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Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Jul 24 2009
16:48 (UTC)

i found both in my case.  i am back on the program as of TODAY!

i started this post forever ago and after another baby and numerous failed attempts i am back to counting calories and the dvds!

i found the toning part to be exactly what i needed to give me back the body i missed.

Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Jan 28 2008
21:46 (UTC)
I posted this post about a year ago and I see it is still going strong.  I had baby #3 about 7 weeks ago and I am now back in the Slim In 6 routine!  Started it today, my legs were trembling!  Ugh... the first week is always rough!

I will need lots of motivation! I have about 25 lbs to lose.  I will update my profile soon with recent pics. 

Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Oct 07 2007
15:56 (UTC)
Hello everyone!  Alot of new posts since I have last logged on...  I am now 8 months pregnant and looking for the early motivation that I will need to begin my return to the real me.  I have gained slightly more than I wanted to up to this point but I know exactly what needs to be done once I get the okay to resume exercise.  I do like Slim in 6 because it does start out slow and you can pretty much set your own pace as to whether to advance or not, results are waiting there either way... 

Sounds like everyone is doing quite well, keep it up!  I will being joining you in about January, almost about the same time I started  this post this past year! 
The Lounge Military Ladies Jul 07 2007
15:48 (UTC)
Thanks for serving!  and for supporting!
The Lounge Military Ladies Jul 07 2007
15:48 (UTC)
I was in the Army Reserves from 96-04.  Enlisted Army Nurse.  I married a Marine ( Marines are way hot, by the way!)   I was an active duty wife from 04-05 in Beaufort SC (love it there) then hubby went resreves after his 4 years was over.  He now transferred in to the Army Reserves (ironically my old unit) and he is now heaeded for the 86wM6 program which is the enlisted nurse program, we wanted to be active duty again but they do not offer that school to prior service...  My whole family is in or out of the military.  Dad a Marine, brothers Army, sister married to Army and me...

I am proud to say I served, would do it all over again, but my babies need me home, we'll let Daddy continue to be our hero! 
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Jul 07 2007
15:20 (UTC)
Hey Ladies!  It has been forever since I have posted.  I have not been on CC in a while.  Pregnant now with #3 I am anxious to have this baby and start the SI6 program again!  I am havign a c section on Nov 29th.  I have gained about 12 pounds and now I am just about 20 weeks along!  I have not been too good with the diet, not easy to be good with cravings and aversions!  I am still active with walks, pushing a double stroller with a 3 year old and an 18 month old in it!    I am excited to see that this post has been going strong since January! 

Ladies I will be back... look for me in December! 

Sounds like you have had some reat results   keep up the good work!  You can find tons of support here! 
The Lounge where should i move? Apr 19 2007
19:29 (UTC)
Do Not move to Rhode Island, unless you want to work all the time to be able to afford to live...  It is corrupt, lots of mob activity and you cant ever get too far unless you know someone.  I cant get out of here soon enough! I was raised here and thankfully had the oppurtunity to venture out to see what I was missing!

I love South Carolina, Charleston or Beaufort areas.  Savannah Georgia is great too.  Think warm weather, or as they say in SC Beautiful places, Smiling faces! 
Fitness Yoga Booty Ballet? Apr 19 2007
19:18 (UTC)
I did the caberet portion of the series yesterday!  Yippy!

I am not sure if I am up to the fat burner today though.  I am tired!  I dont feel like doing much of anything other than laying on the couch! 
Fitness Yoga Booty Ballet? Apr 16 2007
20:50 (UTC)
I started the series today...  I am following the workout plan in the pamphlet included in the box.  Today was pretty basic, not quite what I had expected!  But I am keeping at it!  Caberet tomorrow!

Fitness Yoga Booty Ballet? Apr 12 2007
21:36 (UTC)
I actually was visiting my sister in Tacoma last week when I saw the box in the clearance aisle.  I bought one and so did my sister.  For $20 I thought it would be a great investment considering a while back I watched the infomercial and almost put up the $65 plus to buy it then.

