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The Lounge what do you do? May 17 2006
20:15 (UTC)
I have a very glamourous job at an oil refinery. My title is Admin. Assistant/Special Projects. I hope to get back to nursing school very soon. We moved a few months back, so that has delayed things.
Weight Loss hi! newbie here May 17 2006
20:02 (UTC)
lilac- I'm so glad you made your way here. I think you'll find everyone here is very supportive,especially if you need a kick in the butt!!! Obsidyan is a great motivator and encourager. I think it's great that you to know each other.
Motivation what's the funniest compliment you've gotten May 17 2006
19:02 (UTC)
Yesterday one of my co-workers told me that he could tell that I have lost weight from a distance. When it came out of his mouth he new that didn't sound right.
The Lounge Day Care Providers? May 17 2006
16:56 (UTC)
Sometimes you have to ask families to leave...very difficult, but if you have someone to take their place you wont be out any money. My Stepmom has a home daycare and she has had to ask a few families to leave because they werent a good fit.I dont understand why some parents cause such problems, dont they realize what a wonderful service you are providing??? I could go on and on about this, so I better stop.
The Lounge American Idol May 17 2006
16:52 (UTC)
This season has gone by so fast and is by far the best. I can't wait until next year. It was crushing to see Chris go, but he will be very sucessful.
The Lounge Day Care Providers? May 17 2006
16:50 (UTC)
I would take the policy that they signed and remind them of your vacation procedure. I worked in daycare for 12 years and this was a problem even in centers. Some parents didn't want to pay for holiday's or when they took vacation.
The Lounge American Idol May 17 2006
16:48 (UTC)
My husband thought she was drunk last night. Too funny.

I agree about Kat..she deserves to be in this competition. I think Chris's fans didn't vote because they where to confident that he would go on. I was watching a clip from last Wed and even Kat thought her name was going to be called out.
The Lounge Day Care Providers? May 17 2006
16:42 (UTC)
Do you have a daycare policy sheet that the parents sign?
Weight Loss Best time to weigh yourself? May 17 2006
16:32 (UTC)
My offical weigh in day is Saturday morning before I shower.
The Lounge Check out this site! May 17 2006
16:30 (UTC)
Thanks!!! This site will be a great resource.
Recipes Low fat pancakes May 17 2006
16:29 (UTC)
Thanks Ob!!!!
The Lounge American Idol May 17 2006
16:28 (UTC)
I will be happy with whoever wins. They all did a fabulous job last night.
Foods 100 calorie snack packs May 17 2006
15:09 (UTC)
I haven't seen the doritos or the sun chips 100 cal packs at my grocery store. That would be a nice treat sometimes.
The Lounge American Idol May 17 2006
14:52 (UTC)
I am also a Kat fan.She has the best vocal in my opinion. I love Taylor's performence quality, he is so entertaining. Kat performence of somewhere over the rainbow was absolutley beautiful. After last night, Elliot should be the one to leave..but you never know.
Foods Chocolate!! May 17 2006
13:38 (UTC)
I also love hershey kisses!!! They are a nice treat every once and awhile.
Foods IBS May 16 2006
20:44 (UTC)
dcgirl-I have ibs and have learned some tricks to help. Diet soda sugarless gum in large quantities causes the colon to have spasms. I also read that if you eat a piece of french bead prior to eating salad or fresh veggies it helps with digestion. I have tried it and it does work. Any higher fat protein can cause problems too. One of my friends let me borrow a book called"eating with IBS", found it very helpful.
Fitness Cure for allergies, headaches, pms and etc... May 15 2006
20:21 (UTC)
It hurts on the top of my head and down the back of my neck.
Fitness Cure for allergies, headaches, pms and etc... May 15 2006
19:57 (UTC)
Ob- I'll try anything to get rid of the headaches.
Fitness Cure for allergies, headaches, pms and etc... May 15 2006
19:56 (UTC)
I think I am doing ok. Probably have drank 40 oz's so far. I'm a little behind, but not to bad.
Fitness Cure for allergies, headaches, pms and etc... May 15 2006
19:44 (UTC)
Thankfully my husband is home tonight, so I can get it done and out of the way. My head just feels like it could explode. I hate headaches.