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Fitness Is This True ? Feb 27 2011
23:28 (UTC)

Ok , thanks a lot. You know my problem is that I didn't decrease my intake calorie amount, and I know I've gained the weight , but another problem of mine is that, I really do not want to admit it =) it's like I've got a hope deep in my heart that what I've worked out for one month is not estimated and like vanished.. 

Once again thanks. 

Young Calorie Counters please somebody answer me, where are my periods??:( May 27 2008
19:59 (UTC)

I do know it may sound a bit annoying but really, i got so tangled! How many calories should I eat per day>.>?

Young Calorie Counters Always Hungry! Apr 29 2008
09:27 (UTC)

Try chewing gums! I really helps!!!Wink

Weight Loss help!!!!!!! ate over 1,000 calories over my daily calories Apr 21 2008
12:13 (UTC)

At first calm down and relax. It's OK if you did it once in your life. Com' on we are all humans and everyone may become uncontrollable. Just for the next day try to limit yourself. Everything is going to be alright! Eating over 1000 calories for one day can not harm so much!

Young Calorie Counters My moms anorexic. HELP! Apr 18 2008
07:05 (UTC)

God bless you, people, who are on the ryann93's side!

Mother is anorexic and she may restrict children's daily calorie intake so much, that they may suffer from Anorexia as well. So my dear ryann93, don't give up, every thing's gonna be fine if you keep fighting.

Kisses and hugs!


Young Calorie Counters My moms anorexic. HELP! Apr 17 2008
14:27 (UTC)


Hey, mother is a person who should take care of children. She shouldn't foget her children ! At first, she is suffering from Anorexia and she would probably be thinking that eating is awful and that people don't need to eat anything. That's what is called Anorexia/nervosa. As ryann93 said she is hiding food from her children, she is not eating food and she even keeps it,a s I remember. Do you think that it's a normal one? I think here are broken some children rights... In my opinion, problem  should be cleared and at last she should start thinking more about her children and less about calories.

Father, also, should do something. As a normal person, as a loving husband, he should give her some advices and he should tell her that it's not a good example for their children.


Young Calorie Counters My moms anorexic. HELP! Apr 17 2008
07:39 (UTC)

Oh my god. I was reading your message and nearly cried out!If only I were with you and could help you somehow! The situation is really hard. You mother is a matured woman, a parent of 3 kids. In her life her children should be on the first level and after that her appearance and herself. In my opinion, her habits are a bit selfishly done. Of course she is a woman and women never should forget them selfs, but com' on, restricting a food to  children, who are still in the proses of developing?? That's too rude. And I can understand you so much! You do want to help her and everything is useless. I used to an Anorexic one, my mother tried her best to make me eat a bit per day. But no good. And until I hadn't realized what I was doing to myself, I didn't start to eat as a normal person. That's horrible when you see how your dearest and the nearest person slowly flows away from you, from you advices and thoughts!

From my point of view, you should talk to her. You should show your strength to her, she should see that you are already grown up,that you can see her mistakes and that you are more important than that f**kin' Anorexia. Talk you her, dare and talk to her. Maybe she'll listen to her child. If it doesn't work than you should talk to her parents (your grannies). At last you and your father should make up your mind and should call to a doc,MAYBE.

I apologize if here's not written that you wanted to hear from me, but that's my own opinion and thoughts and advices from me. And choice  is up to you. Anyway I wish you good luck and god bless you and your family!

P.s.: I'll keep my fingers crossed for youWink


Young Calorie Counters question about weight lose Apr 15 2008
15:01 (UTC)

What if I eat this amount of calories for 1 week?

I do know that teens should consume 1800 calories at least, but I used you eat this amount and gained the weight! Gosh...I'm so tangled. I am so active. I'm training for 2 hours per day and take not so short walks everyday! That means that I'm moderate and after 1 year dieting at last I've started to eat as a normal person, but I've gained! People say that this may be a water weight, but I can see some changes on my body. My cheeks got little bit bigger and belly as well.The rest of my training contains leg muscle exercises maybe that's the reason why in the legs area are no changes.

What should I do, what's you opinion??

Motivation weight not moving... Apr 10 2008
09:43 (UTC)

Are you sure that your scales are working? Also it really depends on what are you eating and how much calories are you consuming!

Health & Support so far, i've OVERCOME 3 of my 4 eating disorders!!!!! congratulate me!! Apr 09 2008
10:01 (UTC)

My little girlKiss You're a hero..Sure you can do it dear!

Love you, be strong!

