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Vegetarian 1200 - 1300 cals a day Vegetarian ideas...? May 19 2011
00:21 (UTC)

First off, you should probably be eating more than 1200 calories. The goal is to lose weight, not starve yourself! And trust me, the two do not have to go hand in hand. 1200 calories is the bare minimum for a sedentary, small woman. If you are at all active during the day and are taller than 5'0", you should be eating more. Plug your stats into the calculator on this website (only if you are over 21) to determine how much you should be eating for safe weight loss. If you are under 21, use this calculator:

Plug in your stats and whatever your average activity level is, choose that and subtract 500 cals to get how much you should be eating to lose 1lb a week.

When you do up your calories it's important not to freak out if you see the number on the scale creep up at first because it's just your system not sure how to respond to having a normal amount of food! I'm 20 years old and workout pretty hard and can lose on 1800 calories a day, so there's no reason to starve yourself!

As for vegetarian protein, I'm also a vegetarian so I can help you out a little here. I assume you are not vegan, so try adding eggs (and a few egg whites!), low fat and greek yogurt into your diet. Try tofu as a meat substitute, or edamame. I just recently discovered tempeh, which can be found at many super markets (I get the whole grain type from Trader Joe's). Obviously beans and nuts are a great choice, and so is quinoa if you have access to it (it's sold in most grocery stores now I've noticed). If you really don't like some of these options, try buying protein powder. I make shakes with chocolate protein powder, a banana, unsweetened almond milk, and 1tbsp peanut butter and it keeps me full for ages and is loaded with protein and other goodness! Just make sure with protein powders to check the ingredients and label to make sure there isn't a lot of added sugar.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helps!!

Weight Loss Does this seem healthy Jan 27 2011
05:05 (UTC)
Original Post by charleneraymond:

 I was gunna say... Eating that low of calories and then gaining the weight back is typical. 1200 minimum for you and 1800 minimum for your friend, otherwise he will gain it all back again.

If I'm not mistaken I think the OP is a male too... In which case he should be eating a minimum of 1800 as well.

Weight Loss what does a girl who is 5'7-5'8 medium frame and weighs 120-130 lbs look like??? please respond!! Jan 12 2011
17:09 (UTC)

Wow we sound a bit like twins.... I'm 20 years old, 170, 5'7" with a large, broad shouldered frame with obnoxious lovehandles that drive me to tears at times. Weird.

Anyway just to give you an idea, a little over a year ago I was losing weight and at my lowest got to 145-147 lbs. At the time I was unhappy and wanted to go lower but I've looked back at pictures and I looked perfect for my size.

Now things are a bit different and I'd kill to go back to 150 ish which used to be my "highest" stable weight. But I guess giving up and enjoying yourself when you study in Italy for four months will do that to you.

Foods Whining about wine ... :-D Nov 23 2010
16:08 (UTC)

If you love your wine and it fits into your calorie allowance then it's perfectly fine. If, however, it doesn't, then maybe you could try a wine spritzer? 2 parts wine to 1 part sparkling water. It saves 1/3 the calories and i think fizzy drinks are so much more satisfying anyway.

Weight Loss How many calories and is this enough food?! Nov 21 2010
16:43 (UTC)

You can enter all this into the food log and find out how many calories you are consuming for the day. What are your stats? Age, height, weight, etc. That will help us help you figure out if you are consuming enough!

Weight Loss Daily Weigh-In DETOX! Nov 19 2010
18:27 (UTC)

Week 1 (Nov. 12-19) - I weighed/didn't weigh! (160.6)
Week 2 (Nov. 20-26) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 3 (Nov. 27-03) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 4 (Dec. 04-10) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 5 (Dec. 11-17) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 6 (Dec. 18-24) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 7 (Dec. 25-31) - I weighed/didn't weigh!

I gave my friend who lives in the apartment above me my scale for the week to keep away, though in the past I've been known to run upstairs early in the morning to weigh myself so it's not like the temptation was entirely removed! No weight loss this week, but considering I took a trip to Venice and it was also my friend's 21st birthday, I think I did pretty well in not gaining anything! I've started up a more consistent exercise schedule here in Italy because I have no access to the gym and I've been using that as an excuse. No more!

