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Foods Is Anyone Else in Love with Greek Yogurt? Mar 23 2010
18:50 (UTC)

Greek yogurt is great!!!  It's naturally full of probiotics, which is great for digestive health and women's health below the belt. 

Fitness Working out too much? Jan 28 2010
19:13 (UTC)

giasbash6260 - I think i will have to try a protein shake in my diet somewhere mid day.  Who doesn't love eating? LOL

oldguysrule -  No I'm not obsessed, i just have a lot of time on my hands and found that I do enjoy some of the classes at the YMCA.  It also gives me a chance to socialize since I'm kind of new to the area.

str8ny - I know it's not sedentary but I guess it was habit that I'd kept it at that.  I have upped it.  And I'm now trying to eat a little more through out the day.  Transitioning is a little harder than I thought. LOL

thanks everyone

Fitness Working out too much? Jan 27 2010
13:14 (UTC)

I'm unemployed too.  So I have all this time on my hands as well.  I figured I'd take advantage of it and get into shape.  Over all I do feel much better since losing 40 lbs overall.  Before I joined CC I had lost 23lbs just watching what I ate by eating less than 90grams of carbs per day; which was suggested by my endocrinologist.  I never counted calories though.  That started when I joined CC, now I count calories and not carbs so much.

During the week I pay close attention to what I eat and weigh it all and log it.  But Friday night - Sunday I end up eating more and give up trying to log it.  I would think that my eating more on the weekend would make up for the difference during the week if I am under eating.

My sleep varies.  Some nights I sleep great and some nights I don't.  This past Friday I went to MI with some friends for a girls weekend.  So i didn't work out.  We ate and drank like crazy Friday, Sat, and Sunday.  I didn't go work out Monday because I was feeling a little run down from the partying over the weekend.  I did sleep well Monday night.  However last nigt I didn't.

I am reevaluating how much I'm eating and what I eat.  Maybe that will do the trick.

Fitness Working out too much? Jan 27 2010
00:25 (UTC)

inkblue -  I have been working out since March 09.  My starting weight was 159lbs.  In June I started P90X at 150lbs.  When I finished P90X in Sept I was down to 143.  I was only working out an hour a day, 4-5 days a week.  And then after dinner I'd go for a 4 mile walk with my boyfriend.  For two months the scale stayed where it was.  I had heard that the more fit you got the more you had to step up your work out because you didn't burn as many calories.  So in Nov I started working out about 2 hours a day 5 days a week. Since it got cold I wanted another hour to take the place of the walks that I couldn't take due to the weather and days getting shorter.   With the holidays I did eat more and didn't work out as much.  So in Jan I decided that I needed to lose the 3-4 lbs that I'd gained back.  I think the foods I eat for the most part are good.  I always maintain a B at the lowest according to the analyzer here on CC.  I keep about 40%-50% carbs, 25%-30% fat and 25%-30% protein.  On few occasions has my Sat fat gone over the recommend amount.

I'm going to have to step back and re evaluate my diet and workout.  I can't seem to figure out a good balance between the two.  

Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

Fitness Working out too much? Jan 26 2010
21:03 (UTC)

InkBlue - I just started this workout schedule Jan 5th. 

I will look out for those symptoms.  I will have to eat more.  The question is how much more should I eat?  I work better with knowing a Total number of calories burned and breaking down my meals and snacks.

Just when I thought i was getting the hang of this stuff it gets confusing.  I could also do light work out with the treadmill or elliptical.  I do really enjoy the classes and thats why I want to continue doing them.

Thanks everyone for your input

Fitness Working out too much? Jan 26 2010
20:59 (UTC)

Thanks Ladies - that's why I need help in figuring where my numbers are off.  When I do a step class I burn about 460 calories.  When I do an hour of strength training I only burn about 180 calories.  These are numbers according to my Polar F7HRM.  I find that the more I do certain work outs and get better at them the lower my calorie burn becomes.  I double checked to make sure I have the right, age, height, and weight in my HRM and I do.  So I don't know......

For example today, according to my HRM I burned 964 calories.  So I add that to my activities with my profile setting at Sedentary and the estimate burn for today is 2460.  I will than eat anywhere from 1660 - 1960.  I like adding my work outs into the system.  Here's my question, should I change my account setting to light or moderate and continue adding in my workout

Weight Loss YMCA work out Jan 14 2010
19:01 (UTC)

I started going to the YMCA after I finished my P90X 90 day challenge.  As other posters said, Classes! They are great!  I enjoy the Step aerobics, Zumba, Belly Dance, deep water run, and aqua aerobics.  I was doing their strength training class 3 days a week but I felt I wasn't getting much out of it.  But than again I did P90X so.......   Everyone has made me feel welcomed and you can go at your own pace or fitness level.  On Mon, Wed, & Fri I do P90X at home then I go to the Y and do Zumba and aqua aerobics.  I will also do anywhere from 30mins - 1hr of treadmill or elliptical.  On Tuesday and Thursday I do Step aerobics, 1 hour treadmill or elliptical and deep water run.  And belly dancing on tuesday.  As for machines, once you make a friend or two you guys can work out together and they can help you.

