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Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 04 2011
17:08 (UTC)
satyrswoman - I do drink a ton of water, does that actually combat the sodium?  I just knew it's good for you.

 Good question, I'd like the answer to this too. 

Please don't kick me out, but I've not weighed the past 2 days.  They've been bad food choice days, and I can't bring myself to see that number.  I will be getting back on track tomorrow.

My problem lately is that I have not wanted to eat or cook at home.  I've gone out alot for meals.  I'm in Texas and we're dealing with the drought, and because of it we've had horrible bug problems.  Crickets and spiders and gnats mostly.  No matter how well I keep my house clean, the gnats are everywhere.  I actually just gave up on a healthy lunch here after 2 bites because a gnat landed in my food.  I'm going to call an exterminator tomorrow and see if that helps, but I'm just so disgusted right now. 

Anyhow, calorie queens has such a straightforward approach to calories and counting and all that it just makes more sense to me.  It makes it less overwhelming and I feel like, "hey, maybe I can do this."  The 2 women that wrote it are a mother daughter team that lost collectively over 300 lbs just counting calories.  They way they lay it all out from what they did in the past and what they're doing now is just very sensible and inspiring.  I have to understand how something works to feel like it will.

As far as cravings I crave sweets mostly, and take out.  Sweets is the real killer.  I try to keep sensible sweets to indulge in around the house, but as I said before, I haven't had an appetite at home, and healthy sweets are NOT easy to come by in the "outside world". 

I did talk to my husband, and he's agreed to count calories with me.  I told him what his intake should be, but I still am not sure he's going to really give it a shot and put the effort into it.  I'm not gonna push it too much until we get this bug problem under control and I'm doing better with cooking and all.  You'd think he'd have plenty of motivation in seeing that all of his family is obese or morbidly obese, and also now that he's over 300 lbs, his job is at risk.  He is over the safety gear weight limit so he's a physical away from either being demoted or losing his job.  This has caused many struggles in our marriage, and now I understand how hard it is to lose weight, but he won't even try.  I don't know, I guess we'll just see if I can be an encouragement in my success.  Given I ever have any...

Anyhow, I don't want to shell out the money for teas right now if I don't even know if I'll like them, so will just taste test other places.

Question: could lightheadedness be a sign of dehydration?

Health & Support Because of antidepressants... Jul 03 2011
01:37 (UTC)

I am currently on Lexapro and was also put on another one to treat my bipolar, but I quit the second because I was gaining so much weight.  What I think it is for me anyhow, is that the meds caused me to be more tired, so I had more sugar to try to stay awake, and that of course led to gain.  Do you think that could be your case as well?  I'm trying to take B vitamins to give me more energy, and when I'm consistent with it they help and I eat less sugar.

Weight Loss 130/120 Club? Jul 03 2011
01:17 (UTC)

Can I join this group?  I'm sitting at 130-132 yo-yo'ing with an occassional 129 tease.  I'm 5'2 and would LOVE to see 120 at least. 

I have been calorie counting off and on for a few years now, but am having a really hard time this time.  I've gotten some horrible food addictions and feel powerless against the cravings. 

I'm 25, married for 6 years and have two sons, 4 and 2.  At this point my biggest pet peeve is women who have young kids and are super model skinny!  Lol. 

I've been using CC website for a few weeks now, but have had a hard time finding somewhere to fit in.  Those with much more weight to lose don't want to hear me whine about my 10 lbs and I surely don't want to make them feel bad.

As far as activities, other than chasing my kids I am training for my first 5k using the couch to 5k program and other than that I do zumba once a week and TRY to fit in Jillian Michael's 30 day shred twice a week.

So do ya'll have set weigh in's or just when anyone wants to?  I look forward to getting to know ya'll.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 03 2011
00:38 (UTC)

oh, another question, I'm not a tea drinker but have heard alot of good things about adding green tea to your diet, is there anything in particular I should look for in it?