Have a great week everybody!

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE IX - FINAL WEEK (JAN 2-8) Nov 19 2010
18:23 (UTC)

START     Oct 24-30: 158.4
Week 1.   Oct 31-Nov 6: out of town, no weight
Week 2.   Nov 7-13: 160.6 guess I have some work to do after vacation!
Week 3.   Nov 14-20: 160.6
Week 4.   Nov 21-27:
Week 5.   Nov 28-Dec 4:
Week 6.   Dec 5-11:
Week 7.   Dec 12-18:
Week 8.   Dec 19-25:
Week 9.   Dec 26- Jan 1:
FINISH.   Jan 2-8:

Well I'm proud of myself for not gaining weight! I went to Venice for the weekend and may have eaten one too many pastries, and Monday was my best friend's 21st birthday so we all went to a club. All things considered I'm proud of the way I handled the situations and I enjoyed myself without over indulging!

I'm also proud of myself for starting a regular exercise routine since I haven't been doing much besides walking here in Italy, which is great exercise but not when it's just to and from class for 20 minutes a day!

I'm determined to not let this derail me and next week I will have a loss.

Have a great week everybody!

Games & Challenges Thanksgiving Challenge - Week 7 weigh-in Nov 19 2010
17:16 (UTC)

I, too have managed to not lose or gain any weight this entire challenge. While that is a little frustrating, I'm proud for not gaining any weight considering I'm living in Italy where there are temptations everywhere and delicious pastries to be had! Moving back to the states in just four weeks so I'm proud to say I won't be going back overweight :)

Good luck to everyone with Thanksgiving and with all your goals!

Weight Loss Activity Level Nov 18 2010
11:49 (UTC)

Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong on this!

From what I've seen and from my previous experience, those bullet points don't mean "and" but "or".

Read as:

Moderate Activity

  • At work - you are very active much of the day


  • At home - you rarely sit and do heavy housework or gardening 


  • Exercise - you exercise several times a week and push yourself pretty hard

So basically you would be moderately active because you fall into the exercise category of moderately active.

Weight Loss Could it really happen...? Nov 18 2010
11:45 (UTC)

Yes, it can definitely happen! There are so many people who have used this site to lose even more than that. However, the calculators on this site are not appropriate for people under 21. People under 21 require more calories because their bodies are still developing. While this may not mean growing, your brain and other organs still have a while to go before they are fully developed, and it is recommended not to eat under 1500 calories for females and 1800 for males.

So for you, determine your activity level. Do you literally sit around all day and just get up to go to the kitchen (sedentary)? Or do you do some walking around or get some exercise (lightly active)? Do you hit the gym regularly in addition to walking around (moderate)? At the very least maybe try to go for a walk around the neighborhood every day. Do you have a dog? Take it out with you! No dog? Offer to walk your friend or neighbor's dog! That way it doesn't just benefit you but you'll have a new furry friend who will love you for it :)

Then go to this website:

And enter in your stats. Take whatever your activity level is and the calories listed is how many it takes to maintain your weight. So to lose weight at a healthy rate (no more than 1-2 pounds a week) subtract 500-750 calories from that number to get how many you need to lose 1-1.5 pounds a week, without going below 1500. If you want to eat more, exercise more.

Also, know that this is a permanent lifestyle change. Don't immediately condemn all pizza, candy, sugar, and ice cream. You can totally have these, but watch your portions and make sure they aren't taking over your daily intake. Start out small: replace white and refined grains with whole wheat, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and remember that you need healthy fats to survive! Avocados, nuts, olive oil, etc are great ways to get these fats which are essential to development (especially of the nervous system) and also aid in digestion.
You can use the analysis feature on this website to look at your diet overall and see what you could use more/less of. Play around with it and see what works best for you!

Sorry that was so long, but I hope it's helpful! Good luck with your weight loss journey, and congratulations for taking that first step towards being healthy :)

Weight Loss Daily Weigh-In DETOX! Nov 12 2010
17:45 (UTC)

Count me in! I've been a slave to the scale for FAR too long and need to learn to stop. Maybe this is just what I need! My weigh-ins will be Friday mornings.

