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Foods Cheese replacements Jan 28 2016
14:41 (UTC)

What makes something "processed"? Heating? Mixing? Grinding? Cutting? Peeling? Picking? And wherever you set that threshold, what is it about anything beyond that threshold that is necessarily bad?

It seems unfair to lump American "cheese" (which isn't even really cheese) in with mozzarella, which my husband can (and does) make in our kitchen in an afternoon.

Weight Loss Help please, I've stopped losing weight for 2 weeks Jan 25 2016
18:29 (UTC)

You've lost 15lbs in 4 weeks, which is close to 4lb/week, about double the rate someone your size should be losing at.

1600 is probably too low for you - I'd recommend you adjust both your calorie intake and your expectations.

You probably shouldn't eat less than 2000. If sedentary, that's going to allow you to lose about a pound a week, maybe less. If you want to lose faster than that (up to 2lb/week), start being more active to create a higher deficit.

Foods Potassium - why you are not meeting your goal Jan 21 2016
16:36 (UTC)

Yep. The goal set by CC is also very high, if i recall correctly.

If you still are taking it, stop taking the potassium supplement. Overdosing potassium is more of a concern than being under, especially given the problems with the database not recognizing the potassium content in many foods (although it might help to know that generic foods generally are better at having complete info, than brand foods).

The Lounge CMWL Jan 19 2016
17:05 (UTC)

Of the greatly diminished CC community, most everyone is in US, Canada, or GB. So pretty low chances of connecting with someone from Mumbai, much less someone who did a particular weight loss program.

And if you know it's not a good way to start a weight loss regime, why are you doing it?

Weight Loss Trying to lose weight burning roughly 800 calories a day eating 1200 Jan 15 2016
20:58 (UTC)

You burn calories just existing. You need to start by figuring out how much you burn in total (including but not limited to how much you burn during exercise) and pick a calorie target based on that.

But I can tell you that someone who weighs 200 lbs and is exercising enough to burn 800 calories should not be eating as little as 1200, since that's the bare minimum for a small sedentary elderly lady.

Health & Support No period, even at BMI 22??? Jan 13 2016
16:26 (UTC)

You listed that you ate egg whites, but claim that you can't afford to eat more calories. You threw out the caloric (and nutritious) part of the egg.

Don't spend extra money on gluten free flour/bread, unless you have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

I have no idea why it would be hard to find clean protein. Chicken and beef isn't dirty. Or if it is, call your health department to make sure your grocery is complying with food safety standards.

It's great to eat fruits and veggies, but if you need more calories, you aren't going to get caloric bang for your monetary buck.


Health & Support chewing and spitting Jan 13 2016
16:18 (UTC)

What you are doing is an eating disorder, not a "coping" mechanism. Please talk to your recovery team about what you are doing.

The Lounge Wow, just wow! British justice is ... well I'm at a loss for words Dec 17 2015
17:40 (UTC)

I remember, back in my wedding planning days, reading a forum where a woman's fiance claimed that he "accidentally" had sex with the stripper at his bach party. I can see a guy trying to use  that excuse to his partner, I cannot understand how anyone bought it as a legal defense against rape.


Weight Loss Liquid Calorie Question Dec 14 2015
20:13 (UTC)

Calories always count, regardless of if they are liquid or solid.  Spicy food might send you to the bathroom quicker, but all the calories still count.

And 800-900 is a starvation diet, and promotion of doing that is against the posting guidelines for this site.e

The Lounge Another mass shooting. :-( Dec 10 2015
14:07 (UTC)
Original Post by linden:

Original Post by amwick:

Original Post by linden:

Original Post by amwick:

Original Post by gotborked:

and even if we confiscated every last rifle, handgun, and knife...what would we do about their teeth?

And what about drunk drivers.  Confiscate cars??

Teeth and cars are useful for other things than killing people. In fact, they are essential to daily life. Guns are not, except for a vanishingly small minority of people.