Fitness Why was my HR much higher today? Jan 09 2010
19:08 (UTC)

I put in about as much as I do the other days.   thanks

Fitness Why was my HR much higher today? Jan 09 2010
18:53 (UTC)

So I didn't burn more calories than usual?  So when putting it into CC should I put in the average of what I normally burn on other days?

Fitness Why was my HR much higher today? Jan 09 2010
18:46 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply.  For a second there I thought maybe my Polar HRM took a crap and I've only had it for 4 months. LOL


Foods Emerald Roasted Almonds Jan 07 2010
19:28 (UTC)

I love the cocoa almonds!  I've been eating them for over 2 years.  They help with my sweet tooth cravings. I don't over eat them, I stick to the 1oz portions.  I find a 38 oz container at Sams club for $8-$9.   I see nothing wrong with eating them. 

Fitness Which zone do I want to be in? Nov 24 2009
19:24 (UTC)

Through out the week I do different type of workouts that have me in different zones.  I do strength training 3 times a week.  Zumba 2 days a week, and Step 2 days a week.  I also get on the treadmill and elliptical on my strength training days.

Thanks for the input guys.

Fitness Any women starting p90x? Nov 23 2009
21:21 (UTC)

Thanks.   It's always nice to see other people like yourself and what they've accomplished.  you always trust what you see on tv. LOL

I'm sure you'll kick butt!

Fitness Any women starting p90x? Nov 23 2009
19:34 (UTC)

15 mins or so.  Not long at all.

Fitness Any women starting p90x? Nov 23 2009
19:01 (UTC)

No problem that's what we are all here for.   For someone reason I keep getting an error when I try and upload my photos.  maybe a different format or too big.  If you'd like to see them just send me a message with your email and I'll send them to you.

Fitness Any women starting p90x? Nov 23 2009
18:51 (UTC)

Oh yeah you would have made a big mistake by doing more.  Your body needs time to adjust to the new work out.  You don't want to do too much too soon.

LOl  When I first did Plyo I absolutely hated it. I made the mistake of not giving  it a chance and I substituted it.  Same with the abs.  After my 90 challenge I thought I'd give Plyo a try and now I love it! LOL  Give everything a chance.  As you get fit it all becomes easier.

Oh yeah you will feel the abs tomorrow.  Abs are tough especially if you don't have a lot of core strength.  That soreness won't really interfere too much with your Plyo. 

I will try and post before and after pics on my profile so you can see my results.  I didn't do the full 6 days most weeks and I didn't do the abs after phase 1 but I still got good results.  In Jan I plan on doing it again and this time giving it all a chance .  I'm not gonna make the same mistake twice.

Fitness Any women starting p90x? Nov 23 2009
18:22 (UTC)

Emilyaziegler - Just wait, you'll fee it tomorrow. After day one I felt good and felt like maybe i didn't do enough.  I couldn't even do a real push up.  I was on my knees.  By day 2 though i sure felt it.  You will feel sore.  Especially for the first 2 weeks or so.  Afterwards you still feel sore but not as much.  After my 90 challenge I can now do 6 real push ups before I adjust to my knees.  My arms have toned and even have definition.  You'll like it.  Just Keep pushing play.  The first week to two weeks is the hardest.

The Lounge My boyfriend took my scale hostage. Nov 04 2009
22:03 (UTC)

My boyfriend came home and I told him that he should have spoken to me first.  He honestly thought I might have been going to far.  He thinks my workouts are extreme.  But when you're already pretty fit, you have to work harder to get results and I don't think he took any of that into consideration.  He says he did not know my reasons behind daily weighing.   Either way the scale is now back in the bathroom. LOL


The Lounge My boyfriend took my scale hostage. Nov 04 2009
17:09 (UTC)

Sokkies - That's what works for me too.

Vermicious -  He doesn't hear about it.  We get up pretty much the same time every morning and he watches me do it.  He's always teasing me about it.  I started CC back in April and he saw me losing weight and then wanted me to count his calories.  When I started doing it and weighting everything that he ate he called me "Food Nazi".  Although he was joking, it just seems that everything I do he See's me as over doing it.  I don't know  He needs to lose some weight but he's also happy with himself where he's at. He always says he liked me better when I was Jolly (he means fat).  I think part of it  is that it's making him have to think about himself and make some better changes for himself and he's just lazy and doesn't want to.

The Lounge My boyfriend took my scale hostage. Nov 04 2009
15:09 (UTC)

I weigh myself once a day first thing in the morning.  That's it.  There are days that I don't weight myself and it's not a big deal.  I don't not freak out if the number is higher than I want.  I look at any changes that I may have made or not made and sometimes plan my work out or meals with the number that I see.  For me it has become a tool in helping me maintain for the moment until spring.  Maybe I shouldn't depend on it like I do.  He knows why I do it.  I will have to talk to him again.  I will try a week without it though just so he can't say I didn't try.  That's if he gives it back to me. LOL

No, no control issue, LOL  but I will have to hide the remote now just to pick on him.  He's a goofball and is always picking on me.

Thanks for the feed back.