This is our third little bundle of joy and I plan on having a fit pregnancy as the others were more relaxed.. okay more lazy pregnancies.  I gained about 40-45 lbs with each prior and hope to gain a healthy 25 this time around.  I am conditioned to continue with a daily routine so I figured I could use this series to my advantage... oh and did I mention my husband and I are going to Punta Cana in about a month and a half...  needless to say no drinking!  But still going to have a blast and still sporting a bikini!  So I need to keep my body in check! 

I am looking at Monday for a target date to start.  I am recovering from flying on a red eye from Seattle with a 3 year old and a 1 year old... all by myself!  I prepared myself for the worst but my kids were great!  I am sooo tired!  I work third shift and start back tonight... ugh. 

Okay so who is with me?  Monday?? 
Fitness Yoga Booty Ballet? Apr 12 2007
16:45 (UTC)
I just bought YBB at Walmart, the complete package, for $20! (on clearance)  I have done Slin in 6 by Beachbody and saw great results now I am in need of someting new to start.  After I completed SI6 a month or so ago I began Billy Blanks TaeBo but now I am pregnant and need something a little toned down.  I think this sounds like what I might be looking for.  I have not started it yet.  Let me know when you begin, we can motivate each other! 
Fitness arm and ab exercises Mar 22 2007
17:00 (UTC)
billy blanks boot camp abs is a great ab workout, they sell it at walmart.
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 19 2007
14:43 (UTC)
WOW this is the a rarity that I found the SI6 posts on page 2!  It is early in the morning so maybe that is why.  Anyhow... I am going to get moving, do  BIU with some variations.   It is unfortunately too cold out to walk here and we have a 2 inch layer of hard ice/snow on the ground, not soft enough to play in.  I feel like I am craving fresh air, maybe I will crack a window while exercising. 

I have been maintaining my weight, not gaining but not losing either.  I am starting to think that maybe this is an ideal wt. for me. To think that way it makes me feel like I am succumbing, so in order for that feeling to decipate I need to keep up a routine, maintain a food log and drink water...  

I go for a routine physical with my MD on Wednesday.  I am anxious to see what my cholesterol is.  Last time I remember it being checked it was 183, like 7 years ago! 

Okay I gotta get my heart pumping.  Check in later!
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 16 2007
17:32 (UTC)
Good Luck Erica!

I just finished Boot Camp Cardio then did the squats from BIU, resistance and the leg lifts... hate those leg lifts but I want a hot bum for the beach! 

I feel beat!  Today is also Friday so I tend to fast on this day during Lent.  I know I should make Friday my day off but I have been quite lazy this week.  We had a funeral yesterday that really left me with little motivation to do anything, then I worked 11 hours last night... only to go back again tonight... I am going to sneak onto the couch and hope that my baby will sleep at least another 45 minutes!

