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Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Oct 18 2012
21:44 (UTC)

hi, all.

tracie: Hey, chick. First thing I would check is make sure you aren't having more than -1000 calorie deficit every day. And it might be better (starting out) to maybe even just try to do -500 or -600 calorie deficits. Any deficits will lead to weight loss progress. If you're killing yourself by under-eating it can start a REALLY nasty binge/restrict kind of cycle. If you slip, give yourself a pep talk and try to be right back on track the next day. -40 lbs in only 3 months is pretty amazing, girl. BUT... This isn't a race. The weight didn't come on overnight, and it's not going to be gone overnight, either. Hang in there. You can totally do this! 

girls: Got rehired down the pub. Will be doing closes, which is nice, 'cause like...
1. There will be hella better tips. 2. It'll be BUSY which will keep me from getting tired/burnt out/bored. 3. There won't be an opportunity to stay and have a beer after work, which trust me... That's a GOOD thing. ;) HOLIDAY MONEY! Super excited, but nervous, too. I'm not used to doing this shift, so there will be an adjustment period, for sure. First night back, officially, tonight. Excited. Nervous. But excited. Think it's going to be BUSY. 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Oct 10 2012
01:21 (UTC)

mocha: WHOOT! Sounds like you're kicking butt. I wished most of the "vet" girls a happy Thanksgiving, yesterday, but I don't know where all you new young 'uns are from. I'm the SAME WAY regarding exercise/routines. If I miss a day, okay, I might need it for recovery. If I miss two in a row I'm pushing it. If I miss 3 I'm actually screwing myself over. Because I'll be SOOOO sore when I get back to it. Anything past 3 consecutive days, and I'm pretty much (seemingly) starting over from scratch. SCARY how fast it can get away from you!! BOOTCAMP!! Kill it. :)

HAPPY LATE THANKSGIVING to all the Canada peeps out there!

walked 90 minutes today... Feels like my spine is going to snap in half. I have been SO TIRED... Just ALL the time. I don't know what's up. Yes, I've been VERY busy, but my level of fatigue is just ridiculous. 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Oct 09 2012
22:17 (UTC)

nicey: LOTS o' water today, and hopefully you can be mostly de-bloated a bit by morning. Hang in there! And great job on the runs!! 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Oct 09 2012
03:33 (UTC)

hey chicks.

Sorry I've been so rubbish at posting. Just SO bloody busy. 

New cleaning gig at the place I used to tend bar for, new dog, schedule seems to keep changing with the munchkin/school. 

Down 2 lbs my first week of ROCKTOBER. I never shoot for 8 lb months, but that's what I need to "catch up" to my projections. Even though they were only guesstimates, they were very REASONABLE guesstimates, so I would LIKE to catch up. (And don't know if I can pull off 6 lbs in 3 weeks, but I'm going to try like hell.)

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Oct 02 2012
03:41 (UTC)

Goals for October: 

ROCKTOBER: I WILL fix fresh food 95% of the time. If we DO eat out I WILL make the best choices I can. I WILL watch my sugars and I WILL keep an eye on my cals. I WILL kick arse with my exercise regimen and do the best I can. I will not let laziness be an option. I WILL work hard. And I WILL do everything within my power to lose at least 7 lbs next month.

  • A gallon of water every day
  • Four (maximum) TRUE maintenance days, spread out
  • No "horrible" food/Limited fast-food
  • NO BINGING or over maintenance days
  • Be ON IT with scheduled exercise plan
  • Be at 236 by the end of the month

GIRLS: Sorry as always for being MIA. Just been keeping busy and not making time for *quite* so much on the net. 

Welcome to our newbies. 

Sounds like a few of you are struggling. HANG IN THERE. It's a fresh month, and there's time to rock it! 

