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Motivation Almost in tears Feb 07 2010
01:46 (UTC)

I don't have time at the moment to reply to everyone, but I just want to say thank you for all of your advice. Over the last few days I have been eating WAY better.

I saw a nutritionist on thursday who, to be honest didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but because I have to now record what I eat (as a few of you recommended) and then show her every fortnight, I'm accountable and therefore way more likely to stick to it. Also she put more of an emphasis on healthy eating than calorie cutting (it turns out that I end up eating around 1300-1400 anyway) and getting the appropriate amount of each food group and for some reason I find it kind of fun trying to fit everything in.

It is accurate to say I've been bored and unchallenged at work, which has made me reach for sugar a lot of the time, and this just snowballed into a really bad habit with exponentially increasing quantities! I'm glad that I finally am starting to get a grip on the situation.

Thank you so much to everyone who replied, it was really helpful! :)

Fitness Cyling --> Running? Sep 10 2009
13:37 (UTC)

This has kind of made me want to start running!

I think I will try the walk/running thing on the weekends and see if I can build up some stamina..if I enjoy it I will increase to a couple of times a week :)

Cool! thanks everyone

Motivation Feeling flat.. Sep 10 2009
13:29 (UTC)

Thanks to everybody who replied - I think that what you all said was pretty much on the mark.

I am going to up my calories a bit, and just stop stressing out about going over. And the days that I seriously don't feel like exercising, I won't, because I don't NEED to exercise every day. I don't want it to turn into something that I dread.

Gi-jane, thankyou for your advice. 132 may indeed be too low of a goal for me, but I think that I definitely could afford to lose at least another 10 pounds. If I seemed too thin at any point on my way to 132 I would be happy to stop!

I feel a lot better today :)

Weight Loss Cutting sugar...? Sep 06 2009
10:50 (UTC)

I just read this article about sugar, and it has almost convinced me to give up refined sugar (for a while at least).

Sorry, I don't know how to make links, but this is the website - es/sugar-makes-me-sick/


Motivation Under 25 with over 25 to lose. Sep 05 2009
02:09 (UTC)

Down 1.3 pounds since friday, which was totally unexpected seeing as I stopped being so strict this week. So..

Last week = 153.5 (Start 163)
Current weight = 152.2
Goal weight = 132
Pounds lost = 10.8
Pounds until goal = 20.2

Weight Loss 5' 6'' - 5' 7'' Women - What do you weigh? Sep 02 2009
01:24 (UTC)

I'm 5'7, at 153 trying to get down to 132.

Weight Loss Am I right? Sep 01 2009
10:24 (UTC)

I know exactly what you mean. When my friends go on diets like that one I freak out and think that they're going to lose heaps of weight while I struggle in the background to lose 1 pound a week!

Thing is with those diets (I know because I've been on them before, and I've seen others do it) is that yes, you do lose quite a lot of weight in the beginning. Most of this is water weight. After a while (usually a couple of weeks), however, it slows down. Perhaps you'll even gain a pound due to fluctuations in water weight (remember, you didn't lose very much solid fat). And then you start freaking out and thinking about all the sacrifices you're making (e.g. giving up carbs or whatever) when you're not getting any results.

Annnnd then you generally go back to normal eating, because you figure that it isn't working. The more drastic the changes you make, the less patience you have really, because you don't REALLY want to be giving up the foods you love, and it is a lot more uncomfortable than losing weight healthily.

Usually that results in pretty rapid weight gain due to the water weight coming back on. Usually you discover that you didn't really lose 8 really only lost 2 or 3 of actual fat. Because your body is probably in starvation mode from restricting your diet, as soon as you start eating normally your body will hoard all the energy and store it as fat, and you'll probably put that fat back on. This could lead to even further weight gain if you get depressed about it.

Those are the main reasons why those diets VERY rarely work in the long term. You are definitely doing it the right way. Think about it this way. 4 months down the line, is she still going to be doing this diet? Probably not. But will you still be eating healthily and exercising? Yes, because you enjoy it, and your changes are sustainable.

You could try talking to her about this, but in my experience people often get defensive about their diets and think that you are being competitive or trying to ruin their plans. It might be better off for her to just learn this herself, and then she will realise the right way to do it is over a longer time period with less restrictions, etc.

Weight Loss What is YOUR "achilles' heel"? Aug 28 2009
09:04 (UTC)

189 pounds - you should probably make a new topic rather than addressing those problems in this one, just because it's more likely that more people will see it that way.

I have lost 9.5 pounds over 1 month and 1 week. I'm 5'7, started out at 74kg and am now 69.8kg (aiming for 60kg).