Week 1 (Nov. 12-19) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 2 (Nov. 20-26) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 3 (Nov. 27-03) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 4 (Dec. 04-10) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 5 (Dec. 11-17) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 6 (Dec. 18-24) - I weighed/didn't weigh!
Week 7 (Dec. 25-31) - I weighed/didn't weigh!

I plan to start with next Friday morning on Nov. 19th. Good luck everyone!

Weight Loss Possible reasons for a stalled weight loss?!?!? PLEASE HELP! Nov 09 2010
13:50 (UTC)

I'd say you've either hit a plateau or your body is starting to freak out over how little you are eating. Going up to 1300 calories is a start, but it might still be too low for your body. Based on this site, putting you at moderately active, you need 2200 calories a day to maintain. That means eating 1700 a day would give you a weight loss of a pound a week, which is perfectly acceptable. I don't know how much lower you want to go because you are already at a healthy weight, but I'd say maybe go up to 1500-1700 a day (don't freak out if the scale goes up initially, it's just from having more food in your system/ water weight) and go from there. Having a smaller deficit may coax your body into letting go of more weight, although it will not drop as quickly as it did before.

Motivation SCHMOOZE & LOSE IX - FINAL WEEK (JAN 2-8) Nov 08 2010
13:37 (UTC)

I know this is a bit late but I just got back from a 12 day vacation through Europe last week and I'd like to join! I hope that's alright. I'm determined to lose some weight and since I'm living in Italy until mid December I'd like to come home a little more fit and in shape!

START     Oct 24-30: 158.4
Week 1.   Oct 31-Nov 6: out of town, no weight
Week 2.   Nov 7-13: 160.6 guess I have some work to do after vacation!
Week 3.   Nov14-20:
Week 4.   Nov 21-27:
Week 5.   Nov 28-Dec 4:
Week 6.   Dec 5-11:
Week 7.   Dec 12-18:
Week 8.   Dec 19-25:
Week 9.   Dec 26- Jan 1:
FINISH.   Jan 2-8:

I know there are no goal weights here, but I would like to at least get under 155 by the time I go home December 18th because I haven't seen that number on the scale since a year ago!

As for the challenge, in Italy I don't have access to a gym but my favorite exercise here by far is walking! I love walking through the city, observing people and all the beautiful sites I live near. I like to walk briskly, about 4 miles/hour and it lets me get some fresh air away from a stuffy apartment, although it's starting to get rather chilly and rain quite a lot so I need to remember my umbrella!

For the next six weeks I pledge to get 4-5 hours of exercise. Once I move back to the states I'll be back to the gym every day and will reassess my exercise goals!

Weight Loss Advice Needed!! Nov 06 2010
15:45 (UTC)

Congratulations on wanting to be healthier and do something good for yourself! Being under 21, you should be eating at bare minimum 1500 calories a day without exercise. With exercise, make sure you are eating enough! Use a calculator like this one:

Enter in your stats and choose your activity level. If you aren't literally sitting on your butt all day just getting up to walk to the car or kitchen, chances are you are lightly active. If you exercise regularly, you are probably closer to moderately active, etc. Take whatever number you are given and subtract 500 and that is how much you should be eating, careful not to go below 1500!

After you determine your calorie goal, you can start making changes in your life! If you don't exercise already, try going for a walk 30 minutes a day. If you do, try running, picking up a sport, anything that you enjoy that you will be able to commit to and stick with as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Make healthy choices with food - add in more fruits and veggies, lowfat/nonfat dairy instead of whole, lean meat and legumes, healthy fats (a handful of nuts, tbsp of olive oil, peanut butter, avocados, etc.)

I'm sure since you've done this before you know this already but sometimes it's helpful to be reminded! Good luck with your weight loss!

Games & Challenges Thanksgiving Challenge - Week 5 weigh-in 11/5 Nov 06 2010
11:52 (UTC)

Was on vacation for 12 days traveling Europe. I thought I did alright on calories, although I know I wasn't perfect. When I weighed in on Wednesday I was at 158.4 so I'm assuming this weigh in is water-weight related. But now since I'm that much farther from my goal I'm committed to drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day and getting out for some more exercise! This group has held me accountable since I've been trying to eat better the last few days for the weigh in but unfortunately I knew my sodium count has been through the roof and I wasn't drinking anywhere near enough water to offset it! Next week I will be down again!


