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does my butt look fat in this... sink?

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The Lounge GEAUX TIGERS!!! UT sucks! Jun 25 2009
16:15 (UTC)
Original Post by moonikins:

Original Post by crazydiamondchrysalis:

Original Post by moonikins:

Too many exes there CDC?

 No - just as soon as I heard "don't mess with texas".. well. I had to. Stupid big ole obnoxious state-hole texas. blech.

 Home of Bush, nuff said.

He was born in CT and spent much of his childhood thru college years living there too. Us folks with brains in Texas don't equate ourselves with him. Please do not smear an entire state because of one crappy person. It's not an entire state of obnoxious people. This actually p*sses me off quite a bit. And I'm not even Texan by birth. I know you are maybe joking mostly but it's pretty rude.

Health & Support should I listen to my doctor? Jun 24 2009
21:41 (UTC)
Original Post by safina1:

ok. I tried to eat maintaince during the month of May and I gained weight. I didn't exercise during that time.

why me? why everytime I try to lose weight, I get problems? people start and finish the journey and I have been struggling for a long time.


 If you are going from starving yourself to eating maintenance, isn't it normal that you gain a bit? I'm sure it will take time -- maybe a long time -- for your body to get itself righted if you've been on a binge/starve type of thing for a while. I don't know if you have but that's what it sounds like. Give it some time... eat maintenance for a few months. Not one.

Agree that you can't expect much help from any doctor that doesn't know the facts about your health. That's a waste of your time, and your doctor's time.

Sounds like you're looking for some rationale to restrict your calories. Regardless of what your doc and other folks say about it.

The Lounge I've lost 52 lbs and had lipo. Jun 24 2009
21:34 (UTC)
Original Post by jules817:

Original Post by ktjo:

lol. Whatever makes you feel good, within reason. lipo after all was developed not for drastic fat reduction, but for those who have exercised and dieted right and are left with stubborn, unresponsive pockets that make one look disproportionate.

 agreed. to me this is similar to someone getting extra skin removed after losing a drastic amount of weight. i don't think i'd do it, because i'm terrified of medical procedures, but if after working to lose 50lbs it makes you feel better about youself, then that's great!

 I agree, too... you took the weight off in a healthy manner. If having the surgery to fix some other spots helped you feel better about yourself, then good for you.

I had a nose job for purely cosmetic reasons. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Worth every penny.

Plastic surgery only freaks me out when it's the people who get addicted to it, or who get size GG (for "gargantuan!!") breast implants that are totally obscene looking (IMO) -- those kinds of things... I think lots of folks who lose weight end up needing some kind of surgery to take off loose skin.


The Lounge I need to vent about Jon & Kate Jun 24 2009
17:10 (UTC)
Original Post by starlitocean:

Original Post by amy_blue:

Even though Jon did sign up for the show, I feel kind of bad for him. His wife seems like a terror.

 this i cannot agree with.  regardless of how much of a cow kate may be (and i'm sure she is...), jon still took off on his own and galavanted (sp?) around with young girls.  he kept repeating "i'm only 32"...yes jon, you are only 32.  32 with 8 kids.  i think he's going to turn into deadbeat dad of the year.

 Oh yeah. I am not advocating him cheating or saying it's okay. Just that I don't envy him having to put up with Kate. I fully agree - he signed up for marriage to this woman, he signed up for possibly having multiple kids (with their infertility treatments), he signed up for the show. He is a big boy and most likely just reaping what he sows at this point. Kate has seemed to get worse though in her "cow-ness" over the years. I guess he probably has too though...

I keep thinking, too, we don't know what's really gone on behind the scenes. The information we (viewers, public) are getting is filtered to make it the most scandalous possible, to make the most money for the network and for the family. So while we're all sitting here having this discussion, who knows what's really going on...

I feel bad for those kids. Regardless of the money their parents may be putting away for them, I don't see this as a positive for those 8 kids at this point.  I hope for the kids' sake they don't bring the show back. 

The Lounge I need to vent about Jon & Kate Jun 24 2009
16:56 (UTC)
Original Post by akgal:

 now, I don't think watching a marriage dissolve impacting 8 kids is entertainment, it's just painful to watch and sad for the kids. 

 ding ding ding! exactly...

The Lounge I need to vent about Jon & Kate Jun 24 2009
16:55 (UTC)
Original Post by kathygator:

The show was innocuous enough until their marriage started to break up. Now everyone's up in arms? Tedious yes, disgusting, no.

