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Pregnancy & Parenting Numb Hands Jan 06 2010
20:42 (UTC)

i got relief from my chiropractor. 



Weight Loss My 3 biggest tips on losing weight... Jul 22 2009
17:12 (UTC)

great tips thanks!

Weight Loss You can tell you've been dieting too long when... (just for fun!) Jun 18 2009
22:03 (UTC)

when you go into a restaurant and someone your with orders something and you know exactly how many calories it has in it and you can tell them exactly how many it does have then they dont want it anymore.  LOL 

Fitness pulled/tore a muscle today!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! May 18 2009
21:56 (UTC)

i pulled a muscle during step class one night it was so sore i couldnt even hardly walk on that night.  I just alternated ice and heat and took ibuprofen and it was better in like 3 days.  I never saw a doctor.  do you stretch really good before you exercise?




Motivation I want ice cream.....HELP!!!!! Mar 12 2009
23:58 (UTC)

My mom eats frozen yogurt she gets the chocolate and i was over there the other day and she gave me a bite of it and it was really good.  I think it has less fat and calories than ice cream and better for you.  Or do what i do i just have a serving of Edy's slow churned ice cream they have a TON of differnt flavors and most of the 1/2 cup servings dont go over 150 calories.  I have it when im really craving ice cream. 

Health & Support PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) Feb 19 2009
18:11 (UTC)

I have PCOS and it sucks right now because i am unisurable due to this disease!!!  Well anyways since i have that rant out of the way, it really helps me if i eat a low carb high protein diet i lose alot of weight that way.  I am exercising 5 days a week at the YMCA too.  Exercise is important.  The endocrinologist i see has me on a new drug called Glumetza i take 2000 mg daily.  It has less side affects than metformin which gave me awful diarrhea!! Good luck!


Fitness Curves? Feb 12 2009
13:57 (UTC)

Save your money! I hated it! I was stuck in a contract for 2 years!!!! Would never do it again!


Fitness Joined the YMCA ! YEAH! :) Feb 10 2009
02:58 (UTC)

So lala what actually do you do in yoga?

Fitness Joined the YMCA ! YEAH! :) Feb 09 2009
19:59 (UTC)

Cool! I would love to work there one day too! So what classes do you go to there? My hubby and i were kind of interested in the yoga classes but he is afraid he wont be able to do all those stretches they do ha ha ha  I may try my first step class tonight. 



Fitness Anyone here a member of the YMCA? Feb 06 2009
01:02 (UTC)

Awesome guys thanks! I think i may go with this then.  I went on their try the Y one day about a year ago and it is nice but i didnt ask them many questions we just wanted the free day!! LOL  But i like that you dont have a contract.  I joined Curves a couple years ago and i was stuck in a two year contract and HATED it! I lost maybe 7 pounds! So i think i would like the Y because the whole family can come! you all have made my decision so much easier thanks!


Weight Loss Wanting to eat more at night Jan 29 2009
03:55 (UTC)

I guess i am a grazer really? Small meals satisfy me more i guess.  The reason i try to eat my big meal at lunch is that i have more time to burn it off i guess.  Then by the end of the night im out of calories.  OH well back to the drawing board.  Thanks guys for your suggestions i will try them.



Weight Loss what's better juice or diet soda??? Jan 14 2009
18:44 (UTC)

I have kicked my diet soda habit! Yeah! Since one of my new year resolutions was to quit it! I now drink more water, juice and unsweetened tea.  I feel better not drinking it.  Juice is much better for you but it does have alot of sugar in it maybe go for a light version?  I have heard some people add club soda to it to make it fizzy because some people miss the fizz from it. 



Weight Loss Oh where, Oh where did the weight loss go!!!!!! Jan 14 2009
18:41 (UTC)

Eating protein will make you feel fuller longer do you eat alot of protein? Fiber is a big thing too and drinking water.  Alot of people often mistake thirst for hunger (dehydration).  Believe me when i first got here it took awhile for my weight loss to start for others it's easier maybe.  Keep doing what your doing and it WILL happen. 




