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The Lounge A flamboyant thread w/ razzle dazzle about the 2016 presidential primary elections Nov 12 2015
14:14 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

I have a couple of the closing songs from the Bad Lip Reading of the GOP debate kind of stuck in my head a little bit - they pop in there frequently (Christie's and Carson's).

I have one of those stuck in my head... maybe Kasich's? Something about cheese.

Weight Loss Should I eat more? Nov 06 2015
16:47 (UTC)

You don't say how much you are eating - 2 meals a day could be anything from too little to too much, depending on the size of the meals.

Health & Support Aspirin. It can save a life. Nov 06 2015
16:46 (UTC)

If you have any old* camera film canisters (the little black ones) those work really well for carrying pills.

*New ones work too, but who still buys camera film?

The Lounge Sunday, Monday, Happy CHAT, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy CHAT Nov 04 2015
18:57 (UTC)
Original Post by nebi-hime:

they should only be putting down the money you paid, not the "worth".

My worst purchase was a bunch of jewelry crafting supplies - i think tax/duty was 100% the cost of the items.

Wow - 100% - that's insane.

Well, it turns out that a coworker has one of these chair/balls that she doesn't use, so I'm borrowing hers for now, which means I can either not bid at all for the ebay one, or bid low and not be too bummed if I don't get it. Right now, it's at less than $2 CA (most of the cost is in shipping), so even if they charged me 100% duty, it still wouldn't amount to anything.

The Lounge Sunday, Monday, Happy CHAT, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy CHAT Nov 04 2015
18:13 (UTC)

Thanks, tr!

The Lounge Sunday, Monday, Happy CHAT, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy CHAT Nov 04 2015
17:01 (UTC)
Original Post by nebi-hime:

I've found a lot of sellers will put the value of the item down to $ 20, avoiding duty in general.

(such as my copy of Disgaea 5, cost me 80 bucks, and NIS put $ 20 on the customs form)

This seller explicitly says they won't do that. Though I wonder with bidding - do they put the amount that I paid, or the amount that it's "worth"? So as long as I don't bid more than $20, it won't exceed that anyway?

The Lounge Sunday, Monday, Happy CHAT, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy CHAT Nov 04 2015
16:28 (UTC)

I need help from my Canadian friends:

I'm potentially bidding on something from Ebay that would come from Canada. It's one of those balance ball chairs.  The seller has in their shipping policies that:

Import duties and brokerage fees are not included in the item price or shipping charges.  These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

I asked the seller, and they send it by Canada Post.  The value of the item would be ~$80 (but I'd be bidding more like $10-15, because I can get it new for $80).

I'm trying to figure out if this duties/brokerage fees would apply in this case, because I certainly don't want to think I'm buying it for a quarter of the normal price, only to end up paying lots of extra in fees.  Most of the seller's other items are computer/digital cameras, etc., which makes me think that maybe this becomes an issue for higher priced items?

Anyway, any experience or thoughts about this? The auction closes this evening at 8pm, so I've got to figure this out today.


Pregnancy & Parenting Would a transvaginal pelvic ultrasound several weeks ago have revealed pregnancy? Nov 02 2015
18:03 (UTC)

It depends on the timing. How long have you gone without a period prior to the ultrasound on Oct 9? If more than a couple weeks late, yes, that u/s would have picked up a pregnancy if that was the cause of your amenorrhea (and presumably that's one of the things your doctor would have looked for, given the symptom of lack of period).

I had a very bad stomach bug two weeks ago, that hit a lot of people - but most people I know who got it were only throwing up for 1 day, and then felt queasy/bad for several days following.

It's still possible that you got pregnant since the u/s you had at the beginning of October. Some women take longer to experience morning sickness, but I know some who started throwing up before they missed their period. Even if you haven't been getting your period, you might still be ovulating. And depending on the test you took, it might take a little longer to get a positive.

Weight Loss Is 2000 calories TOO MUCH??? 5lb loss/wk Oct 28 2015
14:58 (UTC)
Original Post by nebi-hime:

You know those biggest loser shows? Where contestants that weigh more than you, exercise near constantly and eating about as much as you are aren't able to lose as much as you did. (eta: not to mention they are always medically supervised and often do horrendous things to their body that aren't shown on-screen)

Hence those huge weight loss numbers are hard to believe. Of course, anything going downwards is awesome, but I think going 5 lbs a week is too aggressive. Weight loss should be slow and sure.

