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Weight Loss Starting Over Again! Share Your Story Jan 07 2010
16:15 (UTC)

This thread is amazing.  I can relate.  About three years ago I got really lean (body fat was about 6%)  lost 25 pounds went from 192lbs to 167lbs.  My profile pic and gallery pic are from then.  I stayed very disciplined and lean for about a year.  Then my wife and I had another child (we have three little is so hard some times), I changed my job, and was building our house after work.  These events threw everything off.  My biggest killer is BEER!!!!  Between all the stress and everything my wife and I really enjoy sitting down late at night and having a few beers, which usually leads to a snack.

I tried to get back on track and change my lifestyle last year at this time and failed. Anyway I am currently 185 and look to get back to where I was 3 years ago and more importantly maintain that lifestyle.

Recipes LOW CALORIE but FULLFILLING meals that are easy on my calorie intake but still satisfies by bottomless pit boyfriend Jan 06 2010
17:31 (UTC)

I have the same exact problem, but it is my wife who always wants the unhealthy food.  I have learned it is all about the side dishes and proportions.  I will eat the main dish...if it is somewhat unhealthy I will have a small protion.  We both cook so I will try to add sides that are healthy to compliment the meal.

Fitness Ab Circle Jan 04 2010
21:12 (UTC)
Original Post by floggingsully:

Original Post by ampec:

I would like to know if it less impact. 

 less impact than what?

 less negative impact on my back than crunches or ab wheel.

Fitness Ab Circle Jan 04 2010
21:11 (UTC)

less negative impact on my back than crunches or ab wheel

Fitness Ab Circle Jan 04 2010
21:02 (UTC)

I would like to know if it less impact.  I agree with everybody else about just sticking to basic core workouts and getting the results.  THe problem is a lot of those are higher impact and casue me lower back pain.  If this machine is lower impact and could relieve some of my back pain from working my core that would be great.  The problem is I don't know the answer to this.

Fitness HELP! Belly fat! Feb 10 2009
18:01 (UTC)

I will say this...With out getting into an argument.  There is absolutely no way to spot reduce fat.  Unfortunately your body will take the fat off in various areas in various amounts, and it is all due to genetics.

Weight Loss what's better juice or diet soda??? Jan 14 2009
16:15 (UTC)

A lot of good point brougt up so far.  Everytime I drink more diet soda consistently over a time period...I loose weight.(I am a regular diet soda drinker about 3 a day, but I increase to about 6 a day at times)  I don't know if something else is changing during that time period of my life.  I have two thoughts why this may happen to me.  I know if those six diet sodas were six glasses of juice...that would be a lot more calories in my daily intake, and I am sure it would lead to weight gain instead of weight loss.

1. My stomach feels fuller more often.  Therefore don't feel as hungry.

2.  Maybe the caffeine is a stimulant that makes me a little more active.