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Weight Loss Allo everyone, looking for some lunch suggestions... Jan 06 2010
21:37 (UTC)

I'm a big fan of soup--Trader Joe's organic roasted red pepper and tomato (YUM) is 100 cals/cup...then add 1/2 sandwich on wheat with turkey and veggies or something of the sort, or a salad with a bit of chicken.

I think it's pretty easy to make extra of whatever you made for dinner the night before as well--like last night I did a chicken and veggie stir-fry and had leftovers for lunch...easy breezy and you only have to count the calories once and the add again to the next day. 

Welcome to Calorie Count!  Laughing


Motivation Losing Weight and nothing fits anymore. Ah I found the perfect solution!! Dec 10 2009
15:47 (UTC)
Original Post by indyquilter88:

That is a great idea but I hope that you also donated all of your bigger clothes and got them out of your closet so you don't have that so-called "safety net" to fall back into.  Keep up the fantastic work. 

 I totally agree with this!  I've been on maintenance for over 2 years now, and over the last year I gained a little bit...about 8 lbs....which was enough for my pants to start feeling snug.  Since I didn't have any clothes to "grow" into, I had to get my rear-end back down...LOL...nothing like not wanting to buy more clothes around the holidays to motivate you to calorie count!  :)  :)  So yeah--totally agree--get the bigger clothes out of your closet!  :)

Weight Loss Comparison Nov 19 2009
23:08 (UTC)

Yep--if you check out my profile pics the ones in October 2007 I was 151 (I'm pretty sure). 

Motivation Warning: Boast incoming! :) Nov 13 2009
21:23 (UTC)

Awwww, great job!  That's beyond cool!  Keep it up!

Weight Loss WARNING: if you lose weight this could happen to YOU! Nov 13 2009
21:19 (UTC)

OK, this is a classic post.  I totally remember when I was losing my weight feeling broke because of the clothes issue.  I started in an 18, and when I got to my goal I was a size I bought several new suits, outfits,etc....and had to do it again and again (am now a 6).  Yikes, spendy, but well worth it in the long run!  And I'm alllll for the clearance section!  Yay TJ Maxx!

Weight Loss For the love of (good for you) food Nov 13 2009
21:16 (UTC)

Oh, I totally agree.  Food is fabulous!  It's just how you relate to food that can be the problem.  Or the amount of the fabulous food you eat.  Wink I hear what you're saying, tho, it isn't just sustenance, it's definitely more than that.  It's enjoyable, and it's a good reward for the hard work that you do. 

Weight Loss A Rant and a challenge Nov 13 2009
21:13 (UTC)

ROFL, LOVE the rant!  :) 

Motivation Lose 175lbs: Check! Maintain Weightloss for 2 years: Check! Nov 13 2009
04:41 (UTC)

I TOTALLY remember when you hit your weight goal.  I remember looking at the pictures and being totally blown away.  I'm same as you--2 years maintaining.  Congrats, girl!  You look fab!

Motivation My dad laughed at me Nov 12 2009
20:34 (UTC)

I actually think a splurge day is a really good idea.  I definitely have one, and always did.  Never went overly crazy, but wasn't as careful.  :)  I found it very helpful in keeping myself on track.

And yes, as long as you keep your healthy lifestyle and keep counting calories, it will come off!  :)

Motivation My dad laughed at me Nov 12 2009
20:17 (UTC)

Such a good question....

Calorie wise, no, it's not bad for you at all if you work it into your budget.

Health wise--yes and no.  It's always good to limit the amount of processed foods and sugars that we intake, and since a candy bar falls into that category, it's not the best "spend" of calories.  However, if a candy bar keeps your cravings under control, then I say do what you need to do.  My weakness is red wine....we've all got one, right?!  :) 

This whole process isn't about being perfect, it's about finding what works for you and being successful.  :)


Motivation Before & After - 57.5 pounds lost! Nov 12 2009
20:09 (UTC)

Fabulous pics!  You look great, and super healthy!  Congratulations!  Running's the best, eh?  Super addicting as well! Congrats on your first 1/2--I'm sure you'll have plenty more in the future! 

Motivation My dad laughed at me Nov 12 2009
20:05 (UTC)

Wow, I'm sorry.  I have no doubt that hurt your feelings--it would have hurt mine as well! 

You're obviously doing something right--you've lost a good amount of weight!  Just keep doing what you're doing--you'll continue to see results.  Nice job on your loss so far!  It's hard work, and it takes a lot of diligence. 

