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The Lounge teeth whiteners? Apr 20 2011
13:20 (UTC)

Thanks for the feedback everyone!  I have terribly sensitive teeth, so sounds like the strips are out.  I'm also not a fan of that unnatural chemical-white color that is ever so popular these days.  So it sounds like the strips are out and maybe I should look into the Dentaworks kit.

Weight Loss I am not losing weight. Apr 16 2011
19:03 (UTC)

My weight comes off in fits and starts, nothing for a couple of weeks, then a big drop, then up, down a bit, etc.  I focus on the long term to keep my sanity.  

If I'm doing the math right, you have lost 14 lbs over 5 weeks, which is awesome!  Keep it up and 5 weeks from now, you'll hopefully be down another 10 or so!  

The Lounge Random things you have memorized Apr 16 2011
18:06 (UTC)

Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me!  

(star spectral classes from brightest to dimmest)

Weight Loss All That Calorie Worry For Nothing Apr 16 2011
14:42 (UTC)

Hooray!  2 lbs in 2 weeks is a victory for sure!  Congrats and keep up the good work!

Weight Loss Diet advice from the world's oldest man Apr 15 2011
21:10 (UTC)

It's scary to think about getting older, but this guy's story isn't about feeling limited or being in pain.  I think he's inspiring.  I'd love to see what this world looks like 100 years off in the future.  As long as I can think for myself and continue to learn, I hope to face my deteriorating body with as much grace as Mr. Breuning.  

Of course, I need to be in better control of the calories and get to a healthier weight to make that possible :)

The Lounge My aunt is acting weird... Apr 15 2011
21:04 (UTC)

Just one more and then I'll stop.  Promise.  

The Lounge My aunt is acting weird... Apr 15 2011
20:51 (UTC)

This one is probably also no good for your situation ;)

The Lounge My aunt is acting weird... Apr 15 2011
20:40 (UTC)

Wow, that does sound stressful.  I think Spoiled Candy and Moonikins have the best advice:  limit all responses to non-answers or LOLcats.  Hopefully she will give up after a few attempts at getting you to play her game.  Also, you look fantastic in your pictures, congrats on your hard work and do your best not to let her jealousy affect you.

Weight Loss Diet advice from the world's oldest man Apr 15 2011
16:57 (UTC)

I said "generally".  I agree that calorie control is good advice for everybody, but it seems that people have weight loss or maintenance success with a different numbers of meals a day.  

Weight Loss Drunk Munchies! Apr 15 2011
16:55 (UTC)

The problem with alcohol is that it impairs your judgement, and unfortunately you only need to be moderately inebriated by the time you've lost your ability to determine that you are not hungry and don't need to consume the plate of french fries.  That having been said, whatever good advice you may get from this thread will be worthless by the bottom of that 2nd drink.  If control over calories is what you want, then multiple drinks is not what you want.

Weight Loss Those Wonderful Milestones While Losing Weight. What Are Yours? Apr 15 2011
14:59 (UTC)

Wow, tzav - good work!  My favorite milestone is fitting into new (and smaller) pants!  Such a great feeling and so much more rewarding than a number on the scale.  

Also pianowoman - congrats to you too!!  

Weight Loss good time? Apr 15 2011
14:57 (UTC)

I agree with Josielynn, first thing in the morning for consistency.  Any time later in the day and you're system is at varying levels of hydration and food digestion.

Health & Support ED Support- A letter from my mother *read if your ever having doubts* Apr 03 2011
19:18 (UTC)

That letter is beautiful, thank you for sharing it. 

Weight Loss Endamame? Apr 01 2011
04:14 (UTC)

I like them in the pod, steamed for 5 minutes and then with some sea salt.  Such a tasty snack!  

Weight Loss Confused by the burn meter Mar 30 2011
16:24 (UTC)

"Exercise" doesn't have to mean a trip to the gym, walking is a great way to get some more of a calorie deficit.  Add a nice walk to your day - even if you just go around your neighborhood. 

Weight Loss Can't afford to lose weight? Mar 28 2011
23:10 (UTC)

I agree with the "go big" advice - make a giant pot of lentil stew on Sunday, and you'll be eating a nutritious meal all week long for pennies that's also filling enough to help you stay within your calorie budget. 

Motivation The thing I hate the most about being overweight........ Mar 27 2011
19:01 (UTC)

When I sit in an airplane seat and the arm rests pop up over my thighs, so embarrassing!

Also, as a teacher, I feel like I set a bad example, sometimes when the subject of diet, nutrition and fitness come up, I have a heightened awareness of my body and I feel like a fraud.  

Weight Loss Completely at loss. Help me please!!!!!!!! Mar 26 2011
21:47 (UTC)

Another idea:  80-90 minutes of working out a day sounds like a lot for 1500-1600 cals/day.  If your calorie deficit has been more than 1000 cals/day for a while then you might have slowed your metabolism to where you are not at a plateau.  Maybe upping your daily calories will re-start your weight loss. 

Weight Loss Completely at loss. Help me please!!!!!!!! Mar 26 2011
21:07 (UTC)

My first thought is that you try switching the 80-20 to 80% strength training and 20% cardio.  Try that for a few weeks and see if that shakes things up at the scale.

Also, how much of those 1500-1600 cals/day are processed foods?  Maybe you're not getting the best nutrition?  

Weight Loss Having problems with 1200 calories... Mar 26 2011
18:51 (UTC)

Recently, my 36 year-old 5'6" friend opened an account and plugged her information into the calculator - when the result came up that she should eat 1200 calories a day to reach her goal, she was so demoralized that she abruptly left the site and has yet to be back.  I agree with her that 1200 cal/day would be very difficult, and I am very much in agreement that the CC calculator needs to be re-calibrated.  How many other people, in addition to my friend, have been turned away by that grave prognosis?