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Fitness making my workout shorter opinion by compacting it? Jun 26 2012
14:18 (UTC)

Why don't you superset? You'll cut your gym time down by almost 50 %.


I do squats/deadlifts/calf raises/leg extensions/leg curls/bi curls/tri overhead/bench press/incline press/overhead press/seated rows/lat pulldows/shrugs.

Takes me about an hour and a half. And I do 4 x 8, plus one or two warm-up sets for squats/deadlifts/bench press.


it really shouldn't take you that long to lift. Drop things like wrist curls.

Young Calorie Counters akaward question.. Jun 26 2012
14:07 (UTC)
Original Post by megan_702:

Also try massing your breasts every day for 20 min in the morning and night looking down you start inwards going counterclockwise for your left boob and clockwise for your right boob.

"Massaging" tissues doesn't make them grow; otherwise men would have enormous you know whats.


Hilarious post though

Young Calorie Counters akaward question.. Jun 26 2012
13:48 (UTC)

Just stop replying to her. She posts the most ridiculous things every day.

Fitness kcal vs. cal Jun 26 2012
13:34 (UTC)

kcal = calories as far as what people mean when they say cal.


Everything you eat/burn is actually in kcal, not cal. But for convenience's sake we dropped the k and just say cal

Young Calorie Counters How do I eat more but not gain weight after starve diet?! Jun 26 2012
13:16 (UTC)

Way too few calories.

Not enough fat.

Not enough protein.

Not enough carbs.

Not enough nutrients.

Weight Loss Anyone out there have a lapband? Jun 26 2012
13:12 (UTC)

You may be right. I was thinking of those "things" you put around certain areas of your body that make you sweat and that's how you "lose weight".


Maybe I got my terminology confused.

Maintaining saturated fat? Jun 26 2012
03:43 (UTC)

Yes. It's all percentages of total caloric intake.

Health & Support Maintaining after knee surgery?? Jun 26 2012
03:33 (UTC)

Arm-bike maybe. Other than that not really. Your muscles, especially the muscles of the immobilized leg, are going to atrophy. Not much you can do about it unless you want to risk your recovery. I'd just do whatever the doc tells you and not push it.

Weight Loss iron.. Jun 26 2012
03:32 (UTC)

Red meat


Foods carbs Jun 26 2012
03:32 (UTC)

You don't think sugar serves a purpose?


Hmm I'm a little confused by that statement. Not sure where to even begin with that one.

Weight Loss Anyone out there have a lapband? Jun 26 2012
03:30 (UTC)

1) Lap bands do not work

1 a) they are a scam

1 b) throw it away

2) You are SEVERELY  under-eating

2 a) you need to eat a lot more, otherwise you are going to seriously screw up your metabolism (maybe even permanently)

Health & Support Did I really gain 8 lbs in 4 days? I feel like I've relapsed (ED). Jun 26 2012
03:28 (UTC)

Water weight.

Health & Support What was your accomplishment today? Jun 26 2012
03:27 (UTC)

Not weight related at all whatsoever but I monitored my first electroencephalography (EEG) case today by myself. It was a carotid endarterectomy.


That was fun

Foods Eggs-- Yay or Nay? Jun 26 2012
03:26 (UTC)

Best natural protein you'll ever find. And loaded with other nutrients. Eat them in bunches.

Weight Gain Unhealthy foods same as healthy foods for gaining ? Jun 26 2012
03:26 (UTC)

Weight gain is weight gain.


Is one healthier than the other? Why, of course.

Weight Gain Do I really need to gain? Jun 25 2012
19:55 (UTC)

You really seriously do need to gain a fair amount of weight back. 88 lbs is not healthy by any stretch of the imagination

The Lounge What is happening to our schools? Jun 25 2012
19:45 (UTC)

You guys expected me to thoroughly read through every single one?


I probably should, but I didn't.


Disregard any garbage I posted.


Edit - I do have a job I can only waste so much time, not all of it.

The Lounge What is happening to our schools? Jun 25 2012
18:54 (UTC)

In regards to the Texas curriculum, they are literally taking out entire sections of biology books that teach evolution. It is simply not being taught, period.

I am, however, unsure as to whether they are instead teaching creationism or avoiding the subject of the origins of the Earth/humans altogether.

The Lounge What is happening to our schools? Jun 25 2012
17:42 (UTC)
Original Post by kevinatthebrook:

This merely confirms Buck's First rule of Internet Debate:

With enough time anyone can find a link to defend any position. You Sir, must have lots of time.

The same 24 hours we all have in a given day. I just multi-task... a lot

The Lounge What is happening to our schools? Jun 25 2012
17:08 (UTC)

Allow me, monsieur: mericans-believe-paranormal.aspx 08-12-healthconfusion12_ST_N.htm /04/dunce-cap-nation.html s/2009_Archives/PPP_Release_National_9231210. pdf article/2006/08/07/AR2006080700189.html hday-believe-evolution.aspx es-americans-general-knowledge-levels.aspx /04/dunce-cap-nation.html special/columns/newsroom/archive/2006/08/just ice_sneezy.shtml ional/main1571756.shtml pdf/NGSRoper2006Report.pdf /04/dunce-cap-nation.html uslim-christian-church-out-of-politics-politi cal-leaders-religious,8816,2011680,00.html