Will try to check in again, soon! 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 26 2012
19:38 (UTC)

kathryn: *Waggles eyebrows* Muscles are sexy. Woo-hoo! ;)

kelly: Welcome! PM me, anytime. I'm on multiple times a day to log eats. I'm annoyingly gung-ho at the moment, so if you need me to yell at you, I will. 

niecy: EXCELLENT job, chick. I got a head start on ya and you're already kicking my butt. I have yet to complete a week 2 session, successfully. In fact, I'm totally backtracking to week 1 this week and giving week 2 another go next week. I keep trying, though!! Girl... Before ANY jog I seriously take a full 15 minutes to stretch, PLUS generally a full 10 minute warm up walk (not just 5 as recommended.) SO far... (Tap wood) my ankles, knees, etc. seem to be holding up better than expected. I do 3-5 minute warm up on the elliptical (you could jog in place, do run lunges, jumping jacks, whatever, but don't EVER stretch without doing some light cardio to warm up, first.) So do the warm up followed by: head rolls, lower back stretches, runners pose/stretch, quad stretches, calf stretches, a few arm circles and "huggers"... If my back is twinging me at all I'll even do a bit of downward dog and a few cat stretches. You can't over stretch, but you can certainly not stretch enough. Give it a go and see if that helps you with your tendon thing. You don't have to spend a ton of time, but I think it really helps. Frankly, I don't think a 5 minutes warm up walk is "enough" for a lot of people to be "ready" or to prevent strain and injury, but that's just my 2 cents.  

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 26 2012
04:03 (UTC)

kathryn: I truly hope your ankle is doing better. You have had the worst luck regarding injuries this year. Boo. :(

nicey: How did your first run(s) go? 

dolly: I'm sure trying. I know I've tried before, but this time feels a little... Different. Maybe I'm finally over the trying to cheat and the learning curve in general. I sure hope so. I really would like to hit 190's next year. *Daydreaming* :)

oons: Getting over bunging is TOUGH. I kind of have a feeling it's going to be a danger in my life "forever", but hopefully it gets rarer and rarer. Sorry about the stress triggers.

dutchess: WHOOT! Way to be rocking your classes. And glad the girls are doing okay. Hope you are, too. 

kathleen: Hope the new app helps you out. I think I'm going to start logging stuff manually, soon-ish. Like in a notebook. After all these years I just "know" the calories of so many foods and it'd just be easier, in the long run, I think. I still need to log, but CC is starting to feel "clunky" on some levels and I'm just not loving all the tweaks. I'm mostly still here for the forums!! Good luck on your 185 goal! It's going to depend totally on my October 1st weigh-in what I'm * actually* going to be able to do, but I'm trying (desperately) to get "caught up" and hope to be at 236 by the end of the month. That would be REALLY exciting for me. I have a vague memory of being in the 240's once upon a time and MAYBE seeing 239 once or twice, but I'm slowly getting into totally new numbers territory and it's just... Making me giddy. :)

oons (take two): So far, so good. I'm truly doing everything I can do. Whatever happens will happen, but I've been focusing on lower carb and have had 800-900 cal deficits the last few days. Activity went a little flaky the last few days but I'm having another go with Week 1 c25k, tomorrow. Week 2 killed me. I'll try it again, soon, but I'm not able to do it just yet. Going to keep at it, though! Hooray for being so much healthier! That's truly awesome. :) I truly laughed reading "no longer advising me to run vs. proceed in an orderly fashion to the doctor..."

speaking of: I have a doc appointment Friday for a check-up. I'm not real thrilled about it. I hate how doctor scales always seem to weigh me in 10 lbs heavier than my at home scale. I truly wonder if the doc's digital scale is all that accurate. I know mine fluctuates a bit, but it SEEMS fairly ok. I mean, you put 5 lbs on it, it weighs it at 5 lbs. I'd love to pull that trick at the doc's office, someday. "Excuse me, may I put this 10 lb dumbell on your scale? Because I hate it and I think it lies. Kay. Thanks." I know it's got to save them time, but I kind of miss the old school "clunky" scales. *lol* I EXPECTED to be fatter on those. I feel like the digi scales should stick together and be more in sync, darn it. I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it does. I think part of me is secretly waiting for some "validation"... Like a nurse looking at my chart and going, "Wow! You've really lost some pounds! Great job! Have a pat on the head and a cookie!" I know that's so silly. 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 22 2012
20:34 (UTC)

Hanging in there, girls. Deficits haven't been that amazing this month. Have lost 3 lbs, so far. I'd love to get 2 more off this last week. That only puts me one short of goal for September and leaves me all of October to lose 7 lbs. That'll get me back on "track" for my end of the year goal. 


Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 19 2012
15:06 (UTC)

W1 D3 complete! Starting week two of the program, tomorrow. I have by no means mastered week one. It's still TOUGH... But in essence... And in prime conditions... I know I can do it. SO... Working to conquer week two... Which I have a sinking feeling is going to take me more than 3 days to get through! :) BUT... Gonna keep at it!! 

ladies: I have been bloody MISERABLE the last couple of days. I thought it was the running, but I didn't run Monday, so, I don't think that's it. I have been just insatiably RAVENOUS like... All day. Constantly. Been driving me mad. I managed to eek out a -500 cal deficit Monday, but sadly yesterday was maintenance. At least I didn't binge. It was close, but I didn't. So I got to thinking maybe... Just maybe... It's been the oatmeal/fruit I've been eating the last couple of mornings, for early breakfast. So back to lower carb the next couple of weeks to see if that helps. And I hope jogging doesn't kill me. BUT... I figure... If I can do circuit training on lower carb, SURELY I can jog short distances??? I sure hope so. Really gotta get this figured out. STAT. 

oons: Glad you enjoyed your run! 

dolly: GOOD to see you! Holy cow, woman. Huge kudos. 78 lbs in year is FANTASTIC. Hope you are so proud of yourself! I'm proud of you. *lol* 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 17 2012
12:49 (UTC)

weekend: Behaved myself, yesterday, but was still "nervous" about weighing in. I'll see what the damage was, tomorrow. Cutting it close, but still HOPING I can pull off the full -6 lbs this month. Going to have to be beyond awesome the next couple of weeks, though. And have a *little* luck. We'll see. 

nicey: Way to get out and about! Hope your Monday Day 1 is awesome! Mmm... Chicken fajita tacos... Sounds divine! 

krista: Good luck! :)

kathleen: Maui!! How exciting! I won't lie. 2013 swim season is a motivation, already. Kind of silly. I'm certainly not going anywhere exotic, but still... ;) Yay! So happy for you.

kathryn: Grats on the inches! 135 seems SOOO tiny. How tall are you?? I totally understand about avoiding injury. Do what you need to do. I am being super paranoid/careful about my knees/ankles, so I understand. 

week 1 day 2: Was rough. Won't like. I had a TOUGH time getting through it. Did the best I could and am hoping tomorrow goes better. I am wondering if it was so rough 'cause I didn't fuel my body very well over the weekend... Of if the heat and humidity were sapping it out of me. Ah, well. It's gotta get easier, right?? 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 14 2012
16:43 (UTC)

week 1/Day 1 c25k: ROCKED IT! (Okay, it was hard, and I thought I was going to die a couple of times, but I didn't, and I made it.) Didn't falter once during a single jogging segment. Know I shouldn't be, but am feeling pretty darn proud of myself. I can jog for a whole 8 minutes a day! *lol*

oons: Good luck! It's "hard" but I think you'll enjoy it. (And hard is a relative term. It was tough on me, but might not be for you.) Either way... I hope you have fun!

kathleen: *Hugs* I hope you can have a restful weekend. I had a craptastic food day, yesterday. (Pizza. Frozen Yogurt. Darn.) Hang in there, babe. Way to get back on track. I hope you are feeling better, ASAP.

this weekend is going to be TOUGH. (Fun, but tough. Friends, Family, Food, and Beer.) Yowza. I'm basically just shooting for maintenance as "worst case" and working not to go OVER. But must be BACK TO IT on Sunday with strict South Beach approved eats and all that.  

