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Books The BOOK I Just Finished Jan 26 2016
21:33 (UTC)

I just looked up "The Glass Castle" -- looks good as does "Half Broke Horses" by the same author. I'll get that next. Don't laugh! I just finished "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Holly Madison (former Playboy Bunny). It really was interesting and reveals that things are not as they seem at the Playboy mansion. Also, it really humanizes this woman.

Books self help book suggestions needed Jan 26 2016
21:11 (UTC)

I guess you could call these "self help" (my favorite kind, I must say!):

"The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm (famous psychoanalyst) (I've read this one 3 times back to back) and "Mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz -- this one is about WAY more than love ... don't let the word "Love" stop you from reading either of these. Read them and let me know what you think! I can come up with many many more. I read them all! LOL

Books Good books? Jan 26 2016
21:06 (UTC)

A REALLY good book I read is called "A House in the Sky" by Amanda Lindhout. It's NON-fiction. About a self-made journalist who traveled to obscure countries looking for a story only to be kidnapped. OMG, somebody read this and tell me what you think! It's definitely relative to what's going on in the world today.

Motivation Doctor Jan 05 2008
08:17 (UTC)
I do NOT believe that for one minute! I am surprised a doctor would say that. What are your stats? Height/weight? It could very possibly be that you are not taking in enough calories. 
Weight Loss WHats wrong with my body? Jan 04 2008
06:11 (UTC)
DEFINITELY need to add some protein. That'll do you a lot of good! 
Weight Loss I hate Pei Wei. Dec 26 2007
19:21 (UTC)
Since you have "control issues" why don't you take charge (control) of something else ... something that will be less likely to harm you?! :)
Fitness christmas day exercise Dec 24 2007
08:16 (UTC)
My gym's open! However, it would be closed by the time I got around to getting there. I'm just gonna walk on the treadmill at home and maybe walk the doggies! I'M definately a champion calorie burner! :)
The Lounge Lonely christmas Dec 22 2007
19:35 (UTC)
You have to make other plans for yourself -- go to a movie or rent some or something. God, most of the people I know would LOVE if the kids (and families) went AWAY for Christmas and left them alone in peace. haha Gotta change your mindset.
The Lounge A touchy subject Dec 22 2007
19:34 (UTC)
I DON'T think you should tell the person. Everybody looks in the mirror and can see what's going on. Whether they are in denial or not is another story, but I don't think it ever helps to tell somebody they're getting fat. I'll bet money on the fact that the guy is worried about looks ONLY and not her health; otherwise, he simply would not care. When you're with someone that long, you can't care.
The Lounge How did you feel when you hit the Big 3O? Dec 17 2007
09:23 (UTC)
Pffft! Age ain't nothin' but a number. Thirty didn't bother me one bit! I don't understand why everybody gets a bug up their butt about it. Our lives are SO MUCH MORE than just the first 20 (or 29) years! I FEEL 18! That's all that matters! :) I wouldn't go back to the 20s for anything.

Thirty-FIVE wasn't any big deal either. I'm 37, approaching 40! I WELCOME it! :) I love moving forward. I'm single, no kids. I don't think I have to hurry up for that either. Women have babies well into their 40s. And if I run into a problem, big deal, I adopt. Mind over matter! Don't fret over stuff you can't control! Embrace it! :)
Health & Support Bulimia Hell......anyone out there going through this? Dec 15 2007
21:19 (UTC)
Throat cancer
Weight Loss Do I still Look fat in this picture?? Dec 15 2007
06:55 (UTC)
I thought you looked good BEFORE and you look REALLY good now. :)  You did well! Excellent for you! 
The Lounge Where did the fish go? Dec 09 2007
19:24 (UTC)
One of the other fish must have eaten him, eh? Either that or he's hiding and he's completely camouflaged. 
The Lounge Flowers = obligation? Dec 08 2007
07:18 (UTC)
Bob sounds like a potential stalker. You owe him NOTHING. No means NO. It sounds like you've clearly let him know you are NOT interested. Stay away from this guy and watch your back. Don't even talk to him. Any little thing you say he may magnifay. He sounds like he's off his rocker. 
Health & Support problems with candida? Dec 08 2007
00:27 (UTC)
Are you talking just yeast infection or systemic infection? Try acidiphilus AND/or garlic in pill form. Works like a charm! Also, eat yogurt daily. I might also have some other advice depending on your problem. 
Weight Loss OH no!!! Dec 06 2007
07:50 (UTC)
Get rid of it and get over feeling bad. Your parents don't have to know. But do tell them for future reference that you're "watching it." 
Health & Support AHH WHY is this happening!?! Dec 01 2007
08:15 (UTC)
Oh don't sweat it! It happens to all of us. I've already hit my goal weight and I have a nice tummy ... yet sometimes I look six months pregnant with bloat! I know carbs/sugars do it to me ... I try to avoid them as much as possible (i.e., cereals, bread, pretzels, etc.).
The Lounge cheating boyfriend Dec 01 2007
04:59 (UTC)
DUMP him! Like everybody else said ... THREE times???!!! Doesn't matter if she "loves" him. He should never have done it in the first place. He made a CHOICE!!!
Foods cutting carbs. Nov 20 2007
19:53 (UTC)
Carbs are the DEVIL! They bloat me out and make me look six-months pregnant! I suggest you just cut out the "white products" white flour, white breads, white rice, white potatoes, and some cereals. Concentrate on WHOLE grains. Don't worry too much about fruits and vegetables, though myself I only sparingly eat corn and peas. I DEVOUR carrots and am not about to give them up anytime soon!
Fitness what to do when you cant go walking because its cold and snowy!! Nov 20 2007
04:48 (UTC)
Whaaaaat? I walk outside EVERYDAY in the winter and I HATE the cold and snow more than anybody in the Universe!