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Games & Challenges The1Up's New You Thread Jul 29 2007
19:10 (UTC)
Hi eveyone

CW: 167

No loss :o(
Games & Challenges The1Up's New You Thread Jul 15 2007
18:57 (UTC)
Hi everyoe!

CW: 167

Not quite the banner week I had last week.  Oh well, its somethin

Take care peeps!
Games & Challenges The1Up's New You Thread Jul 08 2007
04:29 (UTC)
Hi guys!

Current Weight: 167.8

I had a good week

I did 350 crunches

Take care!
Weight Loss Final Results Posted Way to go Everyone!! Thanks for the Participation!! Jul 04 2007
20:10 (UTC)
team 3

CW: 169.4
Games & Challenges The1Up's New You Thread Jun 30 2007
15:29 (UTC)
Hi team!  Sorry I haven't dropped by this week,

CW: 172.2

Weight Loss Final Results Posted Way to go Everyone!! Thanks for the Participation!! Jun 28 2007
17:44 (UTC)
Team 3

CW: 175
Weight Loss THE WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE - WEEK 6 - Winners - Team 2 Jun 28 2007
17:43 (UTC)
Anniemarie13- team 3

Height: 5'4
Start Weight: 183.6
Week 6 weight: 175
Pounds Lost for Week 5:1
Goal weight for Week 7: 172
Total Pounds Lost: 8.6
BMI (Week 6): 30

Sorry I'm late... its been a bad couple of days
Foods Salad dressing Jun 25 2007
19:09 (UTC)
I found one that is pretty darn good.

It is Roasted Red Pepper Italian by Kraft.  It isn't marketed as light, but it only has 35 cal per 2 tb.  It is quite yummy.  I didn't even realize it was low cal when I bought it or ate it the first time.  When I looked at the nutrition facts I was pleasently surprised.

I like the spritzers too! 
Weight Loss totally cheated w/o knowing!! Jun 24 2007
20:22 (UTC)
Gah!  Even the salads there are over 1000 cals.  I don't think there is anything healthy on that whole menu.  I avoid that place like the plague.  Sorry that happened to you!!  It happened to me too.  Damn Steak and Shake!
Weight Loss THE WEIGHTLOSS CHALLENGE - Week 5 - Winners: Team 2 Jun 24 2007
20:06 (UTC)
570 cals burned on elliptcal today, and 300 burned weight training.

Weight Loss Regarding these silly Diet teas.... Jun 24 2007
04:33 (UTC)
Thanks for the link tahiti-girl!

Kara--  I agree that tea is a fabulous addition to a healthy lifestyle.  I try to drink 3 servings of green tea a day.  Snapple makes a pretty good sugar free green tea plain and one with mango flavoring.  I will grab one of those for work if I don't have time to bre some ice tea at home.  Tazo also makes a yummy one called "diet green mojito."  It is flavored with spearmint and lime.  I know it says "diet," but it only means it in the sense that it is  calorie free, not as a promise of weight loss, you know, like diet soft drinks.  But anyway, both of those are really good.  I usually brew mie at home and chillit for on the go, but I will get these regularly as well.  I highly recommend them to tea lover.  They are actual brewed teas, not like that lipton green tea which in my opinion tastes really bad and isn't made with real tea leaves, just extracts.  Hmm... I'm veering off topic here lol.

Thanks for the heads up on the chai.  I adore chai but gave it up since it is high in sugar, but I'm definitely going to look for the sugar free!!
Weight Loss Boob and bra advice please. Jun 24 2007
04:24 (UTC)
Hi everyone!  Very informative thread!  I am having serious issues finding the right size since I've lost weight.  I think I need to be measured, but I'm a little nervous about it.

Could somebody tell me exactly what they do?  Do you have to be topless, no bra???

I might go tomorrow and do it, but I want to prepare myself for what to expect lol.

Thanks in advance to any kind soul who answers my dumb question!
Weight Loss Want to get down to driver's license weight lol Jun 24 2007
03:59 (UTC)
Wow, I'm glad you don't have to list weight on PA licenses.  I would definitely fib.  I think it is dumb to have to list that.  What good is it going to do?  If it is there to help the police or whoever you need to show the license to identify you better, I really don't think it will help.  Most people are pretty bad at estimating somone else's weight.  I think most men are especially bad at guessing women's weight.  My fiance guessed I weighed 140 back when I refused to reveal my weight (I got over that) and I actually weighed about 185 at that time (bless his heart lol).
Weight Loss Regarding these silly Diet teas.... Jun 24 2007
03:50 (UTC)
Arghhh... the whole "diet" teas thing annoy me.  If you look at the ingredients, some of them are actualy diuretics and laxatives.  That isn't going to help you lose any real weight!  And if you don't realize it is a laxative, then you are in for a suprise! hehehe. 

P.S.  Would you mind linking to the post you read that in?  I'd like to take a gander.
Weight Loss Saturday Night Post :) Jun 24 2007
03:42 (UTC)
Hi Amaris!  What a pretty name!  I definitely think your goal is acheivable!

We are the same age and the same starting weight!  I started at 225 in January and am down to 175 now.  I really never thought I could lose 50 lbs, but this site has helped me tremendously.  It is a great system of support, encouragement, and advice. 

I friended you, maybe we can be weight loss buddies?
Games & Challenges The1Up's New You Thread Jun 23 2007
22:03 (UTC)
Weigh in time!

CW: 175

Its really slowin down  for me, but any loss is a success right?
Games & Challenges The1Up's New You Thread Jun 22 2007
23:14 (UTC)
I id 90 min of belly dancing and loved it!  Tomorrow I'm going to try pilates!
Games & Challenges Roll-Call June Exercise Challenge Jun 22 2007
23:10 (UTC)

I'm pickin up speed now!
Foods Pasta!! Jun 22 2007
21:22 (UTC)
Thanks that looks fabulous!  And I know if it is from you its gotta be good :o)
Weight Loss Ultra Simple Diet Jun 22 2007
20:40 (UTC)
I tried to look at it.  Do you have to pay for it???