The whole "I'll deny myself everything to lose weight" may backfire, when you really do want to go back to your "unhealthy" eating. Much better is a slow and steady transition to a healthier lifestyle.

TBL contestants also often end up re-gaining the weight after the show ends. There is a reason the contestants (even the winners) don't continue to be spokespeople for the show in the years after they were on it.

Fitness A question about activity calories burned Oct 27 2015
12:57 (UTC)

The calories listed are gross, but when you log it, it will only add the net, so that it doesn't double-count.

Pregnancy & Parenting Spotting one week apart - implantation? Oct 27 2015
12:04 (UTC)

Have you taken another test? What brand?

How did you confirm ovulation?

The Lounge Rest in Peace, KathyGator. Oct 21 2015
18:05 (UTC)
Original Post by watergirl:


RIP Kathy. Thanks to those of you who let me know that she died.

I tried to recover an old email account from several years ago, because Kathy had emailed me a story she wrote. We had done a CC writing contest ages ago in which Kathy, nomo and nomo's brother had contributed stories. I am sure others participated. I remember that I said I would review one of the story's and I remember reading Kathy's.

She had written about someone coming into a diner and ordering a piece of cherry pie. That cherry pie has lingered in my brain... its so odd how we remember the most random things about people. I wish I could have found the story, I would have liked to share it here.

Love and light, gator, and cherry pie. <3


I still have a children's story she wrote and sent me years ago. I don't want to put it on the forums, but I'll put it in my journal so people can see it if they choose.

The Lounge Oct 21, 2015 Oct 21 2015
14:17 (UTC)
Original Post by trh:

Original Post by pavlovcat:

I'm actually surprised there's not a Jaws 19.  

There is but w call it Shark Week.

I think the Sharknado movies count towards the 19 as well.

Maintaining can i pig out if i earn it or would it mess everything up? Oct 16 2015
14:09 (UTC)

Eating 1200 calories is far too little for a 14 year old girl. If you are eating a healthy amount, you will be much less enticed to eat 10,000 calories.

You are basically planning to enter into a starvation-binge cycle. If this actually sounds like a good plan to you, I strongly urge you to talk to a trusted adult, and see if you can meet with a professional with experience with eating disorders.

Health & Support Counting home made calories? Oct 16 2015
13:28 (UTC)
Original Post by vividdawn:
 (I was bad, and didn't measure out... just munched right out of the bag)

Why is that bad?

Foods condensed milk good???? help.... Oct 15 2015
12:51 (UTC)

What do I say? I say that you are starving yourself by eating so little, and the effects of doing so can cause long-term detriment to your health.

I've given you the information, it's up to you to choose to act on it. I can't make you change your eating habits, I can only tell you that what you are doing is incredibly unhealthy.

2500 is a perfectly reasonable amount for an active 16-year old boy, it's even a bit low.

You won't find anyone on this site who will support you continuing to starve yourself, and continuing to ask the same question won't get you different answers.

Foods condensed milk good???? help.... Oct 14 2015
19:54 (UTC)
Original Post by ahmed_waqar:

Im eating approx. 1200 to 1500 at best.... i walk vigorously for 4 times a week 50 min approx... do bodyweight excersice (casthltics) approx 3 -4 times a week nd keep myself busy all the time... doing different tasks, bringing things for my mom etc. I just like to move......

You aren't eating enough to maintain. You aren't even eating enough for an adult male to lose weight, much less a teen who is active.

Stop restricting - it's doubtful even your "cheat" days are high enough in calories.  If the idea that you have to eat more is scary, perhaps you need to seek professional help from someone with experience in eating disorders.

Weight Loss Avoid Low Fat Diet Oct 06 2015
20:14 (UTC)
Original Post by addley1000:

Impeccably researched.

I'm sure there is not a single cherry picked.

Foods condensed milk good???? help.... Oct 02 2015
19:43 (UTC)

If your weight keeps decreasing when you should be maintaining, why are you restricting how much you eat and having "cheat" days?

Weight Loss Susan diabetic and learning to carb counting Sep 29 2015
14:12 (UTC)

I agree with nebi - follow your nutritionists advice, don't eat less than half of what you were told to eat. 1200 is the bare minimum for anyone, and most people shouldn't eat even that little. If you are supposed to eat 2500, eat 2500.