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Weight Loss Do I still look obese? Apr 02 2010
01:01 (UTC)
Original Post by alexandra1979:

You look brilliant! Not obese or overweight at all. And honestly, when your BMI is THAT close to being in the normal range then it might just be muscle weight anyway (if you lost weight by exercising as well as diet). Have you had your body muscle / body fat percentage measured?

No I haven't had either of those measured, but it might be a good idea to get it done at my gym. I've always been active (even when I was bigger) so I used to say that all my weight was located in my muscly (yet strangely flabby) thighs, maybe it's the actual truth these days though, haha.


missterror- I hope that you noticed there was no disclaimer in my compliment, because you are beautiful, as is, which will only be amplified as you move towards a healthier you. It is such a backhanded compliment and one I used to get all the time "you'd be so pretty if you weren't so fat"... uh, thanks a lot jerk off.


Everyone else: Thanks for your responses, the fact that you are surprised that I would still see myself as fat is reassuring to me. I have to admit that the thread title was me being slightly hyperbolic.

I was prompted to post this thread after having dinner with a very thin and very pretty "friend" of mine, who told me when I decided to order some dessert at a restaurant that "you know, you've come a long way, but you're still the biggest woman in the room and you're a long way from being normal, so I'd lay off the sweets if I were you"- I got up and left her with the bill saying that "I'd lay off being such a skinny, bitter little beotch if I were you". I'm glad that I stuck up for myself but her words cut really deep and only reinforced the paranoia I had about still being outside what people consider normal.

So once again thanks for giving your perspective, it has helped.

Motivation Not feeling 30lbs smaller on the inside. Apr 01 2010
12:11 (UTC)

I know exactly what you're going through (I even posted a thread in the weight loss forum asking for peoples opinion on my picture). I've lost about 60 pounds in the last year and I still can't see the changes in the mirror.

Sure, pants no longer fit and the scales reflect a much smaller me, but I still see the same fat girl staring back. One thing that has helped me is looking at old pictures and comparing them to current ones, you can't deny what is right in front of your face with a side by side comparison.

When you've been overweight for most of your life, it's hard to adjust the way your view yourself.


I just want to echo that 30 pounds in such a short amount of time is a lot to lose, but well done on losing it, that is no mean feat, so a big congratulations to you :D

Motivation guilt when eating? Apr 01 2010
11:25 (UTC)

It's really hard to get past that guilt, I know where you're coming from. What you need to remember is that it took you LOTS of effort and LOTS of time to lose the weight, so regaining it will not happen overnight if you accidentally consume a box of krispy kreme (yes, guilty as charged right here). The important thing is to not make the same mistake the next day and get right back on the healthy eating bandwagon.

Weight Loss Why Can't I Lose??? Apr 01 2010
11:20 (UTC)

Another post agreeing with myoelastic. It is so easy to forget certain things that you consume throughout a day, often the smallest (and tastiest) things have the most calories that can really blow out your intake.

I suggest keeping a diary of what you're eating, use online calculators to determine how many calories your approximately burning during your workouts to make sure you getting a calorie deficit every week. Do that for a month and if you're completely honest you should see a reduction on the scales. Warning it may not be huge, maybe only a few pounds, but you should see a difference. If not, you may have a thyroid condition and in that case, see your doctor.

Weight Loss Do I still look obese? Apr 01 2010
11:10 (UTC)

@thedomesticdiva: Haha, I know how ridiculous it is, but I still won't go into what I used to call 'skinny biatches' stores because I still feel out of place in there, not to mention I don't really have the budget. My fat clothes actually look worse on me now then they did before because I lost weight as they're extremely loose. Vintage shopping is a great idea, I might use my time off over Easter to invest in a new wardrobe. The only new clothes I've bought have been gym related.


@missterror: Thankyou! I've always secretly wanted someone to be jealous of my body (wow, that sounds really terrible). You'll get to your goal, I know you will. Personally you've got a gorgeous face that I'm jealous of... there's always trade offs :D


Everyone here is so kind and encoruaging. I wish I would have joined up a long time ago (when I started losing) instead of lurking around.

Weight Loss Do I still look obese? Apr 01 2010
00:06 (UTC)
Original Post by thedomesticdiva:

You look GREAT!!! Congratulations... I doubt it will be long until you catch a glimpse of your self in a store window and wonder who the beautiful person is!!! How do you feel? Do you still feel like you are lugging around all that weight you lost? Can you move differently yet? Run further or dance longer? Here is a big one!!! Can you touch your toes? Cause I can't that is  a goal of mine. Also to be able to comfortably move.

Maybe you need a little make-over.. A new haircut, color and a fab new outfit.. A night out with your favorite person. I always feel more beautiful when I go out with my best friend, all of the wine and chit chat changes me into a sex goddess.

Look for ways to find beauty in yourself other than looking in the mirror...Appreciate all the new cool things you can do since you lost 55 lbs. Which is awesome by the way!!!!!!!!

Your posts a great reminder about why I started to lose weight in the first place (it was for my health, and not for the aesthetics). I am fitter now and can touch my toes, and I'm sure you'll be there with me soon enough (believe me if I can lose the weight through diet and excercise everyone can). All your suggestions are good too, I am still wearing most of the same clothes I had when I was bigger and I really need to go shopping!


Shandyite: Thanks for your concern, but I don't actually think it's possible for me to be anorexic as it takes a long time for me to lose weight, these last 10kgs are not going anywhere, lol. Seriously though, I know how dangerous body distortion is and that's why I needed some perspective on what I look now and you're 100% right, I NEED to start listening to them.


Thanks once again for your kind words everyone, even though I can see from my long time lurking of CC that you are very supportive and kind when it comes to thsi sort of the thing, I believe that you gave honest opinions. Good luck with all of your weight loss goals :D I'll be right here with you trying to get to my goal.

Weight Loss Do I still look obese? Mar 31 2010
15:50 (UTC)
Original Post by mperic81:

Normal. For sure. But part of me feels like you already new that....


Logically I know I've lost a lot of weight, so my head tells me one thing, but the way I feel about my weight defies all logic and I still feel FAT. It's hard to explain.

Thanks for your answers everyone, I just need to start believing in what people tell me and start seeing myself the way I really am now.

Weight Loss Do I still look obese? Mar 31 2010
14:41 (UTC)

Haha ain't that the truth! Body perception and distortion is bizarre, hence why I'm resorting to the internet to get a different perspective on where my body stands

Weight Loss Do I still look obese? Mar 31 2010
14:32 (UTC)

25.5, so still overweight and I'm intending on losing another 10 or so kgs. I guess it is just really hard to get past seeing myself as HUGE when it's all I identified with for so long. Honestly, I look in the mirror and I still see the +100kgs me staring back and it's even worse if I catch my reflection on the street.

Weight Loss How do you feel when someone compliments your weight loss? Mar 31 2010
14:29 (UTC)

Honestly it feels awkward and I'm not sure how to take it. I offer a gracious thank you and try and change the subject as quickly as possible. The biggest problem that I have is that I *know* from the scales that I've lost weight but I cannot see it when I look in the mirror. I think I was also in denial about just how big I was so I do get a little offended when people are literally blown away if they haven't seen me in months.

Cannot wait until I'm at my goal and I'm there for a few years so my weight isn't an issue anymore.