 I actually did find it somewhat disgusting well in advance of their marriage troubles that have recently been in the media. I've always pretty much thought Kate is an overbearing media whore. The way she's portrayed on the show, anyway. It's been that way for a long time, that's not recent disgust for me.

TLC and Kate are making the most of their marriage troubles, getting the word out as much as possible, because it's more publicity which = more money. "Any publicity is good publicity." That's pretty disgusting when there are kids involved.

The Lounge I need to vent about Jon & Kate Jun 24 2009
16:50 (UTC)

Kate wants the show to stay on because everything they have is a result of the show - their fancy house, hair plugs, plastic surgery, fancy vacations, book deals, and so on. God forbid they actually have to work for a living like Jon did when they first had the 8 babies. I think she's gross (Kate) and I mostly agree with the OP (not sure about the hate America part).

Even though Jon did sign up for the show, I feel kind of bad for him. His wife seems like a terror. Reality TV seems to have made the overbearing parts of her personality just that much worse. I don't blame him for seeking attention elsewhere if he actually did that. And I do think it will be better for the kids if these two divorce vs. have to see their mom verbally beat up their dad all the time.

Caveat: of course my reactions are only what I know from seeing this in the media, and from the few times I've seen the show. Who knows what this family is really like in "real life." However like someone else said, for the kids this has been their real lives since birth, to be on TV - at least for the 6 younger kids. Poor things.

The Lounge / Jun 23 2009
21:24 (UTC)

yes. for me I actually do enjoy the work that I do. There's just too much of it. and there's always the "impending doom" of possible layoffs. And the hoops I have to jump thru to get my job done, because I am at a huge company. And I have been at this company 9 years (not in the same job that time) so I feel some burnout too....

I love my boss, I love the kind of work that I do. I don't love corporate america. I do think I am well-paid. If I didn't have a family to support, that relies on me because I make more than my sig other, I would probably look for a less stressful job. But that's not an option... I am hopeful the stress level will get better. But the past ~6-12 months has been so full of stress at work and it's really got me down.

Good thing the rest of my life is totally AWESOME!! For real.

The Lounge Leg shaving. Jun 22 2009
21:57 (UTC)
Original Post by trhawley:

Original Post by amy_blue:

Two of my three brothers, and my father, all are cyclists who shave their legs. My brothers are not hairy at all and it really doesn't look any different. My dad is VERY hairy on his entire body so it's pretty noticeable. But knowing they are cyclists, I don't think anything of it...

 Well, I'm pretty hairy elsewhere as well and this has been one of my concerns, that it would look out-of-balance.

But my question wasn't really about cyclists.  I know of several younger men in their twenties that shave their entire bodies; chest, back, arms, legs, etc.  I think this is an odd fashion trend and was wondering what others thought of it.  Or did you just think that men weren't as hairy as they used to be?

 Men who shave their entire bodies gross me out. Big time. I do not fall into the "younger" category (I am 36).

I briefly (very very briefly) dated a man who shaved his entire body. It was oogie. Just my opinion. I don't get it and I do also find it very odd.

Men are men... what's wrong with some hair?!?!

The Lounge Leg shaving. Jun 22 2009
16:17 (UTC)

Two of my three brothers, and my father, all are cyclists who shave their legs. My brothers are not hairy at all and it really doesn't look any different. My dad is VERY hairy on his entire body so it's pretty noticeable. But knowing they are cyclists, I don't think anything of it...

The Lounge Reality TV vent. Love it or hate it? Jun 17 2009
19:17 (UTC)

Oh yeah... I love Top Chef and Project Runway, too. In the "reality" genre.

(Scripted shows are still my faves though there are very few that I'm into now.)

The Lounge Reality TV vent. Love it or hate it? Jun 17 2009
19:16 (UTC)
Original Post by peaches0405:

Original Post by jewelsmcblah:

Good scripted shows don't even have a chance on network TV because of reality tv.  I hates it.

 I'm going to have to agree, jewels.  My favorite shows are scripted.  They have writers and actors and a decent story line.  And they are getting canceled left and right due to alot of the reality shows.

 I agree with this. My fave shows are scripted "traditional" shows - Friday Night Lights, Southland, and so on... HOWEVER! There are a lot of "reality" shows that I watch. They are not my faves, but I do get sucked in. Some I genuinely like (What not to wear, Obsessed... among others). Others are like a train wreck and I just can't stop watching (Bridezillas). Even if I know they are produced, somewhat scripted and not really REAL at all, some are just hard for me to turn off. I don't like that about myself, but it's the troof!

