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Motivation is officially time to squeal like a little girl yes~? Jun 06 2011
23:23 (UTC)

Wowowowowowowowow!  Good job!  <3  Treat yourself well!  : ) Shop in the Juniors, girl! <3

Fitness Considering purchasing a Road Bike May 26 2011
23:57 (UTC)
Original Post by trhawley:

Well, when you say "road bike" what do you mean?  Most people think of a skinny tired bike like the one I'm riding in my avi.  These bikes perform much better on paved roads then they do on dirt or gravel.

Is that so?  See, I would be using it on a road, but west Texas is windy and dusty, so would that have a great effect on it?

Fitness Considering purchasing a Road Bike May 26 2011
20:35 (UTC)
Original Post by marisahojnacki:

I bought my roadbike from a friend for $150, and now realize that I'd be happier with a hybrid or a mountain bike.  I didn't realize that some bike lanes would be worn out or have sand and dirt on them, or I'd occasionally have to swerve off into the grass to accomodate other bikers.

I'd recommend checking out the terrain that you are going to be facing.  It might be more convenient to get a bike with larger tires.  They have nice ones at Target or Walmart that aren't too expensive.  These bikes generally don't have tires that detach.  If you're riding this bike at school it might be easier to lock it up if the tires aren't easy to remove.

See, this is also a problem, Some of that really made no sense to me.  What does sand and dirt or worn out lanes have to do with biking?

Motivation Ladies in their late 20's with 5-15 pounds to lose... May 11 2011
10:33 (UTC)

Hey all.  I know its been a few days if not a week since I've posted, but I've been really busy with the end of finals and all of that.  But nonetheless, I've started back up on working out again... not that it should have taken a break.

I jumped on the scale on Sunday and ended up at 170.6 pounds.  Not the highlight of my week, but good considering that I probably made a million poor food choices to fuel late night study sessions in the library on campus. : (  I walked out with a good GPA this semester, so its quite fine.  I'm back on track and I have ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do but workout and pack up my apartment. 

I hate to sound depressing, because I think there should be more happy spirits and whatnot in this thread, but my grandma told me that my grandfather formed two sores on the bottom of his foot.  He is diabetic, and the whole family is really concerned that there might be something very aggressive to fix the issue down the road.  I dont want that to happen to my grandpa. 

So when I found out that news two days ago, I decided that I wanted to jog a mile for those who couldn't do it.  I dedicated my first two miles to him... and I did it in under 25 minutes.  I felt so proud.  When I got to the point where I thought I couldnt do it, I thought of him, and I kept going.  My grandpa is a good man, and he served 26 years in the U.S. Air Force.  I love him.

Anyway, I ALSO found out that my dad has decided to quit smoking, which makes me happy. He has smoked forever. I sent him a text telling him that I havent had a soda in 135 days, and he told me he hadn't had a cigarette in 137 hours!  : )  I know how hard those first few days are, and I know he has the strength to make it.  He is going to get my next two miles.  : )

Anyway, I haven't had time to read all of the posts up until now, but I will go back later today and read them.  If any of you ladies would like me to jog a mile for you, please let me know.  This motivates me, and you all are in my life one way or another [which I KNOW sounds creepy, but we ARE connected by this thread.]


<3 AnoxiaSan

HT: 5'7"

SW: 183

LW: 168

CW: 170

GW: 155

Motivation Ladies in their late 20's with 5-15 pounds to lose... Apr 30 2011
23:57 (UTC)

I would love to join.  I hope I'm not too late.  I'm also only 23, so I'm not in the last bit of my 20s.  I think its a good thing though.  : P

Ht:  5'7"

BW: 183

CW: 168

GW: 155


I've lost 15 pounds, I just need to lose that much more! : ) 

Fitness survey- working out Mar 27 2011
10:41 (UTC)

1. do you have a mile/minute/calorie target for your workouts? I like to work out for at least an hour whenever I go. 

2. what % of your workout is devoted to cardio? strength?  Honestly its like 50/50

3. do you stretch?  I hate stretching, but yes.  I dont think I do it as long as I should though.

4. do you foam roll? No.

5. do you go to a gym to workout? Yes.

6. whats your favorite form of cardio? Zumba!  Or jogging. : D

7. what is your least favorite cardio? RUNNING.

8. music or silence? Music.

9. alone or group exercise? I could go either way.

10. favorite workout video? None.

11: days a week you exercise?  When I'm not busy with school, about 5

12. number of minutes logged per week? 300 at least.

13. best  benefit that you get from exercise? A sense of accomplishment

14. how do you motivate yourself on the "i dont wanna" days? Get dressed to go to the gym before I get that "I dont wanna" mood.