Weight Loss I want chocolate...NOW Jan 14 2009
18:13 (UTC)

They say if you eat dark chocolate it's better for you plus you dont want as much of it.  (like you do milk chocolate)  Or like the others say i dont think deprivation is the way if you must just remember portion control! If you deprive yourself of something you love you want it all the more. 




Motivation urgh just saw a picture of me taken at the weekend Nov 19 2008
18:24 (UTC)

I am my own worst critic isn't everyone though?  You look great!! I have lost about 50 pounds this year and i still "look" fat in pictures even though i have lost that much but i am shorter than you and was heavier than you too.  Im sure the picture wasn't as bad as you think it was.  I am just not photogenic so i DO run and hide when the camera comes out.  You only have one picture up so i cant really tell you anymore than that but your profile pic you dont look fat to me just my 2 cents worth.  Try to focus on getting healthy and not worrying about what you look like because to me if you focus too much on the appearance i would be worried about developing an eating disorder too.  Could you maybe get some pictures together of when you WERE heavier then put the pic you hate (the one your talking about) and put them side by side im sure you will see difference. 



Weight Loss OMG meals/snacks you used to eat Nov 05 2008
14:41 (UTC)

i once ate an entire bag of oreos with a huge glass of skim milk.  It felt good when i did it but after i ate it oh regret!!


Weight Loss My Scale Won't Move!! Nov 04 2008
21:27 (UTC)

Are you logging EVERYTHING you eat? I made the mistake of not doing that and i was eating way more than i thought back in the day.  There was NO way i could go by what CC told me eat because the scale wasn't budging at all like you i have to stay at 1450 or less but i DO NOT go under 1200 ever!! Might just need to add more exercise to your routine too.  That really helps with weight loss.  ALot of my problems were emotional eating and i am starting to get a grip on that now.  I am listening to a Paul Mckenna hypnosis tape at night before i go to sleep and it's helping me, whatever he is saying it's helping me out during the day im not as hungry now.  Well good luck and the scale should start moving soon!! Dont be discouraged!!


Weight Loss How much did you weigh last year at this time and what do you weigh now? Nov 04 2008
21:17 (UTC)

Well technically does mine count i was pregnant this time last year i weighed in at around 270 at this time last year and now i weigh around 226! :) 


Health & Support Ah I hate sinuses! Nov 02 2008
22:19 (UTC)

Just bought my neti a week ago at Rite Aid and I have not had anymore problems with my sinuses!! I LOVE IT!! :)  It IS creepy when the water comes out the other side of your nose LMAO!!! I feel so much better now! Thank God for neti pots!!


The Lounge survey! Nov 02 2008
18:01 (UTC)
Original Post by eerica:

this survey's kinda random and all over the place, but oh well. i rarely see surveys in the "weight-loss" forum, so i thought i'd add one. enjoy!

1) what's your name?: Clarice

2) male, or female?: i'm a girl.

3) how old are you?: 37 years old will be 38 next month

4) how tall are you?: 5'5"

5) how much do you weigh currently?: 227

6) are you happy with your body?: not really.

7) what's your favorite calorie-reduced product? (sugar-free yogurt, calorie-wise mayo, etc): sugar free jello of course

8) do you try to eat clean??? What does this mean?

9) do you have a gym membership?: nope

10) when was the last time you went to the gym, or exercised? Friday

11) what's your favorite form of exercise?: walking

12) what's your least favorite form of exercise?: running

13) do you strength-train?: no

14) how often do you go to the gym or exercise?: try to 5 days a week, take a break on weekends.

15) does anyone else exercise with you? (friends, family, etc): yep, hubby and my 10 month old gets strolled :)

16) what's your #1 food weakness?: cake

17) do you actually drink enough water?:no probably not

18) how many more pounds to do you want to lose?: weigh 227 right now but would love to at least get under 200 pounds my first goal is to get under 200 then will work on making it to 180 then i eventually want to weigh 150! Would do cartwheels if i made it to 150!

19) do you own a food scale?: yep. it's old, but it works.

20) are you craving anything right now?: no, just ate a salad with grilled chicken