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Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Jul 14 2007
23:21 (UTC)
Wow, I hadn't checked this post for a long time. Sooooooo many people have found twins, even triplets! Way to go! 
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 28 2007
22:40 (UTC)
I've given up on finding an exact twin. No one here is my height and my weight AND my age. So, I'm now just looking for close matches.

Height: 4'11"
Weight: 120 lbs
Age: 15 yrs 7 months
Frame: Small-Medium
Weight Loss How do you fight the intense hunger when its TTOM? Apr 17 2007
22:24 (UTC)
Somehow I always feel less hungry when my time of the month comes around. But I guess everyone's different.

I have a question for you.  Do you feel hungry or is it cravings that bother you? Cravings can be easily overcome - if you crave chocolate, go for some chocolate flavoured yogurt. If you crave just sweet stuff in general, stay far far away from your biscuit tin (or cookie jar, if you're American.. lol), and head for the fruit bowl isntead. Apples are great. They are sweet and satisfying. You could try a small bowl of chopped strawberries with a half teaspoon or a quarter teaspoon of chocolate sauce or syrup. Mix nicely, and eat leisurely. It's my favourite fix. Much on some light crackers (which have about 10-15 cals each) if you crave crisps or potato chips etc.

If it's hunger that bothers you, drink a tall glass of water and have a large serving of fruit or raw veggies (carrots work well). Then wait for a few minutes. You'll realise that you aren't hungry anymore. Of course, you can always indulge in some low-fat yogurt or have a piece of whole wheat toast with a little jam or some honey.

Lastly, I'd just like to say that it doesn't hurt to eat a little bit more around this time because you usually lose a small bit of weight after your period is over.

Sources: My mum - who is almost an expert. She has two daughters, both of whom started their periods before the age of 11. I started at 10.5 yrs and my older sis started at 9.5 yrs - runs in the family. My sis is 20 now and I'm 15.5 yrs old and we've really benefited from my mum's advice.

Weight Loss My daughter is so mad at me..... Apr 17 2007
21:53 (UTC)
akamom2, I'm 15, too and I know how it feels. In my case, it's not my mum but my sister. She is 4 years older than me and about 4 inches taller. Yet, we both wear pants with a waist of 30 inches. I love my sis but it really sucks that she's fitter than me. So your daughter isn't that mad at you, just kinda ticked off. It'll pass with a nice day of mother-daughter shopping for her new sized clothes.

I don't know if you have flea markets or bazaars where you live but those are really good for mass-shopping. Granted, there are no Try Rooms - but everything is so cheap that one or two things that don't fit you properly aren't missed that much. A plus point is if it's a charity bazaar - then you can buy what you want for really cheap prices while helping the needy at the same time.

Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 17 2007
20:51 (UTC)
I hear you, tinker88. No twin for me too. Somehow there just aren't any 15-year-old 4'11" females weighing 120 lbs. except for me, of course.
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 17 2007
13:50 (UTC)
Aww, haven't been able to find my twin! No-one else is 4'11". :-( Whatever happened to small people?
I'm glad many others have already foudn their twins though.. and triplet.. some quadruplets even!!
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 16 2007
21:02 (UTC)
Congrats to andrea and girlier - I think you are twins!
Just waiting for my twin to come along. I just know she's out there somewhere.

Weight Loss Check out my default pic! Apr 16 2007
20:58 (UTC)
Sarah, you are an inspiration!
Weight Loss whoaaa..195 grams prottein too much?? Apr 16 2007
20:53 (UTC)
I'm no expert but I don't think there should be anything wrong with too much protein. If your body doesn't like it, it'll probably go away with your next long trip to the bathroom. And if it does stay, it'll just add muscle, right? No harm in that.
Then again, this is just my opinion.
Weight Loss Find your twin on CC! Apr 16 2007
20:49 (UTC)
WEIGHT: 118-122 lbs
HEIGHT: 4'11"
SEX: Female
AGE: 15  - and 7 months :)
FRAME TYPE: Medium (I think) - but could be Small, too.