Obviously no one can confiscate cars in general.  No one will ever call to bring back prohibition either.  Guns(for the most part) are not essential in this day and age, but they are a constitutional right,,, and maybe the constitution is essential.  Unless you want to dump that too.


So the only option is to dump the constitution. You can't, say, AMEND it?


Also, the UK has no written constitution. We live in an Orwellian nightmare world.


How would we possibly amend the constitution? It's obviously a static document that has never changed since it was written. Stop talking crazy.

Health & Support Anorexia, Drug Abuse, and Grades on the Decline Dec 04 2015
16:44 (UTC)

I think you know full well that someone suggesting a "healthy meal plan for someone in your situation" is going to be a (minimum) 2500 calorie, zero drug, zero exercise plan, and you are only going to follow such a plan if you get professional help for your addictions.

If your doctors are aware of your current situation (all of it), what are they recommending you do?


And just to add another voice to earlier comments, taking APs is not an excuse for starving yourself. And if your grades are dropping, it's pretty clear that the answer is not more studying on a starvation diet and a variety of drugs.

The Lounge I don't mind Christmas but.... Dec 03 2015
16:38 (UTC)
Original Post by santonacci:

I don't mind Christmas but....

...the fictional War on Christmas is a pain in the butt.

...people need to stop saying "it only comes once a year!" as if that had any significance.  EVERY day only comes once a year!

...I need to have at least one holiday meal that isn't smothered in gravy.

...soup kitchens and food pantries need volunteers the rest of the year, too.

It only comes once a year.... but it apparently starts around Halloween and doesn't end til after New Years.

So that's like almost 3 months. Does anyone say "spring only comes once a year"? No, that would be ridiculous.

The Lounge Deb beat me! Dec 03 2015
14:10 (UTC)

Dump the jerk.

Weight Loss How many calories? Dec 01 2015
15:40 (UTC)

1200 is the bare minimum for a sedentary elderly woman to lose weight. It's generally not enough for someone working out.  How much you should eat to lose weight depends on your age, weight, height, sex, and activity level

Weight Loss Am I FAT, honestly? Nov 30 2015
18:32 (UTC)

You couldn't even come up with a new title?

Give up trolling for compliments - if it didn't make you feel better the first time, why would it make it feel better now?

Pregnancy & Parenting Help! 2 weeks late, not sure if pregnant and don't want to be Nov 30 2015
16:55 (UTC)


Why stress, when for $7 you can pick up a pregnancy test at any pharmacy and know for sure, one way or the other, and then make a decision regarding what you want to do.

If you aren't pregnant, maybe it would make sense to get on some hormonal birth control, to regulate your periods and provide you with the extra reassurance (just know that in order to be effective, you use it properly).

Motivation I think I am going to stop extercising due to my pregnacy and now I am depress. Nov 24 2015
19:00 (UTC)

I'm really sorry you are having a high risk pregnancy with an un-supportive partner, that has to be extremely stressful. Why is your pregnancy high risk?

Are you living with your boyfriend? Do you both work? Are your parents involved in your life?

The Lounge American Refugees Nov 20 2015
17:33 (UTC)
Original Post by lysistrata:

Are people seriously unaware of the difference between accepting immigrants and visitors on limited visa programs from countries with whom we have strong diplomatic ties, and accepting refugees from countries that are creating humanitarian crises to infiltrate our borders with civilians who have been radicalized and systematically trained to commit mass murder of civilians?


Bonus points for anybody who knows the legal definition of "refugee" without Googling.

If that's in reference to my post, supergirl said: " I don't feel safe with anyone, Muslim or otherwise, coming into the country right now. "

If she only meant "refugees from certain countries," then that's what she should have said.

The Lounge American Refugees Nov 20 2015
16:31 (UTC)
Original Post by nomoreexcuses:

Original Post by amethystgirl:

A young man from Tokyo is going to start grad school next fall at Duke U.  Does that sound dangerous?

To me, dangerous, no.
Snooty, yes.


I think you need to deal with your own insecurities on this subject ;)