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I'm a high school teacher and I love my job. I have always been active in sports (I played volleyball till I turned 22). But one injury ruined everything and all my efforts started to be just recreation.Frown Through the years I started  to gain on my weight and recently I was diagnosed H.B.P. and I was terrified because my father had it and he died of it and he never had problems with weight. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and get him.Wink

My weigh history (I'm 173 cm tall):

94 kg scale showed after winter holidays Yell

92 kg when I started CC

90 kg 1.3.2012. Wink

72 kg my goal Kiss (till the end of December 2012. Sealed)

65 kg is a beautiful memory from my sports days and a little bit after that Frown


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