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Fitness Saving Knees while Running Jun 03 2011
20:06 (UTC)
I'm really enjoying the couch to 5k program so far. I had been running a bit before starting, so I started on week 3 since it seemed manageable. I've been logging my progress in my journal here and I think I may need to do an extra day or two of the week 3 program before I can realistically start week 4. The weather has become much warmer, which has affected my asthma and is kind of a setback. I'm not in any rush to make it to the end of the program and I would much rather take care of my body than try to get fast results. I am already thin, so I'm doing this for fitness rather than weight loss, and in my mind you can't keep fit if you are injured!! Today is a run day, but I'll try to incorporate more squats and full body exercises into what I do tomorrow.
Fitness Saving Knees while Running Jun 01 2011
21:57 (UTC)

So I got my new shoes finally and am going to use them a little later this evening once it cools down. I'll keep in mind to try not to land on my heels too hard. Speed isn't my goal right now. I'm just trying to build up to being capable of running for longer periods.

Thanks to everyone for the links and information. You are all such a wealth of knowledge!

Foods Bored survey! : ) May 30 2011
14:27 (UTC)

Yay quiz.

1) What was the last thing you just ate? Watermelon cubes and strawberries

2) What is your favourite restaurant? I'm not a big restaurant eater...

3) Pick a meal: Breakfast

4) Favorite dessert: cheesecake, pumpkin pie, pudding, creme brulee, ice cream

5) Favorite fruit: berries, apples

6) Favorite Sandwich: I wish I could eat sandwiches with their tasty tasty bread...

7) Go all out and make a meal plan. Whatever you want! For:

Dinner- leftover pork roast and potatoes

Lunch- whole cucumber, whole tomato, feta, balsamic dressing, berry smoothie

and Breakfast- fresh fruit salad

8) Do you watch cooking shows? Yes If so which cooking show makes you go crazy with all the yummy foods? The Best Thing I Ever Ate, or anything with lots of bread/cake Which one would you wanna be on? I'm not so awesome at cooking, so I don't know.

9) Milk: Whole, 2 %, Soy, or Skim? 1% for the win

10) What's your favorite bread? I'm fantasizing about bread now.

11) Thing you love eating (weird combo or something you made up) that people go "Wait whattttt?" Pumpkin pie without the crust. It's basically pumpkin pudding, and isn't THAT weird.

12) The best, best, bessssst thing to eat is: Smoothies or yogourt with fresh berries.

13) Right this moment I am craving pancakes.

14) Food I hate and wish did not exist is cream of wheat hot breakfast cereal... EWW!

15) Your choice and you choose: Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing, Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting, or carrot cake with cream cheese frosting? I hate you. :P

16) The best thing about eating dessert is how tasty it is!

17) The worst thing about eating dessert is most tasty desserts contain wheat and make me feel like I'm going to explode after I eat them.

Motivation Running in Bad Weather (grumble grumble grumble) May 18 2011
20:11 (UTC)

Good call, I never really thought of an indoor track. I despise treadmills - running on a moving belt as opposed to a firm surface really throws my movement off - so was hoping to avoid that.

Luckily the rain stopped for a while today so I managed to get outside!

Fitness Calories burned while horseback riding? May 18 2011
18:22 (UTC)

I'm not at all saying that jockeys don't ride them. I'm just saying that the type of work that horses at the track need to do to be successful is quite different than the type of work that horses in a jumper barn need to do to be successful. For that reason, the type of training/schooling those horses need is vastly different, and as such the people riding the two different types of horses will be doing different types of exercise. Different types of exercise burn different amounts of calories. I'm not sure which one would burn more, but I'm pretty sure there would be some difference.

Fitness Calories burned while horseback riding? May 18 2011
01:03 (UTC)

But the actual physical activity of galloping race horses and cantering a jumper course are completely different. Not saying one would burn significantly more calories than the other. Just stating that although it is all considered "horseback riding" the actual activities done on the horse's back are quite different and depend on so many factors.

The calories listed on this site are somewhere between a very brisk walk and a very slow run, which seems about right in my mind. I do think there is a lot more muscle work being done during riding than running though (just judging by how sore I tend to feel after each activity), so in my opinion it's slightly more strength oriented than cardio oriented.

Fitness Calories burned while horseback riding? May 17 2011
16:28 (UTC)

I think it's really hard to assign a generic caloric amount to horseback riding because the amount of work you do depends on so many things (discipline, level within discipline, horse's abilities/personality). I know I work harder with the fussy older mare who struggles to find a correct contact than I do with the young gelding who is new to lateral movements but is extremely willing and accepting of the bit. Dressage can be really hard work, and I've worked up a crazy sweat in just above freezing temperatures while wearing a t-shirt while riding.

I think of riding as "fun" though and tend to ignore any calories that may be burnt because of it. The heart rate monitor is a great idea if you really want to know though!

The Lounge I Really HATE That Term May 17 2011
16:16 (UTC)

I have always thought the term "skinnyfat" applied to me.

I have an extremely small frame. It's just how my body is. My BMI always falls in the "underweight" category, my body fat percentage is healthy but could be improved, and my fitness/strength level could easily be improved. I look alright in a bikini, but there are people who weigh more than me who look far better.

I think the term originated as a way to say that just because someone is thin, doesn't mean they are healthy.

Hearing it being used to describe someone of normal/healthy weight is kind of disturbing to me though.

The Lounge Going to the food doctor...update... May 17 2011
15:41 (UTC)

I went to see a nutritionist after I made the realization that the way I was eating was not healthy and I didn't know how to change on my own. My boyfriend kind of pushed me to go too.