Young Calorie Counters Gaining weight on 1,800 calories? Apr 09 2008
09:55 (UTC)

I've got the same problem.I'm 16 years old , my height is 165 sm(5'5''). Current weight 49.50 kilos ( 109lb. )Just I used to eat very few calories until my doc told me that I had to eat more,if I wanted to get my periods back again. So I've been eating 1600-1700 calories everyday for 2 weeks. I used to 47 kilos before(103lbs.) but  after starting eating appropriate calories to my age,I've gained.People tell me that this should be a water weight, but still I'm so worried. I'm burning much more calories in 24 hours, somewhere 2100calories,if not more. I'm training everyday for 120 hours. Can't get how can I maintain my weight, not gain anything and be healthy.

I apologize if my question is annoying, but I really need some good advices, please help me!

Regards to everyone!

Young Calorie Counters today i ate 1900 calories, now wil it make me gain the weight? Apr 08 2008
15:37 (UTC)

OKs, thanks very much! Your advices really encouraged me and helped a lot! I'll try myself on this spot! Oh, and tomorrow is the day, when I'll be weighting up myself!

Young Calorie Counters today i ate 1900 calories, now wil it make me gain the weight? Apr 07 2008
14:54 (UTC)

I hadn't been starving myself. Just I've been intaking low calories. But I never starved myself.

I worried because I'm eating 1600 calories every day and anyway in 5 days I gained 1 kilos, why?? No answer...

Regards to everyone.

Thanks for your replies!

Young Calorie Counters today i ate 1900 calories, now wil it make me gain the weight? Apr 06 2008
08:48 (UTC)
Original Post by elizabethberg:

NO NO NO.... you wont gain weight, as long as your intake is less than your out put your wont gain weight. (1900-2050= -150) granted tomorrow you might weigh a pound more becase of salt consumption. I wouldnt suggest getting on the scale for a day or so, let your body wash out all the sodium.

Oh and could you tell me please,how can I clean my body from salt??Is there any way to get rid from it?I'm going to get on scales on Wednesday, is that OK? And one more, if I eat around 1500-1600 calories everyday and sweets which will sit in this amount of calories, shall I gain the weight?

Young Calorie Counters Help ive been missing my periods for more than 7 months already! Apr 04 2008
10:01 (UTC)

Tomorrow I'm going to weight up myself!! I'm scared!Cry

Young Calorie Counters Help ive been missing my periods for more than 7 months already! Apr 02 2008
10:03 (UTC)

I have already added you. Sure, we can talk online..That would be great!Wink

I've deleted an account on Facebook! But I'm on myspace, if you've got it, I'll add you!! Fide you somehow!

Have not idea about my parent's metabolism. What is happening while metabolismKiss??

Young Calorie Counters Help ive been missing my periods for more than 7 months already! Apr 01 2008
13:33 (UTC)

Now i guess, you know what i mean! That's great to find someone who can understand you easily! Thanks pal!!!Kiss All our family members want us to be healthy and they can tell even that thing, which isn't true one! (sometimes) 1 year ago i used to be a chocoholic, i liked it so much! But while being on dieting for 1 year, i hadn't eaten even a piece! haa...Now i can eat it and that makes me a bit happier. But still sometimes i'm  getting worried!

Well you won't gain a weight anymore. You should have a splendid metabolism. But i have no idea about mine. How can i get it??Wink I'm around 1500-1600 calories per day.

I don't have a MSN, but I've got an Yahoo Messenger, I can add you there and we can talk and talkTongue out'


Young Calorie Counters Help ive been missing my periods for more than 7 months already! Mar 31 2008
14:09 (UTC)

Haha... You are so so sweet girl! Thanks for being so careful and paying so much attention to me! You know, sometimes i even think, that there is no one who can understand me. Mom got so tired of repeating that I've got to change my eating habits, that sometimes she can take herself in hand and gets sick of it. But now I've changes my mind and think that people should eat normally. But still sometimes I "suffer" from thoughts and being nervous. I am so afraid of getting obese. I've gained 1 kilo in 5 days, beside that I'm eating 1500-1600 (maximum). How about sweets? How much should i eat and how much should i restrict? Will it make me to gain the weight, if it's calories are included in 1500-1600 calories?How do you think??Smile


Young Calorie Counters Help ive been missing my periods for more than 7 months already! Mar 30 2008
07:33 (UTC)

I'm surprised. Everyday I intake 1600 not 3000 calories to gain weight so fast.... Now how can i control myself in order not to gain very much? I'm living in Europe, do you know Georgia, a little country near to Russia?? Here we use only kilograms...Laughing

Young Calorie Counters Period? Where are you? Mar 29 2008
17:42 (UTC)

I've the same problem:(