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 13 2012
14:09 (UTC)

kathryn: I took a day to think about this before posting. Here are my thoughts: The elliptical is a totally different movement than walking/running. (To me it's almost like... Peddling a bike while standing up. At least, that's about the closest comparison I can think of.) Frankly, I was originally planning to use the elliptical for PART of my c25k training... The weather here is going to be cooling down, but it's also going to get flaky with rain, wind, etc. so I was wondering if I could at least use the elliptical part time... But I don't know if that would work. (Still don't. *lol*) Ultimately my thoughts are 1. If you want to do it, go for it, as it's still going to be a hella good cardio workout, BUT 2. Know that when/if you actually switch to walking/running you're going to be almost totally unprepared because it's just an entirely different kettle of fish. The motion and impact will be totally alien to what you're doing on the elliptical. Either way, though, good luck! As I said, it would still be a killer workout... You might even burn more cals than just the walk/jog combo! I am taking today day to use the elliptical (I think a lower impact day would be good for me, sore as I am.) I've done almost 2 weeks of DIY training... I'm going to go ahead and give Day 1 a shot, tomorrow. I'm excited!! 

niecy: Yeah, I've been invited out for Saturday, and I'm not even "supposed" to be drinking right now... Am doing another go with Phase 1 South Beach as my eats were positively INSANE at the start of the month. It was the only way I knew to reel myself back in!! We'll see. The bar scene doesn't even sound appealing at the moment. I have no real desire to go out. I wish I could think of something else to do with my friends that doesn't involve food/alcohol, but alas... That's what everybody else wants to do, so... ??? Still haven't decided if I'm just going to take a maintenance day or try to NOT drink for hours in a bar. *Sigh* Decisions, decisions.

mocha: Good luck on NROLFW! I hear great things. Sadly, I don't have any equipment advice as I'm not familiar with the program, but hopefully one of these other hotties will... 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 12 2012
15:29 (UTC)

nicey: I am a binge drinking queen. (Yeah, that sounds horrible, but it's true.) I used to bartend, etc. so I was around stuff just CONSTANTLY and all my friends were bartenders and while there are, of course, exceptions to EVERY rule, let me tell you that after bartending for 10 years, my experience is that when they're off duty, bartenders are prone to wanting to let their hair down and get their drink on! I've never been one to drink daily or anything, but that actually seems to be part of the problem. I LOVE to go out, I love to shoot darts, I love pretty much everything about beer. And since I'm a mom and all that jazz, I really don't get to go out all that often, so when I do I get *really* stupid, really fast.

It's been an issue with weight loss all around for me. If I drink I WILL drink too much. So there's a crap ton of empty calories from the beer. I'll be drunk, and my food "inhibitions" go straight out the window and I will shove anything available down my gob, and lots of it. Then I will be hungover the next day and eating ANYTHING I can get my hands on that I think I can keep down and NOT exercising, and pretty much laying on the couch all day wishing I could die. Then by day 3 I'm hopefully recovered from the hangover (sometimes not, sadly) but because I'm feeling better I want to have another day to eat anything I want to celebrate that I finally feel practically human. (It's taken me a long time to figure this out, btw.) *lol* I feel your pain! I hope you are doing much better today and girl... Even if you DON'T hit Onderland by Hallows it's gotta be *real* darn exciting that you'll probably be there by the end of the year. Hang in there! You can do this!! 

mocha: Good luck with bootcamp! I LOVE swimming. I wish I had pool access more than a few months a year, but am hoping to be down some pounds by next swim season so the prospect of a new suit is kind of nice... nicey explained the program to a T. I'm trying to alternate walking (eventually light jogging) every other day with some kind of strength training and keep that up at  least 6 days a week. (I'm honestly trying to do SOMETHING 7 days a week, not to be obsessive, but just to keep the habit going.) We all need frequent rest days so our bodies can recover, but it seems like if I miss ONE day, even if it's for legit recovery, that it sometimes leads me to miss 2 or 3 so I'm just trying to find ways to keep that from happening. If I at least go for a walk or do some stretching on my recovery days I'm hoping it will help me keep the ball rolling. 

kathryn: Do y'all have Bigelow Tea up North? I just found this LOVELY (kinda strange but lovely) vanilla chai from them. A little sweet, a little creamy, REALLY nice. I felt like I was having a "treat" last night drinking it! And totally guilt free as I brewed it with straight water... (Not realizing that traditionally it's made with water and milk.) Was thinking, though, that it would make a LOVELY "treat" as a cold milk tea. I'm thinking a bit of stevia sweetened coconut milk for a nice little 140 calorie dessert in my near future.... Mmmmm... 

oons: Good luck with your c25k session! Let us know how it goes. :)

me update: Well, if it's not a fluke, I officially hit my -30 lbs down (from my CC starting weight) mark today. I am happy, but do please understand that I started CC back in 2009, so this is something that should have happened ages ago. Still... August went really well and September seems to be, so I'm a happy rabbit. Am hoping to see some real progress with the last few months of 2012 and into 2013. I really hope this is "it", ladies. I've had so many stumbles and mess ups on my journey. I hope I'm really in the game this time around. 

