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Motivation The Perfect Body Sep 05 2006
06:25 (UTC)
To blueeyedfairy:

I think you have a sensible healthy approach about dieting and weight.  We do need to be realistic on our goals.  But it's ok to dream too!  So long as we do not get that mixed up with reality and the real world.  Having fun is always good therapy.  Hummm?  Now I'm wondering just who do I want to look like anyway?  I think just a better "ME' will do fine!

Keep Smiling to Everyone!


       &nb sp;          
Motivation Yippeee! I'm off the plateau!! Sep 05 2006
05:40 (UTC)
YIPPEEE! (Smiling at you now)

I do like your words of wisdom that are tagged onto your name my friend.

You are on your way!  CONGRATULATIONS! 

Weight Loss 39 in one week, 5'5 207lbs. Aug 31 2006
04:33 (UTC)
prettyslim - Hi there!

I would like to wish you the best of luck with your new commitment to deal with your over weight issue.  You can and you will do this and pledge to never give up trying.  You will be fine with the opposite sex when the time arrives.  You know what?  Somethings just come natural.  Blessings from me to you,

Motivation And the new scale number is... Aug 30 2006
05:18 (UTC)
Congratulations!  You have a right to be proud...good luck my friend! Keep up the great work!

Motivation Down to 131... and still look fat!!! HELP Aug 10 2006
02:24 (UTC)
Hi everyone

Well I have just started on this web site with my newest diet, only last week.  I have tried other web sites without much luck.  I loose & gain it right back.  It's this same story for my entire adult life, so it seems too!  We all know this indicates I need to train myself to be in better control.  Mainly I have to watch those portions and keep them in sensiable amounts.&nbs p; It's so easy to know and say that right now and so hard to act on it each time I sit in front of a delicious meal.  However, I am using "calorie" this time and it does helped me keep a more detailed count on the foods I eat.  I can at last find this information quickly and then list all of my food choices and the values into my journal.  So far this site is helping me be honest with myself about my food choices.  I need to do this so badly!  I like the grading system too.  I'm not doing too bad today I got a C-  (I did pass, but barely)  I plan to come in here and read the motivational comments, as long as I am on this diet. When I do reach my goal,  I think it would be helpful to continue with using this web site and keep reading this message board to help me safely maintain.  Gee, I need all your help, so please keep sending in these notes!  THANKS SO MUCH!

~Angel-x~  (also)