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Foods Powdered Peanut Butter! Sep 02 2010
19:05 (UTC)

Yep. I've been a fan for years. You can substitute a little honey with the water and it give the PB2 that honey roasted flavor with only a few more cals.

I order it online because our grocer's don't carry it, so lucky you.


Foods If you want to splurge on ONE alcholic drink - what would it be? May 01 2010
15:55 (UTC)

A Gimlet.
I prefer a gin Gimlet because of the citrus flavor of gin and it is a little higher proof, but a vodka Gimlet is just as dandy. The drink has to be made with fresh lime or it's just not as tasty.

Weight Loss I lost 100 lbs! Nov 17 2007
22:00 (UTC)
I'm sooooo happy for you!

*Doing the happy dance*
Weight Loss is there ANYONE who is SATISFIED ON THEIR DIET?? Nov 17 2007
21:53 (UTC)
I think it all depends on your personal food tastes. My pallet has changed a lot over the years and I am much more open to trying different foods and mixing them up. I like to cook now much more than before and experimenting with ethnic mixes as well. I love my food choices and I find that I get really full and satisfied pretty much every day.

Here's an idea, make a list of the foods you like, then see if you can get the same tastes with fewer calories by reducing the heavy calorie ingredients. Also, try adding some spice to heat up your food. It helps me feel like I'm eating something a little more daring and exotic rather than 'diet' food.
Recipes CousCous Recipe Please! Nov 14 2007
22:48 (UTC)
I make this quick Moroccan stew with chicken, carrots, celery, onion, zuchinni and chick peas. It is really good over couscous.
here is the link: l
Foods I am never eating regular peanut butter again... Nov 14 2007
22:30 (UTC)
I've been think'n about ordering this stuff for a while now. I've heard really good things about it, and now with your glowing review, I'm taking the plunge.
The Lounge Look-a-Likes Nov 11 2007
22:57 (UTC)
When I was a teenager (30 years ago) People used to tell me I looked like Faye Dunnaway. More recently (when I was ultra-thin) I kept getting Gwyneth Paltrow. Who knows? My daughter looks a lot like Julia stiles though; it's is kinda eeerie.
The Lounge Music Confessions Nov 11 2007
22:28 (UTC)
Oh god, I found a Roger Miller CD the other day in my collection. I still can't remember buying it. Of course I had to listen to it. Now 'King of the road' is stuck in my head.

Trailers for sale or rent.......
Recipes any good pumpkin recipes Nov 07 2007
21:23 (UTC)
I just made a Pumpkin sweet potato bisque that is out of this world. I added a little dried chipotle seasoning to spice it up and it really added some zing. I gotta have another bowl. yum.

here's the link l?refresh=1
Weight Loss Is this unhealthy? Nov 07 2007
17:36 (UTC)
Usually when I see a pound a day come off, it is water weight and usually due to increased exercize. If you are not eating enough, your weight loss will probably slow down (or stop) and it may if you have to keep exerting yourself more.

My advice--take a moment to log the calories you consume for a few days and also log your activity. You can then estimate how much more (if any) you should be eating.

Having worked with horses for over 30 years, I can tell you, it's a lot harder work than it looks. Make sure you are taking in enough fluids as well.

Have a good time with your horses--I sure do miss mine.
Weight Loss How will you handle Halloween and the candy? Oct 31 2007
20:34 (UTC)
I thought I was in the clear by not buying any candy until yesterday. Then the cabinet where I hid the goodies screamed "eat me" all day long. I finally gave in and ate frigg'n 6 of those mini peanut butter cups putting me over my limit. I don't understand it, I haven't broken down in over 4 months. I'm so glad that Halloween is tonight. I'm going to give out giant hadfulls of the stuff so I don't have any left over.

Wish me luck!

Next year, I'm buying the candy I don't like. You're smart abbynormal. :-)
Fitness Pottery class: how many calories am I burning?? Oct 30 2007
15:33 (UTC)

I was a ceramic's artist for years. My poor wheel still calls to me from the garage. Don't know how many cals it burns but my upper body and stomach were in great shape. Not just from throwing and centering, but cleaning, glaze mixing and kneading will definetly tone you up. Plus if you are like me, your not sitting for very long. I was always getting up from the wheel to fetch a new 10-20lb ball of clay and a bat. I would think the calories burned are closer to strength training but mostly upper body. Have fun!

