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Young Calorie Counters does anyone else feel ashamed to eat in front of people ? Mar 02 2012
06:16 (UTC)
for me, it depends on what im eating. like, if I'm eating something messy, then ofc i be embarrassed!:) i mean, ew, nobody wants to be seen with nutella smeared all over their face hahah x)
Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Mar 01 2012
09:14 (UTC)

rosally hahah they are! i made them for my school's bake sale yesterday:3 are you lactose intolerant, btw? sorry, i just saw your breakfast so i was jw^.^ and yumm, fruit cocktails! congrats on reaching 2,000 also:D that's a big accomplishment, and i'm so glad you could do it! keep working at it, and i'm sure that one day you won't even need our support;)

heyleeluv47 waah your lucky! my spring break doesn't even start until like, march 17!): i'm so jealous!x.x ahahah oh my lordy lord your dinner sounds delicious! i love veggie burgers. aww don't feel too bad! maybe by the time spring break is over, you'll weigh enough to dance again?:) you're doing great so far, so i don't see why that couldn't happen! i'll be rooting for you!<3

loofahsaurus omg, reduced fat oreos?! i think i know what i'm going to buy today!;o

hey hey everybod-aay! hehe i'm in a good mood! mainly because i have tennis club after school<3 i'm updating in study hall, because i already planned out my meals for the day. so here's today's eats!:)


·      2 whole wheat breakfast burritos made with egg whites, salsa, part skim mozzarella, veggie sausage links, and bell peppers, 1 apple, 1 cup 1% milk (640)


·      1 cup brown rice, 4 oz. grilled chicken, 1 cup steamed broccoli, 15 almonds (490)

·      1 banana, 1 cup 1% milk (210)


·      1 baked potato, 1 cup boiled squash and asparagus, 3 oz. tilapia, 1 cup 1% milk (495)

·      50g tuna, 2 rye crackers (130)


·      1 cup fage total 0%, 1 cup grapes, 1 cup strawberries (240)

·      1 slice whole wheat bread, 2 tbsp. nutella, 1 pear (355)

total 2,560 

20 minutes brisk walking uphill (to bus stop), 30 minutes light weight lifting/yoga (with mom), 45 minutes running @6.5MPH (gym class), 60 minutes singles tennis (after school club)

hopefully, 2600 is enough:s but if not, you'll probably see me with 2700 tomorrow!xD stay healthy everyone, I BELIEVE IN YOU!:3 xoxo kate

New Members need help! Feb 29 2012
21:24 (UTC)
to follow someone, you click on their profile name, and on the upper right corner of their profile box there will be a link that says "support" which you aldo click:) as to sending someone a pm, i cannot remember because i am on my iphone right now:s sorry!
New Members activity log ?? Feb 29 2012
21:21 (UTC)
those are the calories your body naturally burns each day!:) that bar is telling you that so far, you have burned x calories/out of x calories. if you come back an hour later, that first number will be higher than it was the last time. hope i explained it well enough! xoxo kate
Maintaining Does This Mean I Should Be Eating More? Feb 29 2012
21:13 (UTC)
yaayy!! yes, i love apples!<3 they keep you full too, great choice!:) embrace the enchilada, as my father likes to say. i wish you luck, and i hope you don't feel as hungry tomorrow! supporting you, btw, xoxo kate
Maintaining Does This Mean I Should Be Eating More? Feb 29 2012
20:42 (UTC)

ooh how odd:o i'm actually going through the same thing as you are right now!:) i'm going to eat more. but that's just me. frankly, i don't see why i shouldn't. i mean, i'm hungry, i exercise, i eat healthy; so why can't i eat more? normally i eat around 2,400 calories, but tomorrow i'm shooting for 2,600! and i think you should too.

don't be so worried about increasing, and 2500 is usually a gaining amount for sedentary women. you're not sedentary. therefore, i think it would be impossible for you to gain. you said it yourself too,"...i've been maintaining my weight on 2500 calories..." which just proves that eating 100 or even 200 calories more won't do you anything but good! besides, according to my handy dandy children's healthy eating calculator someone of your height, age and weight should be eating anywhere from 2,300-2,800 calories each day!:D

but if you want to wait and see if this hunger passes, be my guest. it is your body after all<3 hope i helped a bit, and feel better soon! xoxo kate

EDIT had to say are SOO lucky! my lunch isn't until 1 o'clock! ugh. but they give us two ten minute breaks where we can eat so i guess that makes up for it:p

Young Calorie Counters school makes me fat? Feb 29 2012
20:18 (UTC)

it doesn't sound stupid! i'm pretty sure lots of other teens are wondering about this too :3 i join lots of after school clubs!:) currently, i'm in soccer, cheer, tennis, and judo. i also use the fitness room during gym class. i've heard that standing instead of sitting while at the computer works too. have you considered walking home from school? i walk to the bus stop everyday also, which takes me about 20 minutes going uphill even at a very brisk pace! hope i helped:o