I STILL portion my foods with a scale (been on maintenance for 2+ years), and find that it helps me stay on track.  Matter of fact, just portioned out all of the foods in my taco salad.  :)

Good luck, girl, keep it up!


Weight Loss Ideas for getting through Thanksgiving without gaining Nov 12 2009
19:49 (UTC)

Well, I'm going on a 10-mile run that morning.  It'll enable me to eat!  :)  If you're worried about it, do something active in the morning and give yourself a better buffer while still being aware of what you're eating.  Good luck!

Maintaining Training hard, but not maintaining well ... Nov 12 2009
00:43 (UTC)

Hi, I know it's been a bit since you posted...but did you try upping your protein?  Also making sure you're getting enough complex carbs?  Especially as active as you are, you'll definitely need it.  I run 30-40 miles per week (depending on time), plus 3 days of lifting, and I find I can eat an insane amount without gaining--and I try to keep my protein intake high w/ plenty of complex carbs.  Seems to help my energy level quite a bit.  If I don't eat enough I feel like pooooo on my runs.  Good luck!

Maintaining has anyone ever changed to maintenance and NOT gained weight? Nov 12 2009
00:38 (UTC)

Annie--you may already know this, but if you're having issues getting enough calorie intake for the day, I find that a couple handfuls of cashews are pretty helpful--high calorie, good fat, and I just love them.  Satisfies my incessant salt cravings!

Motivation Someone actually called me fat... Nov 12 2009
00:34 (UTC)

OH my gosh.  I am sorry!  Big poopheads.  I cannot even believe that people are capable of doing something like that.  I would never!  And for the record, you are quite beautiful--I think some of the above are right--a bit of jealousy is involved.  Keep up the good work, girl!

Maintaining has anyone ever changed to maintenance and NOT gained weight? Nov 11 2009
15:54 (UTC)

I switched to maintenance in August of 2007 and actually lost (151 down to 142, both of which are in my healthy BMI range--I'm 5'10").  I didn't gain a thing until this year, and I must admit I wasn't watching a danged thing.  Whoops!  Not bad, I'm up to 147, but amd counting to go back to 142-145 just to make sure I don't cycle up too high. 

I agree with several of the comments--you'll have to see how it goes.  If you continue to gain then you can decrease your intake....if you start losing, you're too low.  CC is pretty darn close with their maintenance estimates as long as you've input all of the correct information.  I find it easiest to rate my self as sedentary and add in my running and lifting (I drive in my car 1/2 the day for my job).  Good luck, and congrats on gettting to maintenance!  Whoo hoo!

Fitness Friggin black toenails! Nov 07 2009
03:13 (UTC)

LOL, girl, I am with you!  I've been a runner for years and still have this issue (yes, bmx419, I've heard about the barefoot runnign thing, but even if you choose to do it and do it right, you're only supposed to do 1 short run per week barefoot and SLOWLY build, so she'll still have the issue for awhile!).  I actually buy a whole size up on my runners (Nike is actually more than that for me--not sure what you buy, but they run a little smaller than average!), and sometimes buy a wide.  It's also important to get socks that aren't to constrictive.  It sucks, but honestly, the more you run, the more the toenail thing happens.  I guess I'm over it--happier skinny without toenails that fat with pretty toes.

Fitness iPod Armband/Sweat Issue Jan 04 2009
21:40 (UTC)

Yeah, can't handle the armband thing.  I went and bought the cheapo $40 shuffle and now i have a lovely little clip that I only take running...still have my larger capacity ipod...but I put my upbeat workout songs on my shuffle (1gb holds 250 songs).  Way easier and less cumbersome, in my opinion.  :)

Fitness Too Much Running? Jan 04 2009
21:37 (UTC)

Nah, it's all good.  Run if you want.  But do listen to melkor on the not increasing more than about 10% per if you have to cut back a bit on your afternoon workout to run the extra mile in the morning, then do so.  If you run 4 miles per day x 5days, that's 20 you should really only add 2 miles per then run 5 days for 1 mile in the morning, and drop to 4 miles for 2 days and 3 miles for 3 days in the afternoon....and then next week you can add 2 more miles in your routine. 

As far as cold, get a super light face mask...just to keep the wind off.  I personally tend to breathe through my nose and out through my mouth (it helps warm up the air a bit before it hits my lungs).  and yeah, layers are the best...but specifically face and lungs I'd go to REI and grab a light face mask...biking department usually has great gear for wind/cold.