Oh and 1kg = 2.2 pounds, so you are aiming to lose at least 22 pounds.

What height are you?

Also, what exactly IS your exercise routine besides netball? (I play netball too, love it). Are you calorie counting? It is the absolute best way to lose weight in my opinion. It's science - i feel a lot better about putting my hopes in science rather than the empty promises of fad diets etc.

I don't know how much you know about calorie counting so I'll just give you the basics, sorry if it's all old news.

Find out your BMR here = ned.php and its best to set your activity level to sedentary (just something i have found works the best)

3500 calories = 1 pound, therefore 7700 calories = 1kg

It is recommended to lose 1-2 pounds per week. You're asking how people lose 2+ pounds a week. To lose 2 pounds per week, you'd have to cut your total weekly calories by 7000 cals. This could work out as 1000 per day, which is actually not that easy (hence why people tend to go for slower 1 pound/week losses). So, if your BMR was say 1800, you would have to have a total of 800 calories per day to get the weekly deficit of 7000. This can be achieved by say, eating 1200 cals (though this is low) and burning 400, for example. I personally do it by eating 1400 and burning 600. According to the numbers you could also do it by simply eat 800 cals a day, but this isn't safe and can cause your body to go into starvation mode and hoard all the food you put in your body, thus preventing weight loss and even encouraging weight gain.

It is way easier/probably more maintainable to lose 1 pound a week, because you'd only have to cut your daily calories by 500. So you could eat 1300 a day, or eat 1800 and burn 500 (if 1800 was your BMR).

Also you should remember that if the weight doesn't come off despite making all of these changes accurately (calorie counting, perhaps weighing food to begin with), it doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't losing fat. It could be because you are gaining muscle, or you're retaining water due to high sodium meals the day before or that time of the month. Sometimes when this happens, you find that the next week you have a "whoosh" - a big loss of say, 5 pounds even (though I personally have never experienced such a big loss).

So yeah. Sorry if you already knew all that!!

Motivation Under 25 with over 25 to lose. Aug 28 2009
02:14 (UTC)

Welcome pinksmartie (cute name), egerbo, zealousy and katie! And egerbo - boys are totally welcome!

Talific - nice work!! 5 pounds is a great effort. That must have been a bit of a shock, I don't think I've ever lost that much in one week. Congrats

Amelia-  have fun at the cottage!


It's weigh in dayyyy. I am down 1 kg (2.2 pounds) since last Friday! Which finally brings me under 70kg which I have been hanging out for.

Last week = 155.7 (Start 163)
Current weight = 153.5
Goal weight = 132
Pounds lost = 9.5
Pounds until goal = 21.5

Hope everyone has been successful this week :)

Motivation It's going to take did you stay motivated at the beginning? Aug 28 2009
02:07 (UTC)

Giving up meant going back to my old ways, staying the same uncomfortable weight, probably even gaining. And the idea of that scared me enough to keep going. I've now lost 9.5 pounds in just over 5 weeks, and I wasn't that heavy to start with so it shows that you can lose a considerable amount in a fairly short period of has slowed down lately though, and I don't expect to keep losing that quickly from now on.

Now that the ball is rolling I can't imagine giving up. It actually does become enjoyable to look after yourself. You just need to get through that week or so where your goals seem so far away.. Accept that if you want to achieve them, you have to put in the hard yards. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Weight Loss What is YOUR "achilles' heel"? Aug 28 2009
01:50 (UTC)

mojotheduck - thanks! actually, since i started this post, i've lost another 7 pounds :D. calorie count is doing wonders for me. also, i so know what you mean about heavy foods...pasta would probably be my favourite thing ever but now i only ever have it like once a week which i'm actually finding to be easier than i thought.

Weight Loss What causes you to eat when you're not supposed to?? Aug 26 2009
05:05 (UTC)

It used to just be habit, which I think carried on for so long because I was depressed about the habit...viscious cycle etc.

Now, I only ever eat "bad" food or too much food if I haven't exercised that day, or if I'm particularly bored. Social events or hangovers don't help either but I've been steering clear of alcohol which is making it easier.

Weight Loss no no no!! Im going back to bingeing ways :(:( Aug 26 2009
02:22 (UTC)

First of all, relax!

You definitely haven't undone all your hard work in a couple of days, I promise. And just because you feel like you've gotten back into the "rhythm" of binging doesn't mean that this has to continue until you're back at your starting weight.

