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Weight Loss Weight Watchers.... What do you think? Feb 27 2008
00:44 (UTC)

i did it and lost 20 lbs....the frozen meals are yummy, and the cookie dough sundae is amazing...if counting points isnt your thing you can do the core plan, but i dont think you can eat anything you want on that plan, i did the flex and loved it

this web site is great, but weighing in every week will take the accountability a step further...go for it!  

a little backround on me...i was 160 lbs after h.s. graduation (i played alot of softball) i started ww Aug. 1st before leaving to college to loose lbs AND keep off the freshman 15 everyone talks about (that was 2 years ago) worked i still use the principles i learned today

Motivation Eeeeevil Pizza Cravings... a Little Success Story Starring Auntie Flo! Nov 05 2007
19:41 (UTC)

I know pizza is the ultimate comfort food, and does anyone else find that when you have to work a little harder to make something it taste better??

Well if you have a free night and you're lookin for something fun to do with a friend or whoever...make your own pizza!! So you know exactly whats in it, and it's actually very entertaining. you can get a recipe from the internet and just make substitutions like i did.  ex. wheat flour, fat free shredded cheese, they even had reduced fat pepperoni at my if you want something fun to do but that doesn't require letting the dough chill in the fridge for an hour, they have these nifty pre made pizza crusts...the one i got was 200 calories i think, and personal sized. just a little tomato sauce (which is hardly any calories anyway) and you're on your way!

and if you do decide to try this which i think you should, try also, spraying the crust with parkay no calorie butter spray, and sprinkling a little garlic. i'm telling you people, trust me i love pizza!