Young Calorie Counters help me fix my diet?:s Feb 29 2012
20:02 (UTC)

yay that's good i guess! yeah i'll work on that hahah:p

Young Calorie Counters help me fix my diet?:s Feb 29 2012
19:22 (UTC)

ahahah x) well whole eggs are good!<3

ooh okay! i get it now ^.^ i'm going to try and aim for 2500 tomorrow then, and see how i feel about it. i have tennis and running tomorrow, so i might even need to go for 2600! pshh silly calorie calculators hahah

thanks for all the help, kitty! xoxo kate

Young Calorie Counters help me fix my diet?:s Feb 29 2012
17:32 (UTC)

nack_14 hi, thanks for the suggestions! i'll try and remember to do that tomorrow!:)

kittycats502 hey!:D kay, so basically your saying that you think i could maintain on more than 2400 calories a day? i really hope that's what you mean, i've been super hungry lately; been holding myself back thou, and haven't eaten much more than i normally would..): but i'd really like to eat more! do you think that maybe eating 2,600 calories would be enough? i'll proabably post a thread in the maintainers forum later, just to be safe. and ask my gym coach, of course. thanks for the ideas on where to get some more calories from!:3

Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Feb 29 2012
07:39 (UTC)

avatallulah yay someone who likes what i eat!<3 hahah x) thanks! salmon burgers with avocado are like my favorite healthy comfort food of all time. the nut snack was delicious, actually! i was shocked since i got in from a school vending machine ahahah. yeah!:) all i did was literally pop em' in the oven and drizzle some olive oil on! oooh i've never heard of white chocolate PB before! it must taste amazing<3

rosally i love cinnamon rolls! ughh now i want one! gr); ooh that's so cool it was my friend's birthday last week and we had vanilla lemon birthday cupcakes! hahah

i figure i'd post early today, just because i have some spare time this morning since my lunch was pretty quick to pack:3 i'll update later, ofc. xoxo kate


  • 1 chocolate banana white chocolate chip muffin, 2 tbsp. peanut butter, 1 plum, 1 cup 1% milk (560)


  • 1 serving of broccoli beef stir fry with whole wheat linguini and mushrooms, 1 banana, 1 cup 1% milk (560)
  • 1 whole wheat tortilla, spinach, 2 oz. part skim mozzarella, 1/4 cup tomato and basil sauce (290)


  • low fat chicken nuggets, 1 cup broccoli, 2 tbsp. low sodium ketchup, 1/2 cup peas, 1 cup 1% milk  (540) 


  • 1 special k protein meal bar double chocolate chip, 1 cup strawberries (220)
  • 3 rye crackers, 2 tbsp. fat free cream cheese (140)
  • 1/2 pear (50)

total 2,360

20 minutes brisk walking to bus stop uphill, 90 minutes dance practice, 30 minutes light weight lifting/yoga with mom, 15 minute brisk walk downhill from bus stop (i know myself so well!)

Young Calorie Counters what are you guys giving up for lent? Feb 29 2012
06:32 (UTC)
non free range meats! have you seen the stuff they do to those pore pigs who aren't free range? or the chickens.. ugh it's so terrible! one day i might actually go vegetarian, but i'm not sure yet:s
Young Calorie Counters *Young Calorie Counters ~ POST HERE TO FIND A BUDDY OR TWIN* Feb 28 2012
22:08 (UTC)
age. 14 (15 march 28!) height. 5'1 weight. 95 pounds goal. to be the healthiest i can be!^.^i'm not losing weight, or gaining; just maintaining:) also, i'd like try and play as many after school sports as possible until i find the one i like!:p
Young Calorie Counters YCC--daily eats thread-WHAT DID YOU EAT TODAY? Feb 28 2012
21:43 (UTC)



·      1 piece whole wheat bread, 2 tbsp. fat free cream cheese, 3 oz. smoked salmon, 1 plum (230)

·      1 packet of oatmeal with raisins, 1 sliced banana, 1 cup 1% milk (370)


·      1 slice of leftover green pizza made with broccoli, arugula, pesto, part skim mozzarella, and a whole wheat crust, an apple (390)

·      green tea frappe made with 2 teaspoons organic matcha, 7 oz. 1% milk, 2 tsp. sugar, and 4 tbsp. fat free whipped cream (130)


·      1 whole wheat salmon burger, 1/4 avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce (630)

·      1 cup 1% milk (105)


·      baggie of cranberry nut snack mix made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, sweetened cranberries and raisins (300)

·      1 cup diced pineapple, 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese no salt, 1 tbsp. nutella (265)

·      2 cups spinach chips, 1 tbsp. olive oil (55)

total 2,470

20 minutes brisk walking to bus stop uphill, 40 minutes jogging on a treadmill @6.5MPH, 60 minutes soccer practice, 30 minutes light weight lifting/yoga with mom


Foods What are some new things that you've tried? Feb 28 2012
19:51 (UTC)
  • nutella
  • salad (in general hahah)
  • cottage cheese
  • bran flakes
  • weiners' that aren't in a hot dog!
  • green tea frappe
  • dried apricot
  • unsweetened almond milk (EWWW)
  • onion rings

nutella, bran flakes and dried apricot's are my favorite out of that list!:) soo yummy!<3

Young Calorie Counters help me fix my diet?:s Feb 28 2012
07:41 (UTC)

asethi17 oh, okay!

coach_k yeah, it definitely wasn't based on my physiology hahah. i tried the link you gave me, and it said that i needed 2162, so i'm going to try and aim for that for a while!:) or higher, if i exercise more that day, ofc. i don't plan on maintaining this weight for the rest of my life, because i know that as my body matures and i get older i'll probably gain some. especially if i somehow manage to get taller!

thanks so much for the replies you guys!:D

Young Calorie Counters help me fix my diet?:s Feb 27 2012
20:28 (UTC)

oh sorry! i completely forgot to post my stats >.< and i don't know how to edit posts yet.. oops! well, here they are!:)

female, 14 years old (15 next month!), 5'1'' and 95 lbs