Lets say you binged 2000 calories over maintenance on both saturday and sunday. Then you ate normally on monday, and on tuesday you binged another 2000 for a total of 6000 over your maintenance. That would mean gaining 1.7 pounds of fat at the very most. Sure, if you weigh yourself it will probably be more because as you said, you are bloated, and might be retaining water from salty food etc. So...don't weigh yourself!! Wait a few days for things to settle down, or the number might depress you even though it's not your real weight.

Work out a healthy way to cut those 6000 (or whatever the real number was) calories off in the next week or so. This depends on your BMR, but if that was, say 1800, you could eat 1200 and burn 400 for 6 days. Or if that is too difficult, take it even slower.

I think you know that it's worth putting in some extra effort to get yourself back on track.

Don't feel like just because you've binged a couple of times you're destined to go back to your old habits. Make a plan for burning the extra "binge" calories - you'll feel SO much better doing this now than doing it a few months down the track because you gave up and binged even more. Then you can get back on track with losing the last 10 pounds.

Just pleeease don't give up! I used to binge insanely, and every once in a while I still go a bit overboard (maybe once a month) but you just have to get back on it the next day so it doesn't turn into something it's not.

Motivation What have you accomplished? Aug 22 2009
14:21 (UTC)

Nice work!!

In exactly 1 month I have lost 8 pounds which is 5% of my body weight gone :)

Weight Loss bouncing back after a binge?? Aug 22 2009
02:24 (UTC)

One day last week I binged 2500 calories - 1300 over my target calorie goal for that day.

That night I thought - as long as I can reverse this, I don't need to get depressed about it. The next day I ate 1000 calories and burnt 400. Yes, I know this is below the 1200 mark etc, but I was honestly so full from the night before that I didn't want to eat anymore.

And what do you know, I had (almost) reversed the calorie overload - went over by 1300 on friday, went under by 1200 calories on saturday. Though you may want to do this over a few days depending on how much you overate by. Exactly 1 week later and I am 1kg (2.2 pounds) down!

So, in a way, binging is kiiiind of harmless if you do it once in a while (though you have to take into account the emotional issues it might be masking) and correct your mistake over the next few days. That's in no way an excuse to do it! But it makes me feel less hopeless after the bad days.

Motivation Under 25 with over 25 to lose. Aug 21 2009
02:12 (UTC)

It is weigh in day!

I am down nearly 1 pound this week. Slooow and steady I guess. I was good this week, I have done 1.5 hours of exercise per day and eaten really well compared to last week.

Welcome to all the new people :)

Foods Food nightmares? Aug 19 2009
03:27 (UTC)

Hahaha! Yum...fudge.

Weight Loss How long on diet? Are you successful? Aug 19 2009
03:01 (UTC)

Oops, double post.

Weight Loss How long on diet? Are you successful? Aug 19 2009
03:01 (UTC)

Well, I don't really like to call it a diet...just because that seems temporary.

I started on July 21st and I've lost 6 pounds so far. I lost all 6 in the first 2 weeks and now it's taking a bit longer...I am hoping to be down another 2 pounds this time next week, for a total of 8 pounds in roughly 5 weeks. But we'll see...

I have 25 pounds till my goal weight though.

Weight Loss Excercising makes me insanely hungry! Aug 18 2009
10:41 (UTC)

Yeah, I think this is pretty common.

I went from practically zero exercise to averaging a bit over an hour per day all at once. At first, I was starving ALL the time, I also felt a bit fatigued and like I had no energy to study or be enthusiastic about anything.

One month on, I am experiencing the opposite. Firstly, I am enjoying the exercise more, but I am also feeling way more alert and energetic. As far as appetite goes, yes, I am still hungrier than I would be if I weren't exercising - but I am burning an extra 600 cals per day, so it makes sense that I would want to eat more. There is nothing wrong with hunger - it lets you know when you're full. As long as you're not eating more than you have burned through exercise, and you're still getting your desired deficit, it's not a problem.

There's a Time magazing article floating around about why exercise won't make you skinny (they claim this is because it makes you eat more - but most of this seems to just be uneducated people rationalising eating 3 donuts because they think they've burnt heaps of calories exercising). I disagree. I know personally that the days I don't exercise my mood is lower, and I am more inclined to eat the wrong foods etc. Even though I am hungrier when I exercise, I see this as a positive thing.

Soooo. I reckon after a while your body will get used to it and you're appetite will settle down. It might be a shock thing, like what I seemed to experience. If you actually desire to exercise, don't let the fear of overeating deter you, just be careful. Also, there could be a chance that you're burning more than you think? And maybe not actually going over your limit by as much as you estimate...just a thought.

Hope that was helpful in any way :)