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Health & Support Obstipation, what to do? Apr 14 2012
07:29 (UTC)

Thank you so much your friendly replies!!!  

I have started already to take apple cider water twice a day, bought dried prunes (i am loving it!!!) and to add wheat germ and brans in all my salads and soups.. I am actually seeing result.. Tempeh is so bitter.. Still couldn't manage to find a place for it in my manu :/

Now, stay still sitting in my office for more than an hour.. could be one of the reasons.. My new plan is, every time my Boss is away, I will do 100 sit-ups :))) Double benefit :)


Ahhh, and I just discovered one kind of an amazing tea - i am enjoying it so much that probably consume like 1liter of it per day without any effort! Here it goes my japanese kukicha :) panese-tea

Health & Support Obstipation, what to do? Apr 10 2012
22:54 (UTC)

Carmen, thank you for your comment! It's funny, i have never heard anything about these fermented products you've mentioned here, but last week i bought the tempeh - what do i do with it???? Apple cider is something for me to re-remember, thank you!! I will start doing it.. Hmmm and this tea, i will definitely investigate.. I used to drink pu-erh and oolong.. but getting tired of the tastes.. some new methods are needed to change routines and not to quit at all :))) P.s. what is sauerkraut??

Health & Support Detoxing/Juicing/Soups/Etc., May 02 2011
14:35 (UTC)

And now i eat all kind of fruit, i can sleep with a cat and nothing..  As you say I got lucky then.


Let's believe in doctors and in chemicals. We will see how far we go..

Health & Support Detoxing/Juicing/Soups/Etc., May 02 2011
14:00 (UTC)

Hey, today is my first day of My Master Cleanse of 2011 Spring. I am doing it since 2004, my firt time was by Polly Breg, only with water, then I discovered Masters. 


Demands a strong will, but nothing is easy in this world :) It's easy to say "Screw it all, eat normal food and you will be ok". But we are not talking about the weight problems only. 


Before starting my Detox 4 times a year i was allergic to eggs, chocolate, lemons, oranges, cats, dogs, cold, dust, flowers... and probably many more that i dont remember anymore.. I was suffering a lot from Exema and Atopic dermatitis. Flu was my best friend many times a year, constipation - almost constant... More 10kilos cover my "beautiful past".


So only good things I can tell about Masters. All the diseases come from "our normal eating". Our bodies deserve little holidays ones in a while. Life long, healthy and happily!


Good luck!

Weight Loss Wine + Diet ... Possible combination? Apr 20 2011
06:43 (UTC)

Well, I exercise quite a lot, every morning i do Bodyflex (15min, takes my stress away and gives oxygen:), then gym - 4 times a week i do rpm (spinning) and twice a week body pump or similar..


Maybe things just take more time than i expected. took 1 year to grow my 9 kilos up.. now cant get surprised when in a month they didnt melt away :)

Weight Loss Wine + Diet ... Possible combination? Apr 19 2011
20:18 (UTC)

Thanks for all the replies.. The problem i guess is in culture. Here in Portugal its impossible to have an everyday long delicious lunch without a glass of wine.. My problem is more social. It became like a small pleasure for us all - me, my work collegues, clients.. Its the best part of the day of 1,5h enjoying sun and wine.. But Tmill91 is right..When you have to do smth you just do, no excuses... i hope to get myself a big kick in the behind to see things in a more strick way :(( and getting results i am looking fo..



Weight Loss Wine + Diet ... Possible combination? Apr 19 2011
14:22 (UTC)

I was talking about the daily consumption.. :( I am afraid i am very addicted :(((

Weight Loss Wine + Diet ... Possible combination? Apr 19 2011
14:04 (UTC)

How many calories daily you consume? i tried to put a limit ti 1200kcal.. but with wine...not much left to eat.. i really need to loose... :((((

Fitness Body flex Apr 18 2011
09:25 (UTC)
3 here it is. AEROBIC BREATHING EXERCISE - means increasing oxygen to the body through breathing. Exercise and movement are tools to get us to change our breathing from a shallow type of breathing to deep diaphragmatic breathing. We want to increase the oxygen levels to the blood. Oxygen is a natural fat burner. I've been doing it since ever and it's amazing. Just wanted to know more technical info about it :)

Fitness Body flex Apr 18 2011
08:01 (UTC)

P.s. in a book they say its 3500/hour... is that possible???