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 03 2011
00:37 (UTC)

I was at 130.6 today.  I'm not doing well at all.  I kinda gave up today.  No, I gave up today.  I'm hoping I can get back on track, but have a pot luck kind of thing at church tomorrow so maybe I oughtta just wait til Monday...  Junk, it's 4 of July...  Maybe I should just wait til next year...

Anyhow, has anyone read the Calorie Queens book?  I've been reading it and it's given me some motivation, but I just can't seem to kick these stinking addictions and cravings!

Wish me luck, I think I'm gonna approach my husband about weightloss tonight.  He's 5'9" and 300 lbs and he won't be 25 forever.  It's always a touchy subject but the way I see is that if I really love him, I'll try to encourage him, not just sit by in fear of offending him.  Or is that idea flawed? 

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jul 01 2011
13:47 (UTC)

Satyrs: are you from Houston?  I'm from the same area, and yes, it's HOT with NO breeze!!!  I went running this morning and nearly died.  Lol.

I weighed in at 130.0.  I'm so sick of 130!!!!!!!  It's all my fault really, I do great one day, drop down in weight, then think, "wow, I'm losing weight, I can afford to __________!" and I'm back up the next day.  I did get some recipes off this site to try out, so hopefully with me cooking at home more and being able to track home made meals better I'll make it.  My goal this weekend is to make a stash of whole wheat berry pancakes to store in the freezer because cereal is getting pretty old.

good luck to us all!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 30 2011
12:42 (UTC)

Thanks everyone.  Today I'm actually down at 129.6 from 130.0.  So -.4.  I think I'll feel alot better if I can get down to 128 in the next week sometime.  I didn't get to exercise yesterday with the 30 day shred because I couldn't find the remote to our tv.  How convenient, huh?  Anyhow, do plan to run tonight.

Weight Loss Too few calories at the end of the day Jun 30 2011
12:39 (UTC)

When you're busy running around after 2 kids and running errands all day, it's possible to eat only 800.  I'm not trying to be or even tempted to be anorexic, I just had a busy day.

Weight Loss Too few calories at the end of the day Jun 29 2011
22:14 (UTC)

Thanks for all the advice everyone.  so far I've definitely NOT had a problem with too few calories other than this particular day, just thought I'd ask just in case.  I just didn't wanna stuff my face if I really didn't feel like eating just to meet a calorie quota.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 29 2011
22:10 (UTC)

Congrats Carmen!!!! That's awesome!  What a great boost to all of us to hear of your success! 

I, myself, am having a down day.  I just realized that in the past several weeks all I've been doing is yo-yoing. Between 129-131.  Grrrrr.  I feel like I'm not seeing any actual weight loss and am starting to lose faith that this is gonna work for me.  Which stinks cause I think it's the only way to go.  I'm sure it's just the depression getting me down.  I just have alot going on right now.  I'll try to get a workout in after church tonight and see what tomorrow looks like.

Sorry for venting, though I guess we've all been here a time or two.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 29 2011
13:19 (UTC)

My weight today was 130.0  Up .2 from yesterday, but I snacked before bed.  Calories for the day were about 1450.  I did get a run in, so today will try the shred.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 28 2011
12:50 (UTC)
Original Post by jsandheinrich:


I was VERY surprised by that number!!! BUT LOVE IT!!!  PLEASE share the GLUE!!!

@karijos -- WELCOME!!!  & Good luck!!

Got another running question I was just diagnosed with RA- Rheumatoid Arthritis...   I've often heard that running is hard on the joints....What's your thoughts on it?? I sure don't want to tear up stuff more than will already be...

Happy Scales!! :0)

 Eek, I'm sorry about that!  I can't imagine how rough that is.  Obviously I'd say that this is a question for your doctor, but from what I understand running can be hard on the joints.  Have you thought about swimming?  It's really good exercise, fun, and very easy on all joints.  I hope you talk to your doctor and he's able to help you find a good exercise program you enjoy if runnings out.