15. am or pm workouts? I only ever get to work out in the pm.

The Lounge How Much Have you Lost? Feb 16 2011
18:35 (UTC)

Well I've lost a Bald Eagle!! : 3 


Part of me wishes I was about 375 pounds so losing an Arnold would be possible : O  Just a small part.



Motivation Can someone help me find.... Feb 16 2011
18:32 (UTC)

Thank You!  I really appreciate it : 3

Foods How much Stevia is too much?? Feb 08 2011
22:46 (UTC)

I completely agree to Cellophane.  

I think americans need to learn how to appreciate food for how they taste... NATURALLY.  


There have been studies where aspartame and the such have been shown to increase hunger, and where the use of these artificial sugars has in a sense desensitized us to what is sweet and what isnt.  This is because these artifical sugars are many times sweeter than table sugar.


My grandmother has drank dietrite for about 5 years and has gained 20 lbs.  I mean, just eat a teaspoon of real sugar.  There is no question whether or not thats going to cause cancer, bladder problems or cause you to have anal leakage.  It WILL cause you to gain weight if you have excessive amounts.

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Feb 05 2011
03:52 (UTC)

Okay, things are starting to slow down a bit!  I have updated everyone to post 20!


I'm waaay behind.  I know I've probably walked a ton, but I cant remember all I've done so I'm just not going to count it.

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 29 2011
19:10 (UTC)

Please excuse me everyone!  I had a horribly busy week. 


I estimate [and probably underestimate] that I walked 10 miles this week.  Since I dont know for sure, I'm just going to go way low and deal with it. 

January 29, 2011:

Bike: 1.8 miles.


I will update in a few days.  Please work with me.

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 21 2011
07:37 (UTC)

I think that I'm going to try to get a lot of miles in today (Jan 21) because I am going on a road trip during the weekend and I know I wont get a lot of milage in.

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 21 2011
07:34 (UTC)

January 20, 2010: 8.5 Miles on bike

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 19 2011
06:33 (UTC)

January 18, 2011:

Jogging: 2 Miles

Biking: 6.5 Miles

Stairs: .8 Miles


total:  9.3 Miles

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 18 2011
00:28 (UTC)

I will update you later. : )

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 17 2011
23:40 (UTC)

Walking/Jogging: 2 Miles

Biking: 3.5 Miles

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 17 2011
10:48 (UTC)

Thank you for the advice!  I do eat well, probably around 1200-1700 calories a day, and they are usually whole foods. : )  Thank you.


I think it will be somewhat easy to obtain.  I'll have days where I probably wont do anything but I seem to do about 6 miles a day when I hit the gym.  I should be fine.


Good luck to you as well,  you have it all figured out yourself, so I dont doubt you'll be able to do it!

Fitness 1111 Miles in 2011!! Jan 17 2011
10:01 (UTC)

Biking: 4.5 Miles

Walking: 1 Mile

Stairs: 1 Mile


Get ready y'all! <3

Motivation For My New Year's Resolution: I STOPPED DRINKING SODA! Jan 13 2011
19:37 (UTC)

@ pink:  Yeah.  Giving up cold turkey was what got me this far. 

@ ave:  I hope so.  It starts costing you money after a while!  Soda is getting more and more expensive!

Foods This or that Food Survey! ^^ Jan 13 2011
09:37 (UTC)

I know alot of people already did some but I always wanted to do one too! =^__^=


Real milk, nut milk, or soymilk? Real Milk.

Swiss or cheddar? Cheddar

Frozen yogurt or ice cream? Froyo.

Milk or dark chocolate? Milk

Mustard or ketchup? Mustard

Banana or apple? Banana

Pepper strips or celery? Celery

Hummus or ranch dressing? Hummus

Cake or pie? Pie

Blueberry or chocolate muffins? Blueberry

Spicy, mild, or medium? Spicy

White or whole wheat bread? Whole Wheat

Hot or cold cereal? Cold cereal

Almonds or peanuts? Peanuts

Chocolate chip or chocolate kiss cookies? Chocolate kiss cookies.

Sweet, sour, or salty? Salty/Sour

Shrimp or crab? Shrimp when its cooked properly.

Brown or white rice?  White rice

French fries or onion rings? Onion Rings, but I dont make a habit of eating these.

Peppermint or cinnamon?  Peppermint

Flavored or plain water? Plain

Pear or Orange? Orange

Glaze or icing? Glaze

Tofu or chicken? Chicken

Fruit or vegetable salad? Either.  I like both. : 3


Okay..that's all I can think or.
Have fun! =^^=