I am working on getting new pics up soon, I want to be well rested so you wont see the bags under my eyes!  Maybe mid next week!
The Lounge Married women, how did you know he was the one? Mar 14 2007
18:36 (UTC)
My husband was on leave from the Marines.  He was staying with an old friend of his here in RI.  My best friend was trying to shake her long term bf so we decided to give it a night on the town, downtown Providence (kinda lame but it is a small state).  She knew the guy he was staying with and they were the first people we saw upon getting our drinks at the bar. (Jerky's it is called)  He was looking HOT, like a Marine should!  My friend and his friend started talking leaving the two of us hanging, so I opened my big mouth and introduced myself.  That is when I fell head over heals for this guy.  We were drinking so chatting comes naturally for me at that point, he says to this day I didnt shut up!  He wanted so desperately to go home with me that night.. PIG!  but I declined.  I had this sense upon meeting him that I would marry this guy.  I gave him my number, not ever thinking he would call, he was only to be in RI for 2 weeks.  Well 2 days later there was a message on my cell. I met him that night for drinks.. and yes I took him home.  We had our first kiss in my kitchen. (which is now our home)  We were inseperable for the remainder of his leave.  When he left it was hard on both of us. I drove him to Boston to catch his plane, it was Memorial Day weekend 03.  He called often when he got back to SC.  Well in one of those calls I had to tell him I was pregnant.  That was really hard to do.  He left for Japan (for 6 months) a few weeks after that and we talked less and less.  Our baby girl was born the day he got back to the states in Jan 04.  We married in May 04, I moved to SC where he was stationed and we are the best of friends.  We have been through alot, had another little girl. We've grown up alot not only in years and knowledge, but in our faith.  You just know when he is the one.  He knew and I knew...
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 14 2007
15:09 (UTC)
As for the large thighs... I also have athletic muscular thighs, large but not fat by any means, no cellulite...  anyhow once I got into the BIU part of SI6 I cut out the lunges portion of the routine all but once a week.  I cringe looking at my thigh muscle protruding over my knee... my husband thinks I am insane!  I have to come to terms that my 5'3" body is not going to produce long lean slim legs at this stage of the game (29)! 
Fitness Afraid to buy Tubo Jam Mar 14 2007
15:03 (UTC)
3 years ago I did buy directly from Beachbody (SI6) and I don't ever recall anything happening as far as billing me for outrageous things, things I did not order.  My order was only for the SI6 series and that is all I received (no supplements, no fast, no vitamins...).  The only thing I heard from Beachbody thereafter was emails about new programs, Beachbody's updates on  customers results.  No pressure.  I am the one that does the bills in my home so I would have seen for sure if they were scamming me. 

Absolutely search ebay for a better deal, I would.  If you use PayPal you have someone to back you if you get scammed like not receiving the goods.  I bought my Boot Camp there and the DVDs were new/unopened all but one for $16 with shipping and brand new packaged Billy Bands!  Screen the sellers and you will make out just fine.  You can avoid Beachbody all together... isn't it a great world!
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 13 2007
13:11 (UTC)
scoooter my brother actually did this program in 2003.  That is how I became a believer and then a follower of SI6.  He had awesome results, guys seem to have an advantage in the fitness/wt loss area if you ask me.  Hormones...  I think you will do great at it. 

I was able to get BIU in yesterday, was not able to get in a full ab routine on Boot Camp but today I plan on making up for it. 
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 10 2007
14:01 (UTC)
Where is everyone?? I want updates!
Fitness Anyone doing SLIM IN 6? Mar 10 2007
14:01 (UTC)
jess- unfortunately with any routine there is not instant results... ahh if it were only that easy!  I really did not see the results on the scale all that much but by week 3 I was toning up and seeing results in my measurements.  Did you take measurements?  I posted a guidline for them a while back,   I will add them here again...  I did the measurements every two weeks.  I just was looking for my paper I wrote it on and my husband said... "oh that? I threw that away... the baby spilled water on it."  I asked if he rewrote the measurements...  umm NO,  so now I had to start over again!  I put it in a file in the computer now... so it will never be ruined again!  MEN! 

1. Bust: Don't squish yourself -- measure all the way around your bust and back right at your nipple line, and make sure the tape measure is not lower.

2. Chest: Measure under your breasts but as high up as you can go, keeping the tape measure parallel to this line when you reach it around your back.

3. Waist: Measure wherever it is the smallest (if you have "no waist" go around yourself right at the navel line).

4. Hips: Measure at the very biggest part -- even if that is so low that you are almost on the top of your thighs.

5. Midway: Measure midway between the very biggest part of your hips and your waist.

6. Thighs: Measure wherever they are the biggest.

7. Knees: Measure right above the knee.

8. Calves: Measure wherever they are the biggest.

9. Upper arm: Measure wherever they are biggest above your elbows.

10. Forearms: Measure wherever they are biggest below your elbows

Give this a try.  Walmart sells the measuring tapes for about a buck in the crafts section.