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Games & Challenges 5 lbs by Halloween Challenge! *MONDAY WEIGH-INS* Sep 25 2008
03:16 (UTC)

I should post my weights/height eh? haha

height: 6'4 (really tall female!)

current weight: 178.6lbs

goal weight: 165lbs (but 5-6lbs less for this challenge!)
Games & Challenges 5 lbs by Halloween Challenge! *MONDAY WEIGH-INS* Sep 23 2008
19:51 (UTC)
I'm totally down!!
I'll even try get 6lbs or something! haha!!

Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:48 (UTC)
They were when I was 170lbs.. I fear the camera lately! haha
Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:44 (UTC)
Yea, your right.

Well for now I guess I'll just eat my 1800 a day and HOPE I dont binge in the middle of the night!
Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:43 (UTC)
No, should I?
Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:40 (UTC)
I looked and felt perfect at 170lbs. Then I just for some reason started Binge eating bread/peanut butter/butter (whatever really) in the last 2 months and blimped out to 200 now!!

I just have no idea how to get through these SUDDEN urges, never had them before!!
Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:38 (UTC)
I look very unattractive and have "Fat Rolls"

I just am so proud of myself when I healthy during the day, 1800 calories... perfect! Then BOOM I binge everynight on something stupid! 3000 calories right there!
Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:34 (UTC)
Right now.. uhh its embarassing!!

I WAS 170 (and want to be back there!) and of this morning with 2 months of this crazy eating I'm now 201!!
Weight Loss Guys... I'm needing some advice!! Mar 26 2007
16:33 (UTC)
I'm 6'4 female and eat around 1800 calories a day.

I now need to loose 30lbs **Grumble Grumble** and do an hour of Running everyday
Foods Chain Restaurants? What do you eat there? Mar 12 2007
20:41 (UTC)
I go to the "Pita Pit"

Foods Misperceived foods appear to be good, but are actually bad? Mar 12 2007
19:57 (UTC)

I'll find myself putting alot more on ending up eating more calories than if I was to just use butter! hahaha
Foods Misperceived foods appear to be bad, but are actually good for you Mar 12 2007
19:52 (UTC)
Peanut Butter!!!
Weight Loss To the ones who have reached their goal weight Mar 09 2007
22:04 (UTC)
Took me 2 years to loose 160lbs. Lately I've gained 12lbs back... but Im back on track.. I SWEAR! hahaha. One of my biggest fears is gaining it back!!

One thing that oddly helped me out was my father. From the start he told me "Your not going to be able to loose weight" and "You can't do it" (Needless to say we never really got along!) and just that "OH YEA?!" in my mind just helped me reach my goal. Its really amazing what your can do when someone doesnt think you can do something!!! 
But one huge tip I can give to people is you have to exercise!! My skin would be sagging if I never toned it up!!! hahaha
Weight Loss Pounds = pant size Mar 09 2007
21:26 (UTC)
I've been bad this month and done alot of late night eating and gained 12lbs and I JUST (and I mean JUST) can get into my jeans. So if I was to hit 13lbs I wouldn't be able to! hahaha
Weight Loss are you one of those kind of people? Mar 09 2007
21:25 (UTC)

I am like that!

If its in the house, I'll eat it! But if its not in the house, I wont think/eat it! I"M HORRIBLE!

Last week I was having friends over so I bought nachos to serve for them when they came over. Well they cancelled due to work, I ate the whole bag of nachos because "I had to get rid of it" ARGGG!!
Weight Loss Daily Vitamins Mar 06 2007
18:44 (UTC)
I used to take the "Weight Smart" then I found out that the "Womans Daily" (same makers) was $3 cheaper a bottle, so my cheapness came front and I switched. No change in weight or anything.
Weight Loss Changing it up? Feb 28 2007
21:42 (UTC)
So changing it up for the next month or 2 could help me loose those inches eh?

I just dont want to stop running then POOF have the pounds come on! haha
Motivation binge-free challenge, anyone? Feb 16 2007
20:18 (UTC)
Hey Everyone!


I smiled and felt so "normaL" to read that others out there binge once a week, like myself. I NEED TO STOP! Even though I've lost alot of weight and find myself maintaining right now I need to get out of the habit of binging once a week. Its like "THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOUR GOING TO EAT WHAT YOU WANT THIS WEEK! SO YOU BETTER EAT NOW!" and its so bad that I'll be so stuffed I cant move... damn its bad!

Right now I'm starting on day 1 of "Binge Free" (last night was rough, ate a WHOLE jar of Peanut butter.. why? I really dont know!)

Any idea of a good reward for myself? Should it be the 1 week mark? 2 week mark? What ya'll think?
Weight Loss Peanut Butter? Dec 04 2006
04:13 (UTC)
Peanut Butter is my WEAKNESS! So if we're talking peanut butter I WISH a serving was the size of a golf ball... but sadly is not even half of that... :(
Weight Loss snow shoveling calories Dec 01 2006
23:26 (UTC)
I live in Canada (Not sure where everyone else lives) and it snows ALL THE TIME! haha.. It takes me about 30mins to do all of my driveway and sidewalks. I hope its really burning those calories!!!!