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Weight Loss What do you eat that keeps hunger at bay? Jan 25 2010
20:47 (UTC)

Thanks everyone. 

I'll try the soup idea.  I didn't even think about that.  Also - Oatmeal and protein powder is a kept seceret that I actually forgot about.  Regular oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder is a yummy pick me up mid day and keeps me going. 

I stay away from refined carbs as much as possible.  I only eat whole grains with a high level of fiber. 

Eating every two hours is a must for me.  I worked with a nutritionalist two years ago that described metabolism like a fire - you have to keep feeding it small amounts of kindling to keep it burning hot and furious.  If you only feed it a few times a day its like throwing a log on a weak fire, it just smothers it.  I do find my hunger is better with my frequent small meals, but I'm still getting those twinges to remind me that I'm hungry. 

I'm wondering if its not just my body still getting used to the reduction in calories.  I drink water in abundence so I know its not thirst.  I'll get the hang of it.  Thanks ladies!

Weight Loss 1300 calories a day and no results Jan 18 2010
21:19 (UTC)

I aggree, you may be in starvation mode.  The body needs at least 1500-1700 calories a day base line.  If its not getting that, then it goes into storage mode. 

Fitness P90X Jan 18 2010
21:15 (UTC)

My husband and I have had this program for nearly two years.  We've been through it (for the 90 days straight) twice - and supplements our work outs with his.  This system works.  Bottom line.  If you're just starting the program, I suggested just doing half of the work outs (not doing the repeats) until you are comfortable.  I think its awesome.

Tony can be arrogant, but my husband and I just laugh at him and then yell at the TV a lot.  It is actually pretty funny.  It is true, to be his age and look that way, yep, a right to be a little arrogant.  :-)

Best of luck to you!

Fitness Wii Fit Jan 18 2010
00:38 (UTC)

I use the Wii Fit to supplement my fitness routine.  If you're new to fitness, then its a really good place to start.  I would suggest also purchasing the EA Sports Wii Active.  It allows your arm and leg movements to also be measured. 

The Wii Fit itself I would recommend the Strength, Yoga, and Balance exercises.  They are really good.  You need to spend at least an hour with it though, to get a decent work out.    Remember, it helps if you also do some sort of cardio in addition to Wii Fit.  Walking, Jogging, Swimming, etc.