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Journal Starting Again today
Entry on May 25 2012 07:58
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Journal When my nan comes to visit...
Entry on May 23 2012 19:10
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Journal I am actually going to do it this time!
Entry on May 17 2012 20:28
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Journal My Goals. Short term and long term.
Entry on May 03 2012 14:01
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Journal Reflection on the past week
Entry on Apr 22 2012 11:48
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The link above is to my blog which I have started today (28.11.2012) Please read it and follow me. It is about my recovery from Anorexia Nervousa and Binge Eating Disorder and finding the real me again

*I am working to be myself again: happy, healthy and confident*


Start weight: 176.6 lbs - 24.03.2012

Milestone 1: Lose 14lbs (A whole stone) - 08.12.2021 Total lost: 15lbs
Milestone 2: Be under 160lbs
Milestone 3: Be under 150lbs
Milestone 4: Lose 28lbs

Goal 1: 154lbs by 22.12.2012
If I can get to 147lbs by 01.01.2013, then I will literally be SO happy!


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