Fitness Love my dog Oct 27 2007
23:17 (UTC)

My sweet old Australian Shepard, Ajax, has recently gotten hip dysplasia and can't walk very far, but he really digs rides in the convertable to the park where he still plays a little frisbee. When he was young, I tried to take him along on my bike rides, but he kept herding and snapping at my front wheel.

My Chihuahua is just too little to exercize with me, but he gets fit walking to the mail box and his food bowl.

I've walked my ferret, but she gets a little freaked outside.

The Lounge Gay Marriage Oct 27 2007
03:20 (UTC)
Any two people should be allowed to be legally married. Why anyone would want to put themselves through a marriage is beyond my comprehension though.

I'm jaded, I know--there are some happy couples out there.

crazineko--What is the difference between a civil union and a legal marriage in your opinion?
The Lounge China's one-child policy Oct 26 2007
21:20 (UTC)
I used the term Nazi knowing full well the difference between National Socialism and Communism; although, Stalin?s approach to social cleansing was akin to Adolf?s.  I probably shouldn?t have used such an offensive term. It just struck a nerve reading a post stating that lower classes shouldn?t have children. Society?s that fall into such ideological beliefs have, in the past, become barbarically brutal to other humans.

I don?t buy into the ?upper classes have more money and resources therefore, they are superior parents? logic. Sure money helps, but it doesn?t give people an innate sense to nurture and guide children. I was raised with many luxuries and have been fortunate enough to have received a great education. Did it teach me to be a model parent? Not really. Don?t get me wrong, I?ve done a pretty good job, but it wasn?t because I was from an upper class wealthy family. We struggled with as many dysfunctions as any other family, if not more.

Of course there are class differences and there always will be. But to lump all lower income people into the ?bad parent? pile is simply inaccurate.

As far as parental licensing goes? Don?t even get me started. We have too many restrictions and guidelines to meet as it is. And most of them are so arbitrary and archaic. Who is going to set the standard for parental licensing? The government? I hope not. Could you imagine having to live up to the current U.S. administration?s criteria?

Shutter the thought.

You can still reach me in the pub for a jucy debate.
The Lounge Totally Random But.... Oct 26 2007
18:46 (UTC)
lemon jello--Too funny. I hope the almighty sweeps me up before the raptors come. Those feisty little bastards are mean.

On a more serious note. I wouldn't really waste what precious time we have here worrying about something John (one of Jesus' main men) dreamed about.

/Peace out
The Lounge China's one-child policy Oct 26 2007
17:33 (UTC)
I have a question for lorik. What qualities do the upper class hold that warrant breeding quality? And what criteria are you defining as upper class. IMAO I do believe that responsible family planning is fundamental to population control. But to not allow a certain tax bracket to breed is absurd.
Hmmmm? do I smell a nazi amidst the calorie counters?

Why don't we just eat our young? The only problem with eating the poor ones is that they just don't have enough meat on their bones. Darn!

Swift and I will be hanging out at the pub.
Foods Fiber supplements Oct 24 2007
20:15 (UTC)
I am getting enough fiber now that I've gotten use to eating more fiber dense food. but I used to use fibersure and it is a great source of fiber that doesn't taste gritty. I used to put it in my smoothies, coffee and oatmeal for breakfast to give me a head start on my daily intake. I think you can put it in anything except carbonated drinks. I tried that once and it just turned into a gummy ball of grossness.
Recipes Beef Strognoff In a Crock Pot or Pressure Cooker Oct 23 2007
22:57 (UTC)
Sounds really good. I think I would use whole wheat noodles too and throw in couple cups of sliced fresh musrooms. It is finally cool down here, so I'm gonna give it a try. Thanks.
The Lounge Attn: All Lurkers Oct 23 2007
19:30 (UTC)
Busted! I lurk more than I post. I'm afraid I'll offend some folks with my obscure view of life. Most people just don't get my sense of humor and my spelling sux!