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Fitness walking Apr 27 2006
06:58 (UTC)
Do they stay swollen for the rest of your walk and after? I don't know what is causing it, I have to say. I am interested in hearing thoughts on the matter. I usually feel a tingling feeling in my hands and fingers, but hadn't stopped to look at them. Maybe they are swelling up, too. I will have to look!
Weight Loss 170's Club Apr 25 2006
21:05 (UTC)
I'm holding the door to the 160's open--I'm at 169 and have been for awhile. So I will stand at my post keeping the door open so the breeze can help usher us all in. And don't worry, the breeze is only blowing one way!
Motivation Stuck...but NOT GIVING IN!!! Apr 25 2006
20:59 (UTC)
I am in the same boat! And like you, I was looking on the bright side about not having the scale go *up,* especially considering the type of food I have been eating lately. I went to a wedding in NY, and it was my chance to drink Dunkin donuts coffee with cream! Not to mention enjoy pizza with some fine company. I did eat less than I used to, so I count that as a "good" also.

So, it is back to the salt mines now. I wonder if they have any low-sodium mines anywhere? No way am I going to give in! And thanks for the post--it is nice to hear about others determined to stay the course even if the results are leaping out at us.
Motivation Some Thought Provoking Tips... (Long) Apr 13 2006
22:17 (UTC)
#8 is the one for me to work on. And you already started me on the planning better part with your comment in my diet log, Cheatingirl! Thanks! I have been having healthier food to snack on after a game.

Recipes Freezables? Apr 13 2006
20:55 (UTC)
My favorite freezables are chili (made with ground turkey and black beans instead of beef and kidney beans) and black-bean burritos. For the burritos I make enough filling (ground turkey again) for two packages of tortillas (whole-wheat) and use black beans, cheese and salsa as I wrap them, then I just pop one in the microwave straight from the freezer. I add low-fat sour cream and more salsa after I heat them up.
The Lounge speaking of blondes... Apr 13 2006
20:34 (UTC)
I say go for the blonde highlights. Not that I am biased at all, but I just went in for an overdue haircut and the highlights and have been admiring the color ever since. I keep asking myself why it took me so long to go in! My additional 2 cents. Hey, if we all keep adding 2 cents you'll be very wealthy soon!
Motivation can i rant? Apr 13 2006
18:51 (UTC)
There are some supportive people out there for the non-stars, and especially for women! But it may take a bit of hunting--I always wanted to play, but thought that it was too late for an overweight 36-year old. But I heard about a program through word of mouth two years ago, and joined a recreational league ice hockey team. I really did learn from zero--had to learn how to put on the gear and learn how to skate. 

I have to say I am still the slowest and most uncoordinated person on the team, and sometimes (well, a lot) it is frustrating to not be a slick play-maker like my teammates. But I am the one frustrated with myself, and self-concious about my abilities. The other players have been nothing but encouraging. I am amazed at how supportive everyone has been to new players of all sizes and age. I hope that this type of community will expand into schools eventually, since more school programs are starting up and sharing players with the rec league in the summer. It is great to have women of sorts of different backgrounds out there as role models for the younger players.  

A friend said recreational kick-ball leagues have been springing up all over, and that they are low-stress but high enjoyment venues for the less-than-athletic (as he said, he was always picked last in school). If I weren't overly booked already I would love to try that.
The Lounge Danger will robinson..DANGER Apr 13 2006
01:14 (UTC)
Tang-covered donuts? I think even I could resist those. Great job on saying NO to donut holes, Bethy. Awesome.
The Lounge Danger will robinson..DANGER Apr 12 2006
22:48 (UTC)
For real? chocolate cake glazed donut holes????????? AUGH! I had such a craving for a chocolate cake donut yesterday. I even thought about driving to a dunkin donunt shop, but didn't know which street it was on. Phew!!! and it was too hot  to drive around just on the hope I had the right street. Good thing I moved to Arizona! There are far fewer dangerous donut shops out here!

My deep respect to you for managing to say no!
Weight Loss how far do you have to go? Apr 11 2006
22:38 (UTC)
11 down, 29 to go.
The Lounge Questionnaire! Apr 08 2006
22:42 (UTC)
1.  How young are you? 38

2.  Favourite healthy meal? roasted beets

3.  Most embarrassing moment?!!
I arrived in the USSR for a year abroad on the eve of the collapse. Food shortages, few consumer good luxuries, etc. But I could only afford the two suitcase allowance on the flight, so had my duffel bags packed to the gills. Including taking all the small stuff out of packages and filling in every empty nook and cranny. I arrive in Moscow, and wait for my luggage. And wait and wait. Turns out the bag had a seam rip. And someone escorted me across the length of the airport to an office to fill out a claims report. With a long trail of little white tampons. Needless to say, I never again took boxes of OB tampons and scattered them throughout my bags...