Message me if you're a twin!
The Lounge Kids Should NOT Diet! Apr 16 2007
20:27 (UTC)
I'm 15 years old, 4'11", and about 117-122 pounds. I have been at this site for 2 months and counting calories and stuff but it just hasn't helped. And I'm not some super-skinny almost-anorexic girl obsessed with being thin. I'm actually bordering on overweight and being short makes me look even fatter. I hate not being able to wear everything I want.
So, coming to the point, teenagers like me should be eating healthy and exercising more. And let me tell you - some people have this picture in their mind of a teenager who can eat whatever he/she wants and not get fat - that is so not true. We teens are overweight too. And it doesn't help when adults go all "You're a kid, you can eat what you want. Dieting is not for people your age." Not every kid trying to lose weight is unhealthily underweight. Open your eyes, adults, and please, stop lecturing us. 
The Lounge And where are you from? How do you eat and exercise? Apr 16 2007
20:04 (UTC)
Wow! So we have Americans, Canadians, and people from merry old England. Awesome!

I hope to add a bit of colour here. I'm Anlgo-Indian, that is, my dad is from England and my mum's from India. I've lived in both places. We are currently living in Turkey and I'm studying in an American school here. So, basically, I'm influenced by four different cultures. I'm 15 years old and the youngest in my family, which is huge, by the way - I have four brothers.

I started on this website when I realised I was bordering on overweight (had a BMI of 24.2). I go on visible results, but still use the scale as a guide. I've lost some flab on my face, buttocks and round the middle, but I'm not at my ideal weight.

My exercising is mainly cardio (on stationary bike or brisk walking in the park). My diet is vegetarian because I don't like meat, chicken or fish. Because of this, I don't like fast food much 'cause it's mostly non-veg. (Good for me!) I try to get in adequate protein everyday through cottage cheese, milk etc. I also do simple things like taking the stairs instead of the lift and help around the house as much as I can - all of it makes a difference.

I firmly believe that just because you are a teenager doesn't mean you can abuse your body by eating fried fast food all the time.

The Lounge And where are you from? How do you eat and exercise? Apr 16 2007
17:27 (UTC)
Well, I posted the same in The Lounge, but it's really dead. There's no harm discussing it here, is it?

Foods Calories in Chinese Food - help! Apr 16 2007
16:57 (UTC)
this happens not only in Chinese Restaurants but many others too. The trick is to ignore. The day we eat out, I don't even count calories. Just eat what I usually so. I have 5 meals so if I go out to eat, I skip one meal. It works. Do as much exercise as you would normally do.

If you are a Chinese food buff (like me) there are many home-recipes for Chinese food you can try and since you'll know what you are putting in and how much, you can estimate the calorie count and adjust the res tof the day to fit your needs.
Where there is a will, there's a way.
Weight Loss A pee question Apr 16 2007
16:30 (UTC)

Drinking more water does this to you. You visit the ol' bathroom ore often. I hate it when it happens in public places like school or malls or movie halls 'cause I go for a longer time than others (sice I drink more water) and it's pretty embarrassing in public toilets with your friends outside waited for you when you're tinkling for a long time.

But I guess it also makes you healthier and that's what really matters.

Weight Loss Bad day binge Apr 16 2007
16:22 (UTC)
No, please don't purge. Just relax. One day's binge doesn't harm you. In fact, it may just accelerate your weight loss, especially if you are at a plateau.

Because you posted this, I feel you don't toally agree with purging too and are just bothered about how a binge will affect you. Don't worry about it. Just continue like normal tomorrow and ou'll be back on track again.

If you feel too full, have some soda that will make you burp. You will feel more relieved.

Hope this helps.
Weight Loss Pig-Out Day Works Wonders Apr 16 2007
16:05 (UTC)
Yeah, maybe my age has something to do with this. But it just feels so great! I had so much energy today.
I admit I don't understand calories as well as you all so I don't know why it works - but it does work.
Weight Loss Pig-Out Day Works Wonders Apr 16 2007
15:44 (UTC)
I agree. In fact, it might prove beneficial for your weight loss plan.
By the way, I don't know much about baseball . It confuses me- I play cricket :). But I have watched a game (go figure) and yes, everything is super-expensive and extremely unhealthy.
Weight Loss I don't get it...another pound? Apr 15 2007
13:16 (UTC)
Maybe you should eat less than 2000 calories. Aim at 1500, so you can lose a pound a week.
Weight Loss Having Major Sweet Cravings Apr 15 2007
13:13 (UTC)
I usually have an apple when i'm craving sweets or soem oranges. but, as you say, fruit doesn't help you, try chocolate-flavoured yogurt. I get the low fat one and it tastes gooooooood!!