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Weight Loss So I'm gaining some much-needed weight. Alright, fair enough. But why? help? Apr 08 2008
15:09 (UTC)

This is my theory, my only reasoning comes from my own experience. I am 5'5" and at my lowest weight was about 102. My body does not like to stay around that weight and I will gain weight even if I am still restricting and excersising a lot unless I am really pushing it my body will bounce back up to around 110. I think that my body is just not happy under that weight. Also it probably isn't healthy or all that pretty under 110 either. Right now I weight 113 which scares me a little bit but I am relaxing into it. SO the my theory is that, maybe your body just isn't healthy or happy at that low of a weight so it is gonna fight to get up a little higher, holding onto all of the calories you give it. 

My advice is to have faith in your body. Eat as healthy as you can, think about some other things and just see what happens. 

Health & Support Asked for help in slowing down, got a sprained ankle Dec 04 2007
18:02 (UTC)
Thanks for the replies. I am trying to use this as an opportunity to love myself and respect my bodies needs. I am scared and feeling pretty anxious. It feels a little better today but I know that I really need to rest it if I want it to heal. I also know that I deserve to eat even if I am not running! I am just going to take it one day, or minute, at a time. I guess that is the only option I really have. 
Foods New LUNA Bar flavors Oct 12 2007
03:38 (UTC)
holy moly the chocolate raspberry is sooo good. The best luna bar flavor by far
The Lounge RIP Kurt Vonnegurt Apr 12 2007
14:46 (UTC)
I think that reading Vonnegut changed the way I look at the world. It gave me a better sense of humor; he made me want to write. He helped me to see the ridiculousness of life and helped me learn to laugh at it. we lost someone good. and so it goes.
Foods could this be right? Apr 11 2007
15:01 (UTC)
I think the information on this website for pei wei is not accurate, ifyou go to their website it is different. Check out the serving sizes, one whole dish is like 2 or 3 servings depending on the dish. I don't think Pei Wei is very healthy at all, and I was really bugged by how confusing they made figuring out the nutritional information to be.
Foods Eating out at a Thai place, any healthy suggestions? Apr 10 2007
19:44 (UTC)
Fresh spring rolls are great (not the fried kind) most thai places have salads and pretty healthy soups. , oh but most are not vegetarian. I usually a veggie loaded stir fry with fresh, not fried tofu. You have to tells them not to deep fry the tofu first. It does have a sauce that isn't great but you can avoid eating most of it, let it drip off what you put into your mouth. Watch out for too much rice, that will get you.
Maintaining trying to relax for a week Mar 31 2007
12:40 (UTC)
thanks Daisy, I fell like we are similar in our issues. I am doing alright. I think I will make it through the week!!
Fitness I just ran 8 miles!!! Mar 25 2007
23:33 (UTC)
Yeah!!! thanks for your responses.
Foods reclaiming my life Mar 19 2007
21:48 (UTC)
Will you sprinkle some of your fairy dust on me?? I have been trying to quit counting calories for months and I just cant. I eat enough, I am not losing weight but I am very skinny(5'5" 108) and I am sick of thinking about food all of the time. I too dream about food, go to bed thinking about my breakfast and then make myself wait until I do an hour of yoga to eat. I am sick of it. I have been saying that I am sick of it for alone time. I just realised that I have been counting calories for over a year!! I am 23 years old I don't think this how I should be living my life. I don't really know what to do about it. I am afraid that if i stop I will just gain it all back. I was really unhappy with my body before, but there has to be some middle ground. Thank You for your post, it gives me hope. Do you have any recomendation on how to let go a bit. How did you do it??
Fitness Is there any correlation between exercise and insomnia? Mar 16 2007
03:56 (UTC)
I can't sleep if I am trying to go to bed hungry. Maybe save some calories to eat something right before you go to sleep... that totally helps me. And the Kava kava tea.
Fitness My butt is too big! Mar 16 2007
03:50 (UTC)
God, I wish I had a butt. The more I run the less ass I have. I run alot and it doesn't seem to be giving me any more muscles, but I do have very low body fat. My butt is just sad is pretty much nothing left but skin it hurts to sit on hard chairs... Seriously, people like butts, they are a good thing.
Foods spaghetti squash fritattas Mar 16 2007
03:41 (UTC)
Wow, that sounds so good. I got to get myself to the grocery store!!
Foods What are good drinks to drink? Mar 16 2007
03:39 (UTC)
my new favorite is rooibos tea. It is so yummy. It has all of the benefits of green tea (anti oxidants, etc) but with out the caffeine, so you can drink it all day. It is sweet and nice, comes in many varieties... I like the vanilla and chai.