Week 2: 156.2

Week 3: 156.2 (oh well..)

Week 5: 160.6

GW by Thanksgiving: 152

Games & Challenges Thanksgiving Challenge - Week 2 weigh-in Oct 21 2010
05:32 (UTC)

I'm going on a vacation for the next 11 days, so here is my weigh in for week 3!

Week 2: 156.2

Week 3: 156.2 (oh well..)

GW by Thanksgiving: 150

Weight Loss What's my activity level? Oct 19 2010
08:54 (UTC)

I'd say you're probably lightly active. But the calculators on this site are not accurate for anyone under the age of 21, so you're technically undereating. The minimum calorie intake for anyone under 21 is 1500 per day because until age 25 you are still developing, and while it may not be physically on the outside, it usually takes place in the nervous system and brain, which obviously are very important! Under eating can cause damage to your metabolism and it's very difficult to repair and will involve gaining weight before you can start losing again. I recommend using this site:

Input your stats, and see what you get for lightly active. Subtract 500 from that (not going below 1500) to lose 1 lb a week!

I'm also 20, and I started off eating between 1200-1400 for four months. I initially lost about 4 lbs but saw nothing else for ages until I upped my calories to 1600-1800 and at first I gained a pound or two and freaked out but I stuck with it and ended up losing quite easily and steadily at that intake!

Weight Loss Calorie intake? Oct 19 2010
07:37 (UTC)

Try adding some nutrient and calorie dense foods, like nuts, nut butters, avocado, olive oil, etc. For a snack if you cut up half an avocado on a piece of whole wheat toast you would have about 250 calories. Two pieces of toast with a tbsp of peanut butter each would be about 180 for the toast and 190-200 for the peanut butter. 1 tbsp of olive oil on your salad plus an ounce of avocado would add 170 calories or so. These are all healthy options that will bring up your calorie intake. Please listen to what everyone else has told you and bring your calorie intake up! You're starving your body and slowing your metabolism and it can be extremely difficult to repair, not to mention cause further weight gain.

Games & Challenges Thanksgiving Challenge - Week 2 weigh-in Oct 15 2010
07:04 (UTC)

Hey everyone, so after my scale debacle last week, we tried zeroing the scale and weighed a giant water bottle and it was accurate, so we're going to go with it's accurate and hope for the best! That means I don't have an accurate weight for week one, but it also means that my goal weight has changed since I'm 13 lbs lighter than I thought I was! Hooray!

Starting Weight: Probably close to 152 lbs.

Week 2: 149.6

GW by Thanksgiving: 143 lbs

Final GW: 140lbs

EDIT: So we decided that we didn't believe the scale because I think I would notice if I had lost 10 pounds. We went to a pharmacy and weighed ourselves, turns out our scale is off by about 7 pounds and I actually weighed in at 156.2 for the week! So here is my updated info:

Week 2: 156.2

GW by Thanksgiving: 150

Recipes Grad student recipes?? Oct 12 2010
15:41 (UTC)

Fuzzy_a has some great tips! Just to add:

If you have extra time on the weekends, I suggest maybe looking into some recipes and planning out your meals. That way you can hit the grocery store and have everything prepped for the week! Say you dedicate Sunday morning to planning meals and making a grocery list of essential items, then hit the store. You have the rest of the morning to prep things (roast a bunch of chicken breasts, chop veggies, etc.) for the week ahead. If you look up what fruits and veggies are in season you can buy them for relatively cheap compared to out of season produce and use them in your recipes. For instance, squash is coming into season. If you bought a butternut and spaghetti squash, you could roast both and turn the butternut squash into a soup and make the spaghetti squash into a pasta bake to portion into individual containers and either freeze or refrigerate for the week and take with you to heat up as needed. While processed foods are often convenient, it's typically much more expensive for what you get than to just buy fresh food. Maybe it takes a little longer to cook and prep, but it will be better for you in the long run! Don't forget to use the recipe analyzer under the foods tab on this site because it's super helpful. I have a recipe for butternut squash soup if you're interested! ut-squash-soup-recipe-r283465