Calorie Count WHY is this happening? Sep 12 2012
01:51 (UTC)

Thank you SO much, guys. I know it must seem like such a little thing, but I'm trying so hard to eat WELL and that CC grade is suddenly *really* important to me. 

Calorie Count WHY is this happening? Sep 11 2012
19:54 (UTC)
Original Post by bierorama:

Well, mods don't do much on the programming side of CC but I'll send Sheila a message and bring this to her attention.

THANK you so much. My apologies. For some reason I thought a couple of the people who sometimes act as mods (Igor, especially, zamees, etc.)  DID do some programming, bug fixing, etc. for the site. But I apologize if I misunderstood/misspoke.

Thank you so much for your help. I've been having a really rough time with this the last couple of weeks. 

Calorie Count WHY is this happening? Sep 11 2012
19:14 (UTC)

Still hoping to hear back from a mod. Any mod. Thank you! 

Weight Loss Ladies in their 30's and late 20's who want to lose about 100 lbs (or more) Sep 11 2012
15:56 (UTC)

mocha: Atta girl. "Mini" goals are SO good for the soul. You might try to (slowly) set up some not-weight related goals, too. Maybe something exercise oriented, or... Well, anything, really. Set mini challenges for yourself along the way. Like... One week you can focus on drinking water. The next week no fast food. So on and so forth until you've got a really healthy routine going that you can KEEP doing, most of the time. Then it becomes "habit" and you barely think about it. You just DO it, automatically. :) GOOD luck! I'm pulling for ya.

LADIES: Walk seemed to FLY by today. Was still sore/tired when I got home, but think I shaved a *few* minutes off my time. ALSO... Jogged more/longer. Nothing hella impressive. Like... Yesterday I was like, "I'm going to jog from this electric pole to the next." And I'd do it. And I'd feel like I was dying, after. (We're talking 10 or so seconds of jogging per go, okay?) So today I jogged between poles, and WASN'T dying, so I pushed on for two poles each time. In essence I "doubled" my time. (Yes, I realize that jogging for 20 seconds isn't that impressive, but I still feel like the PROGRESS is interesting.) Maybe that's why learning to run is "fun?" Because your body adapts so quickly that you can actually tell that you're improving from day to day and that's really... Motivating? (Like I know what I'm talking about. I don't. Just guessing, here.) ANYWAY... I'm *really* excited to start c25k and I'm trying to convince myself I could start "tomorrow" (and I suppose I COULD) but I'm REALLY trying to avoid injury, so I do think it would be good (impatient as I am!) to finish out this week, taking it slow, etc. I'll just be that much more ready this weekend, and I'll be better prepared.   

how y'all doin'?

Weight Loss weight loss Sep 11 2012
01:50 (UTC)

Sadly, we can't "spot reduce" during weight loss. THANKFULLY, for many of my friends, it seems like the face is one of the things that DOES start slimming down, fairly quickly.

But nothing is guaranteed. Unfortunately a lot of other problem areas (gut, thighs, upper arms, etc.) where a lot of people have *most* of their fat stored are the last places we actually end up losing from. It stinks, but that's just how it is. Hang in there and know that if you just keep at it, you ARE going to get the results you want... Eventually. :) 

The Lounge bands that generally suck, but have one good song. Sep 11 2012
01:32 (UTC)

I actually like a few by Staind. "It's Been Awhile" has always kind of haunted me.

Duran Duran "Come Undone". 

Calorie Count Don't mean to be rude but... Sep 11 2012
01:30 (UTC)

I think that most of the ED folks (whom I wish all the best) tend to post in the health/support area. If you're looking to lose weight check out the weight loss section of the forum(s). You might find a group more to your needs!