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Weight Loss Not Losing Feb 27 2012
00:14 (UTC)
Wow the "book" you wrote is extremely helpful. Thank you so much! It is helpful to be able understand everything now!
Weight Loss Not Losing Feb 26 2012
16:06 (UTC)
Weight Loss Water Retention Feb 14 2012
03:28 (UTC)
My measurements have also been odd...I have put it down to bloating but now I am not so sure.
Weight Loss How does weight loss work? Feb 14 2012
03:26 (UTC)
How much water can your muscles retain from exercise?
Weight Loss Can someone explain the "other activity" fluctuations? Feb 08 2012
03:56 (UTC)
Weird. I read this and decided to go back and look and saw that mine changes everyday too...what gives?
Weight Loss teens Jan 27 2012
04:30 (UTC)
Well there is running obviously but one of my favorite workouts is kickboxing. Many gyms have classes and you can also find good kickboxing videos on Netflix or something! It's really fun, you learn to defend yourself, and it burns tons of calories! Best of luck!
Weight Loss All size 8 girls! Jan 23 2012
02:03 (UTC)
I'm 17 and usually wear size 8 jeans I eat around 1700 calories a day
Fitness What was YOUR workout Today? Jan 21 2012
04:11 (UTC)
Kickboxing for about an hour! Great workout and it burns so many calories! Probably going to be sore tomorrow though....
Foods fiber?! Jan 21 2012
04:09 (UTC)
I love these Kashi GoLean Crunch bars they are very tasty with lots of protein and fiber! They have a whole bunch of flavors so you can have variety.
Weight Loss good foods Jan 21 2012
04:06 (UTC)
Thanks do much everyone this really helps!!!!
Weight Loss good foods Jan 21 2012
02:14 (UTC)
Thank you so much for all your help! What does water help? I mean when you drink water does it just "flush" out all your food?
Weight Loss good foods Jan 21 2012
00:48 (UTC)
I eat a lot of sodium and don't drink much water but to me it seems like sodium is in everything! I've cut out soda but when I work out I usually drink Gatorade
Weight Loss good foods Jan 20 2012
13:27 (UTC)
I am seventeen 5'7 and 155 lbs my goal weight is somewhere near 130
Weight Loss good foods Jan 20 2012
04:32 (UTC)
Weight Loss Help! Jan 17 2012
03:33 (UTC)
Previously I wouldn't have worried about my weight but recently I have realized that I am just not very comfortable the way I am and I just want to be confident again. I was at a better weight this summer but when I went back to school I started eating out for lunch everyday. That pretty much screwed me over so I cut out all fast food. I guess I just felt so accomplished that I lost weight that I wanted to make it happen again...thank you all for your help!
Weight Loss Help! Jan 17 2012
03:06 (UTC)
Young Calorie Counters motivation? what motivates you to run? Jan 14 2012
03:48 (UTC)
I think about the people that doubt me and push my desire to prove them wrong into makin my feet move faster:)
Weight Loss under calorie count Jan 03 2012
17:22 (UTC)
I am very active I am 5'7 weigh 145 and my goal weight is 130. Usually I try to eat around 1420 calories and only end up with 1000
Recipes Lunchbox Ideas Jan 01 2012
19:57 (UTC)
Thanks! I'll try that out soon!
Young Calorie Counters eating habits Dec 30 2011
21:46 (UTC)
Thanks a bunch! I've found that if I go to a room that doesn't have food it it and engage myself in something then I'm less likely to go get food. Thank you for your advice!