4.  Married/divorced/single/single parent?  single

5.  Favourite piece of clothing?  hershey park t-shirt

6.  Favourite TV show?  stargate

7.  Favourite alcohol drink, if any?  beer

8.  What keeps you busy during the day?   work, npr, calorie-count

9.  Favourite candy as a child!    Baby Ruth

10. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Peter Forsberg
Motivation Fast food cravings Apr 08 2006
03:13 (UTC)
I can't say how long it took me to get past wanting fast food, but I can say that by not going at all for a good while, the cravings go away. My family used to go pretty regularly, and after I was out on my own the habit continued. Eventually I quit going. I wasn't even really planning to, I just sort of realized the calories were not really good ones and tried to come up with some other way to scrounge up a meal. If I am on a road trip with other people, I will still eat at a fast food place, but the cravings don't come back.

So hang in there, it does get better!
Weight Loss 170's Club Apr 07 2006
05:02 (UTC)
I'm in! I'm out! I'm in! I'm out! Ok, well, for the next while I think I am in, and happy to have such good company as we all work on moving to new numbers.

I just can't seem to leave the 170s behind me. I started this site at 180, on a very bad week of the month to start, then had walking pneumonia and lost my appetite so the first 8-9 lbs were easy. Now I am feeling better and the appetite has returned, and I am bouncing up and down around 170 by 2-3 pounds, sometimes 168, sometimes 173.  I am aiming for 140 or so in the long run.
The Lounge alright guys and gals time for some fun! Apr 02 2006
07:52 (UTC)
Good topic! I am always hoping to hear recommendations for my next mystery selections...I also like sci-fi/ fantasy movies, and have been so grateful for the LOTR and Narnia movies since things had sort of seemed sparse for awhile. Or maybe I just didn't get out much! Augh! That part is probably a bit too true.  

I used to read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy in college, but that was a long while ago.  About three years ago I started the Fire and Ice fantasy series by and was totally hooked not realizing that he hadn't finished writing the series yet. DOH! I think the next one is out, but only in hard cover so I am not rushing out to read it only to wait many more years for the (supposedly) last book to come out.

And for music.... alternative! Woo-hoo!
The Lounge Having a real rough day today Apr 02 2006
07:41 (UTC)
Hi Thinsky,
I lost my mom a few months ago, and am still struggling. I know  how you feel when you say it was the person who was always there for you, and feeling lonely without him. And wondering about the reason for being here.  For me, those feelings come and go, and I can't really predict them but often it is at night and over the weekends. When I am spending more time by myself.

I don't think looking for distractions will take away the grief, but when I am busy working on something it can help lend my time a sense of normalcy and purpose. Even if it is temporary, it can keep me from staying in a cycle of wallowing too long. And I say wallowing because the longer I am in that frame of mind, the longer it takes to get out of it and the more alienated I feel. Maybe the binge eating is like looking for a distraction, in some way. Keeping yourself occupied. So my new resolution of late has been to keep myself engaged in something, like this website, just to be attached to something on the outside world.  And that the next time I end up spending long times wondering what the point is, I had better figure out how and where to go to talk to someone about it professionally. This is the first time I have told anyone this, so thanks for your post--it has given me a jolt of recognition and resolve.
The Lounge new haircut Mar 31 2006
21:28 (UTC)
Ditto on Babyd's comments, and also love the color. Very sporty!

The Lounge Favorite sounds Mar 30 2006
20:14 (UTC)
Rain drops with a breeze rustling leaves. It sure doesn't happen often now that I moved to phoenix--we went 143 days without rain.
Fitness Work out site Mar 30 2006
19:29 (UTC)
Oodles of thanks to Natashenka and Banditgirl!
Motivation Time For a Tummy challenge!! Mar 29 2006
19:52 (UTC)
Squeezing in under the April 1st wire...

I ) Slappy (33)

2) my5sky

3) tracymarie

4) ssndl1106 (37)

5) cheatingirl

6) roxanned

7) chocorific (35) 

8) tomdavie (37 1/2)

9) cassiedavie (36)

10) christins (28)

11) tat2ed4ever

12) Granola-bars

13) Readnchick (35.5)

14) just_bethy

15) singpraisetojesus

16) suzigirl (28.5)

17) cyndya (46)

18) pandajenn19  (35.5)

19) neeners (29)

20) 0507norge

21) chunkie

22) lesil22

23) bigsister (35.5)

24) mommy123

25) shekacat (37 3/4)

26) arizonaflower2002 (39.25)

27) natashenka (33) 

28) kat2480

29) poohb

30) devwo05 (37) arrrgggh

31) mnpeeps (40.5)

32) trouble7 (30)

33) m3lody (39) but not for long! :)

34) kellybagdanov

35) Vekke

36) Diphyodont

37) cleverfishes (35.5)

38) Morgaine (32.8)

39) Amy123 (32)

40 Yharmon

41) aquade

42)bebe143143 (31.5)


44) Argh19 (36)
Weight Loss Cholesterol (did I spell that right??) Mar 22 2006
23:26 (UTC)
I think exercise also helps lower the number, but in the long run I don't know that food intake affects the number all that much. For some reason, my number was very low. This inspired a comment from one doctor "From your chart numbers, you should be a very thin person" [with the obvious continuation being "but you aren't" SNORT] and from another "It looks on paper like you would be a Chinese vegetarian." And yet my favorite food in the world is pepperoni....