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The Lounge Job interview tomorrow and I don't know if I can handle it Dec 04 2007
22:12 (UTC)
"I didn't get the job."

Well, that's one way to look at it, but I like this one better: They didn't get you. Their loss, and another company WILL get you!

(And you know, just by going on the interview, you've learned that yes, you CAN go to an interview, and I think that's a great thing to know about yourself -- you can do it!)

If you haven't read "Knock 'Em Dead," please do. I found it very helpful. I read through it a few times before I was convinced about its methods and advice, and I still might quibble with a few things, but it is very good.
The Lounge Crazy woman with no shoes yells at neighbors Dec 01 2007
04:39 (UTC)
I love it, and think the neighbor who lives between us and tonight's noisy neighbors will be glad for her deafness when I start up the tunes!!!

I have incredibly annoying music to share with the neighbors; I guarantee they have never heard anything like the stuff I have before. I made a CD of some cuts and handed it to some guys up the street who were blasting their music, telling them that as long as I had to listen to their car stereo, I'd like to pick the music. (This house is three doors up and across the street.) After I reached my house, their music was no longer audible. Not surprisingly, neither was the music I'd just dropped off for them. :-D

I'm sure the guy two doors down, the one who owns the car alarm that goes off sometimes FOUR TIMES A NIGHT (!), the one who was yelling back at me, thinks I'm crazy. (Yes, I keep track of the car alarm. I know which alarm is the Ford Expedition and which isn't, and I know this because I can look out my bedroom window and see the Ford's lights blinking with the alarm.) So he thinks I'm crazy -- I can live with that!
Weight Loss I am a dieting anomaly. Nov 23 2007
03:56 (UTC)
As clairelaine says, it DOES make sense. You build muscle, you burn more, so can eat more. You starve yourself, your body is going to try to hold onto everything it can. You convince your body that you're not in the midst of a famine by eating more, and your body says, "Okay, I don't need all this fat any more," so you lose. And when you ate even more, your body let even more go.

I don't know what your maintenance calories are, but obviously, you need to eat more than 1500 calories to maintain your current weight, and even more than that if you are trying to gain now.

I've left an extra large piece of pumpkin pie for you on the counter. Enjoy! :-D
The Lounge Random Acts of Kindness Nov 23 2007
03:47 (UTC)
I posted on a board I'd never posted on before (so knew no one there) asking for advice about CD changers -- those things that can store and play a large number of CDs -- to learn something about them, as we wanted to give one to my husband's best friend, who had ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). Turned out the friend didn't have a stereo, so I needed to find another solution to our desire to give this friend something that she could use to play music, since she couldn't move much.

But one of the guys researched stereos, and found a good one for about what I'd told him our budget was for this project, then donated a CD changer, and contacted someone else who donated all brand-spanking new fabulous speakers, including a subwoofer.

These were complete strangers.

The guy who did the research and donated the CD changer (and shipped it at his own expense) also sent a bunch of CDs, after asking about my husband's friend's taste in music.

The friend who received this equipment died, but the kindness of these two strangers lives on in the memories of her friends.


One of my favorite "random acts of kindness" is to pay the toll for the person behind me at the toll booth.


When I'm stuck in a big traffic jam, I'll often take out a little bottle of bubble solution and blow bubbles out the window. (Doesn't everyone carry bubbles in his/her car? :-) ) A couple of times, I've tossed the bottle to someone else in a nearby car; amazingly enough, each time, the bottle made it into the hands of the person for which it was intended -- made it through their car window from mine. Obviously, it was fated that the other person should have the bubbles!!


I have had numerous people help me when I've had some kind of car trouble, whether it's been an engine that died, a tire that blew out, or other problem. Some have really gone out of their ways to give me aid.


And laurielaurie, just for you, I know someone who punched a selfish, bullying meanie right in the nose, just because that someone was a selfish, bullying meanie!!!

Not really, but oh, how I wish I did, just to make you feel better!!
The Lounge Guide to major American Holidays Nov 22 2007
22:46 (UTC)

If you don't like Santa, that's fine, but that's NO reason to call him "grotesque"!


No one disses Santa, do you hear me?! NO ONE! Grrrrrrrrrrr!

He is the spirit of giving without receiving back, and that, to me, is reason enough to celebrate Christmas. The holiday is about what's really important in life: giving to others, feeding the hungry, sharing time with loved ones, creating magic for children, and even for adults. Yes, for those who are Christian, the birth of Christ is celebrated as well, and what fine ways to do just that as giving to others, feeding the hungry, sharing time with loved ones, and creating magic for children, and even for adults.

"Can you imagine anything less likely to kill a resident of an industrialized nation than starvation?"

Given how many people show up on these boards who suffer from eating disorders.... yes, starvation still kills, even in industrialized nations. Alas.
Weight Loss I lost 100 lbs! Nov 17 2007
22:05 (UTC)
Vegetarian Are vegetarians smarter than grass? Nov 17 2007
22:02 (UTC)
I wish my son liked sun-dried tomatoes, but alas, he does not.

