering piece of insight.... Wink

Find something you genuinely enjoy...

whether its

  • aerobics
  • body pump
  • cycling
  • dance
  • elliptical
  • free weights
  • golf
  • hiking
  • ice skating
  • jogging
  • kettlebells
  • lacrosse
  • mountain biking
  • orienteering
  • pilates
  • q
  • running
  • spinning
  • triathlon
  • u
  • volleyball
  • walking
  • x
  • yoga
  • zumba

Because you're more likely to stick with it...

(can you tell I lost the will to live with some letters...)

Well, Sherlock...

Weight Loss Water! Oct 04 2010
11:29 (UTC)

It certainly works for me that if I'm generally well hydrated I tend to suffer less water retention.

Fitness ;) Oct 04 2010
11:24 (UTC)
Original Post by unicow:

try out vinyasa, ashtanga, power yoga... even hot yoga!  


... and there was me thinking Ashtanga or Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga was actually the same as "Power Yoga", just as Bikram Yoga is the same as "Hot Yoga"... just for people who don't want to be bothered with the Sanskrit names for the discipline...

Weight Loss long acting contraception & weight loss/gain Oct 03 2010
17:07 (UTC)

hmmm... I'm 39 and whilst I'm not hugely fond of the whole procreating idea it seems a drastic step.  Wink

Candy.. the IUD... I'm probably completely irrational with not liking the idea of it.  How did you feel having it?  I remember the horror stories about them years ago in terms of lots of heavy irregular bleeding etc but maybe these things have changed?

I lurked on lots of forums and a lot of women seem to be putting on PACKS of weight on the Implanon -- like 20lb ++ SurprisedYell

My doctor did say that they don't like to take them out once they are in, so she let me try the drugs in pill form first, but soundss like a choice you need to be very sure about before you go down that road...  I don't like the sound of 'digging' it out afterwards.  Undecided

Weight Loss why do you REALLY want to lose weight [be honest] Oct 03 2010
13:40 (UTC)
  • To look lean in lycra again. I used to look like an athlete and most of our friends are sports people and we spend a lot of time in training kit. I just want to look like them again.
  • Despite having lost half of the weight I gained whilst injured I still feel like a hippo when I run and my pace is embarrassing.  I just can't wait to be able to run properly again.
Fitness Best low/no impact HIIT at Gym?? Oct 03 2010
13:24 (UTC)

You would have to be an extremely competent swimmer to achieve an interval heart rate that would qualifty as HI, but if you can swim that well it could be an option.

Fitness Best low/no impact HIIT at Gym?? Oct 02 2010
21:27 (UTC)

Have you tried C2 rowing?  A friend of mine has osteoarthritis and had to give up running but is doing fine with rowing and hasn't had any problems.  Also very easy to time intervalls for HIIT sessions etc.

Fitness Weird clicking feeling in my pelvic area Oct 02 2010
16:39 (UTC)
Original Post by beijingbelle:

Original Post by backinthenines:

...illitibial band...

Also known as the hip flexor.


your illiotibial band is not the same as your hip flexor!!!

you might want to revisit your anatomy...

Fitness New Balance Running Shoes Oct 02 2010
16:21 (UTC)
Original Post by pgeorgian:

Original Post by mephyle:

A knowledgeable salesperson in a good running shoe store should be able do this for all brands, but not every store can offer this.

the relevant point is that nobody can do it online.

 Spot on!!

And all this stuff of looking at a picture of foot shapes, or doing wet foot print tests is about as vague as a vague thing on a vague day...  It means next to nothing... 

Not everyone with flat feet will necessarily need motion control shoes, not everyone with a high arch gets on with neutral shoes etc etc.  Some people have high arches which look like they should be 'neutral' but their arch collapses on impact.

HOW you run also makes a difference as heel strikers have different requirements in a shoe to mid/forefoot strikers.

Further considerations are the surface on which you plan to run (road shoes, trail shoes, fell running shoes etc) as well as whether you're looking for a high mileage training shoe or a light racer.

What it comes down to is that you need to try different pairs and someone who knows their stuff in a good running store needs to watch you run in them.

Fitness New Balance Running Shoes Oct 02 2010
14:39 (UTC)
Original Post by cherimoose:

This may come as a surprise, but i don't recommend conventional running shoes like New Balance.  Since running shoes were invented in the 1970s, "the injury rate among runners is virtually unchanged", according to a New York Times article.  (Also see this article: To Run Better, Start Ditching your Nikes.)  Look into running in minimalist footwear.  This page explains how to choose them.  And see the training tips on the bottom of this page.  Personally i run in a $10 pair of water shoes. 

 There is also ENORMOUS controversy around this subject, as can be seen on many professional podiatry fora especially since Vibrams have taken off.

Personally I own a pair but I am also VERY selective about how I use them, i.e. mainly off road and for short distances.  I certainly would not be mara training in them.

The "minimalist footwear" trend is not anywhere as clear cut as you make out to be.

Fitness New Balance Running Shoes Oct 02 2010
14:35 (UTC)
Original Post by cpa_pfs:

I really do NOT care what other people think about their shoes.  I only care what I think about mine.  I get fitted professionally and if a shoe doesn't work OK  ...  I take it back.

My shoes typically cost about $100 and last only about 7 weeks before they have 400 miles on them and I replace them.

New Balance may be fine.  Then again, they may not be.  But that is just the start.  Every maker tends to make a variety of shoes  ...  structured, neutral, etc. so there if more to it than just a brand.


The band alone means nothing.  The structure of the shoe needs to fit your gait.  That's what's important.

Buying a shoe by branding alone is like buying a car by colour...

Fitness Gym manners? Oct 02 2010
12:49 (UTC)

Teal, I think I know where you're coming from.  Sometimes I look at people in the gym and think what on earth do you think you're doing...  but basically in my experience people don't appreciate any advice no matter how well intentioned.  

You see people swinging their weights in dreadful form, you see people running in shoes that you really shouldn't be running in and watch their ankles collapse at every step, you can see people do stretches that are just utterly pointless...  Let them!  If you say something 99.9% of the time they won't thank you for it.

In terms of people not really doing anything at the gym... I have to admit it irritates me too but that's life.  The other day some dude spent about 20 minutes just sitting on the C2 just texting!!!!!!!!!!  I did some other stuff, checked the rower again and he'd still not moved, so eventually I told him if he just wants to sit somewhere can he do it somewhere else please so I can use the C2 and he walked off.

Women reading on the treadmill is another favourite...

But... that's gym life...

Fitness Am I.. Sedentary, Lightly Active, Moderately Active, Very Active...? Oct 01 2010
13:41 (UTC)

"very active" is so relative.... it all depends on your means of comparison to an extend.  Colleagues in my office would think I'm very active if I did a quarter of what I do...

my account is set to sedentary and I log my training on top of that and that seems to work quite well....

although I would say that CC gives some burn rates for activities I don't really regard as much of an "activity"...  I mean heavy gardening ok give yourself some calories for that but "personal grooming"????!!  I wonder how many people have lost weight from cleaning their teeth...?