The Lounge What should I read now? Jun 17 2009
14:45 (UTC)

Try the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. It's kind of like twilight in some ways but more "mature"...  not young adult fiction. Less sci-fi/fantasy (although a wee bit) and more steamy hot love scenes that take it to the next level vs. Twilight.

I did also like The Host, very much (by same author as Twilight). I actually read that before the Twilight series and it's the only reason I decided to give Twilight a try...


The Lounge Drama - right here! - warning - very long Jun 16 2009
20:12 (UTC)

holy moly. I'm glad I have 3 brothers. No offense but your sister is bat$h*t crazy!!!


Fitness what are the best shoes for jogging? Jun 16 2009
17:24 (UTC)
Original Post by amethystgirl:

I'm a fan of ascics as well, but I recommend going to a real running shoe store, where they will have people who actually can assess your running style and recommend an appropriate shoe, based on your arch and how much you pronate.

 ditto - and after you have tried shoes for a period of time and know you like them, you can get them cheaper by ordering online or from a catalog. For first time fittings though, definitely go to a running store and let the pros help you decide.

(I've tried many over the years and asics gel kayano are my fave, hands down. I have 'flat' sort of feet and I am a pronator...)

Fitness Good women's underwear for working out??? Jun 16 2009
16:36 (UTC)

the running shorts that have built in undies... regardless of what type of exercise (especially good for Yoga when you can see up your shorts!) or commando (if wearing lycra tight / spandex/ etc. bottoms).

The Lounge Does love really conquer all? Jun 16 2009
16:17 (UTC)
Original Post by mtobweddingdiet:

Original Post by nasuoni:

If the guy you're in a picture with in your profile is your're not out of his league.

Ha you took the words right out of my mouth!

You are the beautiful one and do you really want to be with a guy who judges you so harshly?

Ditto these comments... why would you want to be with someone who says hateful, hurtful things to you?!?!?!?! I do not get that at all!!!!

Someone that loves you deeply and truly, and desires you, would never say something like that. That's what you deserve - someone who loves you for who you are, period end of story. Not for who you MAY BE or what you MAY look like after you lose weight. That's BS.

Everyone deserves to be cherised by their significant other no matter their "beauty" or size or weight or any of that. This man should be worshipping you. You're gorgeous, girl, but that doesn't matter one bit - your boyfriend is a jerk. And once you really believe that you are worth that kind of love, where you are cherished and admired and loved for who you are, you will find someone who treats you that way.

Motivation Facebook Hatred and How to overcome! Jun 16 2009
15:56 (UTC)

I also changed my privacy settings to what makphl suggested after I joined facebook and my boss and a bunch of work people added me. Not for the same reasons but more because it made me feel kind of odd (almost invaded) that work people who I'm not close with on a personal level could see so much about my life. But I couldn't really NOT accept my boss as a friend.

Anyway, it's helped me to feel a lot more comfortable not letting them see the tagged photos, or my status updates, and other stuff I can control with the privacy settings.

The Lounge gone Jun 15 2009
15:58 (UTC)

I agree w/ sunnybra. I'm not married. I've been in a couple of serious, long-term relationships (the longest being about 5 years). I do believe ebb and flow is normal in a relationship. What I don't think is "normal" for a *healthy* realtionship is to feel that lack of connection for a full year as you've said this is going on...

A lot of this is going to be personal to you. Not everyone feels that strongly about sex, some women and some men don't have strong sex drives. Me personally, I am more like you and I find it very important and it's a huge way that I connect with my boyfriend now. In addition to other things, it has helped us to build our intimacy. It makes me feel close to him. (not to mention it's just FUN!! lol). If sex is important to you in having an intimate, loving relationship, then aboslutely it needs to be improved. It sounds like he is willing to take steps in that direction.

But honestly, it sounds to me like you are trying to talk yourself into staying with this man. Because he does sound like a good guy. But you cannot force yourself to have feelings that you do not have just because he's a nice guy. It's going to only lead to more resentment on your side, down the road (sounds like it already has somewhat).]

You're not a bad person if he's not "the one" or the love of your life, for whatever reason. Just because he's a good guy doesn't mean you have to stay with him if the feelings on your end aren't there.

Are you scared that you won't find anyone else? If you left this relationship, I mean.

The Lounge your opinion on love.. Jun 15 2009
15:43 (UTC)

Having loved and "lost" has made me much, much more appreciative of the love I have today.  It sucks to have your heart broken - of course - no matter how the breaking occurs. But the true joy of being in love is incredible. It's a bond like no other. I wouldn't trade it for the world.