Foods What did YOU eat today? Mar 16 2007
03:15 (UTC)
hmm... I eat alot Breakfast- kashi waffles with mango, banana and organge fuit salad on top coffee Kumbucha Tea Lunch- Tuna salad made with cottage cheese and apples (my absolute favorite) with tomatoes, sprouts and a lowcarb tortilla-- some carrot sticks Snack 1- apple and graham crackers Snack 2- fat free oatmeal cookie with better'n peanut butter on top Dinner- egg white scramble with turkey, cabbage and carrots, mango on top, and a tortilla Snack 3- cereal with dehydrated mango... yum
Maintaining Help me please! Feb 24 2007
23:55 (UTC)
I just want to tell you that I relate. I know how to diet. I am really good at dieting.I can also binge, I am good at that too. The hard thing for me is to just eat like a normal person. I have been to nutritionist who sent me home with the directions to just eat what ever I can get myself to eat. There have been times when I have been afraid of how skinny I have gotten and I have tried to just eat alot. What generally happens to me is that once I stop restricting I go crazy. I just want to stuff myself. Once I feel alittle too full it signals this binge response in me. What has worked for me is to eat more food but to still stay structured through it and to avoid foods that spark the binge response in me. I don't know if any of this will help. We have to eat. We take care of these bodies, we only get one this life time. Try to love yourself, try to eat foods that feel nourishing and healthy. I don't recommend eating candy to fufill your calorie requirements, go get some trail mix or nuts. The sugar wont help with anxiety and all. I hope you know that you are not alone there are thousands (millions?) of us struggling with our relationship to food. Good luck and if you need any suppport you are welcome to send me and email
The Lounge Breast reduction Jan 02 2007
00:32 (UTC)
I lost around 50 pounds and went from a large D to a sad, small B. But I think my skin is starting to tighten up finally. My breasts is the first thing to go when I lose weight.
Maintaining cross country driving Dec 30 2006
17:00 (UTC)
wow! thanks for all of the replies. I love the idea putting frozen bottles of water in the cooler. I am praying that I wont hit any snow, I am going to take the most southern root that is still reasonable. I have driven across the country a few times before. This summer I did it with some friends and ate only clif bars and dry kashi cereal the whole time. I am not doing that again, it was a little too much fiber for my system if you know what I mean. I will deffinately load up on carrots sticks and fruit. I am hoping to stop in places where I can go for a run in the mornings. That was difficult driving this summer but I know that driving will be much more managable for body and mind if I get some excercise. I have tons of music and books on CD, so think I will be well entertained altough I am sure that I will get pretty sick of the thoughts in my head... especially since I am pretty anxious about making this big move on my own. I am also so excited to be moving to Boulder it seems to me like a health mecca. So many yoga classes and running trails and health food stores I think it will be great. Thanks again and I would love to hear more cross country travel stories and advice!
Foods Substitute for Mayo?? Dec 15 2006
16:11 (UTC)
I recently discovered that cottage cheese mixed with tuna fish tastes delicious. It is much better for you than Mayo... maybe that will help?
Maintaining some concerns Nov 15 2006
02:37 (UTC)
Thank you all for your replies. I realize looking at this that a part of me is just not being rational at all about my weight and my diet and excercise routine. If it was a friend of mine in the position I am in I would clearly see that she needed help. I guess a big driving force for me is the fear of going back to being overweight. I know how to lose weight and I know how to be overweight but I haven't figured out how to maintain at a healthy place. I guess I have to walk through the fear and make some changes. I also think I will go talk to my doctor as well.
Weight Loss The Worst Diet Mar 01 2006
14:09 (UTC)
I was on Atkins for 6 months. I Lost like 30 pounds without starving but I was totally miserable. I am sorry but any diet that wont let you eat fruit is just silly. I was also totally irritable and crazy. I told my doctor about it and he said that you need a certian amount of carbs for proper brain functioning ( like 150 grams or something) in order for your brian to produce enough seratonin. I was eating like 40 gramsa of carbs a day. So Atkins literally makes you depressed and moody. Once I started eating differently I totally felt better. Also I was so constipated when I first started. I didn't have a movement for the first week and a half of that diet!! Gross. I have no idea why I stuck with it for so long.