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Weight Loss What's everyone's weight loss goal for 2013? Jan 11 2013
20:54 (UTC)
My goal is to lose 85 pounds this year.
Weight Loss What's everyone's weight loss goal for 2013? Jan 11 2013
20:54 (UTC)
My goal is to lose 85 pounds this year.
Foods Almond Milk! Dec 31 2011
18:34 (UTC)

Not everyone likes soymilk or regular milk.  Almond milk is the only kind I can stand to drink.

Foods Almond Milk! Dec 29 2011
00:58 (UTC)

Yeah, almond milk is amazing.

Weight Loss Who else is dying to break into the next "decade"?! Mar 20 2010
23:50 (UTC)

I'm at 175 so I'm not really close to the next decade but I still can't wait to get to 169 because it will be the first time in that decade in 15 years.

Weight Loss Does this drive anyone else batty? Mar 01 2010
23:22 (UTC)

Oh yes.  Touch my food and you're likely to walk away with broken fingers. :) 

Weight Loss I hate PMS ruins my diet Mar 01 2010
22:07 (UTC)

I know how you feel.  I went on a 4 day long eating free-for-all and I didn't even associate it with pms because my period came early this month for some reason.  But I got extra emotional because I was like what's wrong with me and why can i not quit eating!

Weight Loss Girl Scout Cookies!! Feb 28 2010
22:32 (UTC)

I'm a big fan of the thin mints.  I'll allow myself four of those a day, which is 160 calories. 

Weight Loss Made me feel better Feb 09 2010
05:17 (UTC)

I know it's just because I look at myself every day but still..

I still have to get rid of my stuff but I'm going to keep at least one pair of pants forever.

Weight Loss Ate like a pig......lost 3 pounds? Feb 09 2010
05:05 (UTC)

Yeah.. right before aunt flo visited me I had an uncontrollable craving for cupcakes.  Seriously, one day I had 2000 calories just in cupcakes. Well, guess what happened?  I'm down 3 pounds too O_o

Weight Loss Weight loss, new body, will this jumpersuit fit? Feb 09 2010
04:55 (UTC)

That is soo cute! I think you could do it :D

Weight Loss Heavy Metal for weight loss Feb 09 2010
00:46 (UTC)
Original Post by healthisinplease:

Jimi Hendrix?

Try deicide or nightwish. maybe epica or fintroll.


Finntroll is my favorite music to work out to :D

Weight Loss Free Day... Feb 08 2010
04:35 (UTC)

I don't have cheat days.  If I want something I just find some way to fit it in.

Weight Loss Friends who claim they dont eat Feb 07 2010
15:13 (UTC)

Heh, there was this girl at work.. well lets just say she was a bit of a nutcase anyways.  Well, one night she was like oh I haven't eaten for three days.  Which was funny because I'd just watched her eat a sandwich the night before.  After she said that she hadn't eaten I watched her eat a hamburger and then later she told other people that she hadn't eaten in three days. 



Weight Loss Ideal BMI Feb 07 2010
01:04 (UTC)

Well, I don't really know.  Right now I'm just aiming for 24.9 but I'll see how that looks on me and decide whether or not to go lower.

Weight Loss Tell the truth...! Feb 05 2010
22:59 (UTC)

What is your number one reason to lose weight, OTHER THAN getting healthy?
I'm tired of being the fat chick.

What is one food you absolutely cannot have in your house?
Cookies and cupcakes. Well, really cake of any kind.  I tend to scarf those things down,

What is your magic "goal weight" number?
164 as I will be in the normal weight range at that weight.

Name 3 moments you're looking forward to in the next year!
Being at a normal weight for the first time since I was little, buying pants in a single digit size for the first time ever, and wearing sleeveless shirts without feeling like my arms are too fat.

Who is the one person who hinders your weight loss success?
Really, no one.  Everyone's been really supportive.

Who is your biggest fan and supporter on your weight loss journey?
Probably my mom as she's trying to lose weight as well.

What is one piece of advice you'll never forget?
This weight wasn't put on overnight so it's not going away overnight either.

Would you rather look good in a bikini, or be able to run a marathon?

How long do YOU think it will take you to get to goal?
Well, I have about 20 pounds to go so I hope it won't take more than three or four more months.

What's the hardest part of your day, food-wise?
When I work until 2am, it's right after I get off of work.  I always want to eat at that time even if I'm not hungry.

Which body part are you most unhappy with?
My hips/thigh area

Would you rather see 1 pound lost every week, or a sudden 4 pound drop in th month?
One pound a week. 

Weight Loss Quick Fix to Weight Loss Feb 05 2010
22:17 (UTC)

Yes, I know what you mean.  Sometimes I'm like I don't want to work for this, I want it now! But yeah, I'm pretty impatient lol.  I have to remind myself that I didn't put on 60 extra pounds overnight so I'm not going to take it off overnight either.

Another thing that helps is to think about how when I get to my goal weight it will be the only time since I was like 8 that I've been at a normal weight :D.

Weight Loss What is the most ridiculous weight loss tip you have ever heard? Feb 05 2010
22:04 (UTC)
Original Post by acretin:

Anyone remember the days when there used to be the "Gloria Stevens"  workout centers?  Ok, well they weren't really "workout" centers.  They had machines you would get on and put a belt around your hips and the belt would jiggle all your fat.  My grandmother bought one of those things that she used to use at home.  I think about it now and I can't help laughing.


HA! My mom used to have one of those belts.  And no, she didn't lose any weight.

Weight Loss Do you have someone like this in your life? Jan 25 2010
23:42 (UTC)

Oh goodness, you have got to be kidding me.  I have this mental picture of her chowing down on a big mac saying "you know, that'll make you fat."  I know it must drive you crazy, but the mental picture was funny to me.


But no, I have no one like that in my life now fortunately.

Weight Loss Bad food habit you cant break? Jan 25 2010
06:58 (UTC)

I'm addicted to movie theater popcorn too.  I haven't been to the movies in ages but when I do go I go ahead and buy the kids size because I can't enjoy the movie without it. :P


Another one is cupcakes.  I just stay away from those.