I was so nervous about going. I cried at home before I went. After she asked my why I was there I opened my mouth to try to speak and just started crying instead. She was so nice about it and passed me a box of tissues and said that I wasn't the first person to cry in her office, and certainly wouldn't be the last either. I let her know that I had been trying to lose weight even though I logically knew I didn't need to, and that I had been going to some extreme measures to do so. I felt like I had verbal diarrhea because I was just rambling about all the aspects of my eating and body image problems.

She told me that she was proud of me for wanting to change my behaviour, and that she was there to give me tools to make the process of changing a little bit easier. She gave me a small pile of literature about healthy weights and trying to force your body to do things it didn't want to do. She also gave me some sheets that were meant to help me avoid behaviours (restricting, binging) that were destructive, but hard to kick (she also explained how restricting often leads to binging in the evening because your body is screaming at you to eat food, so the physiological tendency to binge would lessen as I started to eat more throughout the day).

The other thing she gave me was a booklet for recording stuff at meal times. I didn't write down the actual foods I ate, but checked off the food groups that were in the meal, wrote down the time I ate (was I eating close enough together?), how hungry I was before the meal, and how hungry I was after the meal, as well as any emotions I was feeling at the time. It really forced me to be aware of how my body felt and also gave her some concrete stuff to work from at our next visit.

We didn't really drag out much of the emotional stuff. She suggested that I go see a counsellor because she was there to help me through the physiological stuff rather than the psychological stuff. But she was a fantastic resource and helped me overcome some major issues. I still have everything she gave me tucked away in a box that has become a fortress of duck tape and "DO NOT OPEN"s (I never want anyone but me going into that box) because I know there are great resources in there if I ever fall back into my old habits.

Congratulations on making the decision to go see a nutritionist! Let us know how it goes!!

Weight Loss To all of you who are "not losing weight". May 17 2011
04:18 (UTC)

I love this post, especially points 1 and 4.

I am not trying to lose weight or get smaller, but I know that if I don't get out there and do the things I love, my asthma will get out of control and I'll have to start the whole conditioning thing over again.

Weight Loss My exercise buddy is sloooowwww May 17 2011
03:38 (UTC)

I'm much like poohb, but my friend and I are both okay with her running up ahead and then running back to meet me. It is the perfect time for her to do sprint sets too.

I can't talk for the life of me while I'm running, so don't care too much for having someone to chat with.

Maintaining calling ALL WOMEN....please list your maintenance stats!! May 11 2011
15:15 (UTC)

1. how tall are you? 5'10.5"

2. how much you weigh? generally 124-127 (sometimes hit 123 or 129). Yes, I know my BMI puts me slightly underweight, but my frame is tiny and I look healthy so I'm okay with it.

3. how many calories you eat for maintenance? 1700-1900 (I think) most days, but I'll eat extra at special events which probably ups the intake

4. how much exercise you get daily? cardio? strength? I really don't think about exercise as much as I should. Most comes in the form of horseback riding or going for walks or occasionally going to the gym. I should really start lifting weights again though.

5. how long you're been maintaining? Probably 8 or so months

6. How old are you? 23

Foods Stupid sodium. >.> Feb 09 2011
16:05 (UTC)

If you're eating a lot of sodium, you could always try to increase your potassium intake to balance out the ratio... I can't really remember the basic body chemistry stuff I learned, but I know that people with high blood pressure are often put on a low sodium, high potassium diet.

Foods Yummy or Yucky? Feb 09 2011
16:01 (UTC)

Yum! But only if it's made with a real chicken breast instead of those pre-formed chicken pieces.

Fondant on cakes?

Foods The 15 Worst Health & Diet Myths Feb 09 2011
15:57 (UTC)
Original Post by avodo:

I'll be honest, that's a pretty lame list.

I have to agree... it's the type of oversimplification that just makes people even more confused.

Foods Expired Granola Bars... Feb 09 2011
15:52 (UTC)

On a shelf-stable, low moisture item like granola bars, the "best before" date is usually based on sensory acceptability (how good they taste/look) rather than food safety, so it's likely safe to still eat them. Likely the worst thing that you will get are some oxidized flavours (ex. rancid nuts), but that's not really dangerous as much as it is unpleasant, haha.

I'd say that if they still taste good, eat them :)

Foods collecting truth on flax Feb 09 2011
15:47 (UTC)

Polyunsaturated oils (like omega-3s) are oxidized relatively quickly, so if you're buying ground flax meal, chances are the oils have already broken down. From what I understand, humans are not able to digest the seed coat on flax, and thus are not able to get to the germ - the part that is highest in oil - if they eat the seeds whole.

So long story short, I also agree with buying whole and grinding them before eating. :)

Recipes How do you jazz up your fish? Feb 09 2011
15:41 (UTC)

I make salmon when I'm feeling fancy (although there is nothing fancy about how I make it).

I rub it with a bit of olive oil, sprinkle the top with dill, and then squeeze as many lemons as I have into the pan and bake it. I like my fish really lemony, and I like the way a bit of dill tastes with salmon.

Recipes Looking for Student-Friendly Recipes Feb 09 2011
15:31 (UTC)

I have searched, but the whole beans and lentils and tofu thing doesn't really float my boat.

My family stopped having dinner together when I was around 13, so it's been about 10 years since I've actually had a sit-down family dinner other than Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter and so I just kind of don't know what dinner is supposed to be any more.

So I guess I'm wondering if anyone has new suggestions...

Edit: I guess I should add that I live in a house with all your typical kitchen stuff so it's not like I have to eat out of a can or something.