So here's the weight:

Yesterday: 131.4

Today: 129.8

Difference: 1.6

I didn't get enough calories yesterday, never thought I'd have that problem!  I only got just over 1000.  Been having a really rough time with depression lately and my marriage is in a bad place so just haven't wanted to eat.  I did make healthier decisions when I did eat, except I did allow myself to have some no sugar added ice cream yesterday, but I did measure out the serving size, didn't fill the bowl.  That's a first for me I think.  I also did an hour of Zumba.

I'm hoping to go running this evening but my husband is supposed to help a friend move, and I'll have the kids.  So if I can't run I'll try to do the 30 day shred.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 27 2011
13:57 (UTC)

Hi all!  I'm back from camp.  I gained a few, but with no tracking, or much exercise, it was to be expected.  Now I gotta get back into the swing of things which is what worries me.  Today's weight was 131.4 and I was at 129.8 when I left.  I'm thinking that I should up my calories from what I was before.  I was doing 1200 before and I'm thinking around 1500 now with exercise.  Plus hopefully since I was eating more this past week that it won't cause me to gain or anything, so I'll still see a loss.  Wish me luck. 

@jsand: I do the couch to 5k program.  It's really easy to follow but gets you moving.  I'm on week 5 and have gone from barely being able to run 60 seconds to running 20 minutes at a time.  I never was much of a runner so this is huge for me.

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 19 2011
12:48 (UTC)

Yesterday's weight: 128.6

Today's weight: 129.8

Difference: +1.2

Ah well.  I knew I had it coming.  My husband and I ended up going out to eat AND for frozen yogurt yesterday, so I knew I'd end up with a gain.  But hey, I'm still in the 120's!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 18 2011
12:45 (UTC)

Yesterday's weight: 130.0

Today's weight: 128.6

difference: -1.4

I did a 20 minute run yesterday so I'm sure alot of the drop is from me sweating so much.  I'm happy though.  Today is me and my husbands 6 year anniversary so we plan to go out tonight.  Instead of going to dinner and ending up having dessert too, we are just going to eat at home and go to a frozen yogurt place.  Hopefullly that'll save a few calories.

Fitness Summer Couch to 5k Team! Jun 17 2011
17:22 (UTC)

That's great!  I'm supposed to go on a 20 minute run tonight and I'm scared to death!!  Week 5 day 1 is running 5 mins at a time, day 2 is run 8 mins, and then day 3 jumps to 20 minutes!?!?!  I'm just gonna do the best I can and keep doing it until I can do the whole 20 minutes.

Fitness Summer Couch to 5k Team! Jun 17 2011
13:20 (UTC)

I didn't see anything on my profile or messages.  I'm so confused!

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 17 2011
13:18 (UTC)

Good point about the cravings coming from dehydration.  Very likely especially as I forgot my water that day.  I didn't do so well yesterday.  I had a really rough day.  I took my husbands 14 year old cousin shopping with me for clothes to go to youth camp, and I couldn't find anything.  I got one pair of shorts and 1 shirt.  Nothing I loved though.  I'd put on pants and they'd either be great on the thighs but super tight on the belly, or vice versa.  I was getting really depressed and did alot of stress/emotional eating yesterday.  Didn't log anything and went well over my calories for sure. 

Yesterday's weight:129.8

Today's weight:130.0


I was shocked it was only .2, but bummed I'm not in the 120's anymore.  I plan to go for a run today and eat better.


Fitness Summer Couch to 5k Team! Jun 16 2011
12:41 (UTC)

I'm new to this site, what's the invitation and what do I do?

Motivation everyday weigh in group! Jun 16 2011
12:26 (UTC)

Did ok until yesterday evening.  Ate fast food.  Today may not be too much better.  So much to do to get ready for youth camp.  I'm just hoping I can get a run in this evening.

Today's weight: 129.8

Since yesterday: -.4

Total: 3.2

When I weighed in this morning it originally said 130.6, but I always weigh until I get a consistent number, and this is the one I got several times.  I'll take it!