Scratch that .... his not liking them means more of them for me!!!! :-D

His wrap yesterday was mozzarella, tomato, cucumbers, and a little parmesan with a sprinkling of basil. I'd have made one for myself to take for lunch, but I snagged the rest of the leftover mac and cheese for me instead! (And then ate it the moment I got to work...... I couldn't wait!)
The Lounge Apparently my friends are "too good" for me. Nov 17 2007
21:48 (UTC)
Please go to the library and borrow "The Millionaire Next Door." And then read it. :-D It makes a GREAT case for earning your own way and making it on your own, and I think you will feel MUCH better about the whole hand-out thing your friend has going on.

I reread the book periodically, such as after I look at someone's nice new shiny car, and I get back into my old Honda Civic. I always feel better about my little car, house, and old but not yet worn out clothes after the reread!
The Lounge And there went my maternal instincts Nov 17 2007
19:38 (UTC)
No stretch marks here, and I looked like I was carrying at least two kids when I was 8 months pregnant. Don't know what I might have looked like at 9 months; my 9-pounder came early.

I went home from the hospital weighing 11 pounds less than I had before I was pregnant.

At the moment, the thought of trading my kid in for something else is somewhat attractive, but it's only because he's 14 and has spent the day so far being a major pain in the patoot!
Foods How can I lose more weight and enjoy chocolate muffins? is this impossible? Nov 14 2007
16:01 (UTC)
safina, I don't know whether this will help you or not, but it helped me, a lot!

I was in the habit of eating a chocolate chocolate chip muffin for breakfast at least three times a week (the days I have breakfast at work). And THREE chocolate chip cookies (at 180 calories per cookie!!!!) for dessert after lunch!

Yeah, I likes my chocolate, I definitely do!

When I decided to lose weight, I wanted to make sure I did NOT deprive myself of things I love to eat. So I didn't.

I learned to not eat them every day. Oh, I WANTED them every day, but what helped me was to remind myself that the muffins and the cookies aren't going away -- they will still be available tomorrow. As I walked past them in the cafeteria, I would actually say to myself (usually silently, but [ahem], not always....), "The muffins will still be there tomorrow. I can get one tomorrow if I still really really want a muffin."

Repeat as needed for the cookies.

And once every other week, I'd get a muffin. And occasionally, I'd work one (just one!) of those chocolate chip cookies into my food plan for the day.

But I had to remind myself, muttering my mantra to myself as I walked past the muffins or cookies, that they will still be there tomorrow. I don't need to eat them today; if I still want them tomorrow, I can get them -- they'll be there.

The muffins and cookies and chocolate really WILL still be there tomorrow -- I promise! You don't need to get them today.

I hope this helps, and good luck!
Vegetarian Are vegetarians smarter than grass? Nov 14 2007
15:48 (UTC)
You're welcome, flamel!

Not my son's lunch, but mine today is a wrap spread with a very thin layer of hummus and filled with green pepper, swiss cheese, feta cheese, and tomato. I meant to add a little dried basil, but forgot, darn it! I think it'll be right tasty, however, even without the basil. :-) 
The Lounge My sister is pregnant!! Whoo-hoo!! :) Nov 14 2007
15:38 (UTC)
I second all of the suggestions above. I don't have any suggestions of my own (except maybe a book on breastfeeding, or a good breast pump, if you've got that much to spend); I just wanted to say what a great sister you are to do this!
Weight Loss Who Really Follows CC Calorie Allowance? Nov 14 2007
15:15 (UTC)
jchaitin, try upping your calories for a couple of weeks. I bet you'll find that you lose weight MORE quickly. Eating too little (under 1200 calories/day on sedentary days) slows weight loss, as your metabolism adjusts (slows down) to the lower calories.

Your plan might be "working" now, but I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that it'll work better when you eat more.
Vegetarian Are vegetarians smarter than grass? Nov 09 2007
23:30 (UTC)
Today's lunch for the boy was a wrap spread with a thin layer of roasted red pepper hummus, with feta cheese and a little shredded cheddar, thinly-sliced cucumbers, a little romaine, and chunks of tomatoes and a sprinkling of basil. He also had a yogurt and M&Ms for dessert. Three guesses what his favorite part of lunch was? :-D
The Lounge Getting married? What do you think of this? Nov 09 2007
17:25 (UTC)
Yay, free stock! I got a whopping six (!) shares of something when one company spun off another. Those six shares are up almost 280%. At the time, I thought, "I should sell another stock, and buy more of the spinoff!" I didn't, and wish I had!!

I recently sold that other stock (BRKB) and bought more of the spinoff. Need I tell you what happened? BRKB, which had been bumping along the entire nine years I owned it, has shot up in value in the weeks since! Fortunately, the stock I bought with the proceeds has been keeping pace, but really -- the timing on this is SO annoying!!!!!
The Lounge Getting married? What do you think of this? Nov 09 2007
17:06 (UTC)
Happy 5th anniversary, kerry07!!! And thanks for the info! Very helpful!

mctami, one of the reasons I looked into buying Cheesecake Factory stock was the loooong waits people endured to get into one at a mall near me! (I did buy it; it's up 270% for me. Yay! Had been up quite a bit higher, too, last year.)

Buy what you know and like and/or can find out about. (That said, I should have listened to myself. I don't like Bed, Bath and Beyond, but bought its stock anyway. It's down 25% for me.... ~~ sigh ~~)

lol, ohio and rdgatewood!