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The Lounge Are you proud of the organization that pays your salary? Jul 12 2012
02:35 (UTC)

I'm very proud of them (because it's my pension check). But due to many years on the job, working rotating shifts in dangerous, sometimes sad, but sometimes uplifting situations.

The Lounge Another one for the lawyers May 31 2012
22:30 (UTC)

Very good.  You get an A+

The Lounge I wish my husband wanted more s-_-x May 30 2012
04:08 (UTC)

The stress level of his job is way up there. I did 27 years before I pulled the pin and when I did it felt so good, I don't miss it at all. Does he work rotating shifts?

Health & Support tummy bloating!? May 21 2012
23:32 (UTC)

I was recently diagnosed (albeit not by a professional) with IBS - Iritable Bastard Syndrome... but that diagnosis was made by my ex, so I'm not sure if that counts.

Foods 8 cups of water May 21 2012
03:18 (UTC)

The only water I drink is from a Life Mist machine I have in my home.  It is a water distiller and therefore the water is tasteless, pure, and free of any and all contaminates. It is also connected to my ice maker, and it is the only water I cook with and use to wash fruits and vegetables.

The Lounge Carroll Shelby died May 12 2012
03:30 (UTC)

And he had a great Chili Recipe too.

Foods is peanut butter healthy enough to eat everyday? May 11 2012
02:42 (UTC)

Natural peanut butter with a fresh banana mixed in - Good Stuff!!

The Lounge Geez, does The Lounge need a happy pill? Apr 26 2012
15:17 (UTC)

My ex moved away..... far, far away.... and that makes me a happy SOB!

The Lounge Do you believe in mediums? Apr 12 2012
03:36 (UTC)

If anyone ever asks you who put the snowman's head on Ted Williams' frozen body at the cryonics center, it wasn't me.

The Lounge Attention all Dudes Mar 27 2012
22:56 (UTC)

I've spent most of my adult life in uniform, beginning with the Army, and then for many years afterward until my retirement.  Along the way I met and worked with many women in uniform, military, police, fire, emt's, etc. My thing was cleaned, pressed, spit shined, then I was impressed.  But as far as being physically attracted to a woman in uniform, well, I guess not any more than other women.

The Lounge Sexual Harassment? Mar 27 2012
04:42 (UTC)

If that person and you work in the same place, and more so if he is a supervisor, then you certainly have a valid SH complaint.  But if anyone, no matter who, says or does things that make you uncomfortable then tell them.  This is not your fault! You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity as much as anyone else.  And just for the record, he sounds like a sicko to me.

Glad you didn't cut, and glad you are reaching out to others with your thoughts and concerns.  And to echo what others have said or implied, yes, by all means talk to your p-doc about this.

Warm Regards,


The Lounge Anybody from the south? Mar 27 2012
04:25 (UTC)

Born in/grew up in Arkansas, and still have family living there. Left there due to military service.

Weight Loss didn't take long for him to burst my bubble Mar 22 2012
04:44 (UTC)

What a terrible thing to say. Some guys just take so many things for granted and don't realize just how good they have it!

I live alone and sometimes the silence is deafning....

I say wear what makes you feel good, and as far as his **** remark... tell him to take a flying F at a rollin' donut!