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The Lounge dealing with death Feb 02 2011
18:02 (UTC)

 thanks to everyone again for your advice!

i've let him pretty much lead the way and i think he's starting to feel a bit better about it. conversations have now pretty much returned to normal, and i think after the funeral he was able to deal a bit with it as noone could believe what had happened anyway.


thanks again to all, and sad to hear how many have gone through something so sad!


(spirochete - i've only been qualified a year and a half now, but in the uk (where i trained) medical school is only 5 years, and granted my picture was taken in my first year of university! i am still only 24 years though, but i look older now, so don't feel too jealous!)

The Lounge dealing with death Jan 23 2011
21:45 (UTC)

thanks for your reply. It helped a lot :)

I think the hardest is that I'm not there with him. I don't think I would need to say anything, but just to be there to give him a shoulder to cry on and a hug would be all he would need for now I think. It's harder to think that before all this we would talk every night for a good few hours and now I can't even hold a 5 minute conversation without going silent.


I'll try and give him as much space as I can. Thanks again.

The Lounge Sexy Ugly Celebs? Feb 16 2009
22:32 (UTC)

ooooh Jeremy Irons. 

It's the sexy voice that gets me every time.

Fitness sports bra Feb 16 2009
22:30 (UTC)

Try the ShockAbsorber bras. I have one and I'm a size 32E and my breasts do not move when I go running! Its wonderful! There are 4 levels, the higher you go, the better for high impact sports.

Here's a link:


Health & Support Broken toe?? Feb 08 2009
21:40 (UTC)

if you haven't physically done anything to your toe, its most probably not broken. It's more likely that you bruised your nail and now its all purple and painful. I've had this in both big toes because of tight shoes. 

Young Calorie Counters Would it make you mad if... Feb 01 2009
01:43 (UTC)

edit - just to make it clear, my boyfriend doesn't hit on girls! the only thing he does is that he says 'oh she's pretty' but only in a teasing way :)


and i love james dean too!! so hot :D

Young Calorie Counters Would it make you mad if... Feb 01 2009
01:31 (UTC)

It depends on how he does it. My boyfriend does it just to tease me (in a nice way) and I laugh along with it. I think if I got pissed off about it, that's when he'd become more mean about stuff like that. If you're boyfriend is actually leering at these women (whether friends, other girls or celebrities) then I think it's time to dump him ;p

Foods What is a creamy cheese? Feb 01 2009
01:29 (UTC)

How about something like brie or camembert without the 'skin'? they're both really creamy already, so i guess when melting it should be even creamier :)

The Lounge Coolest name you've ever heard? Jan 29 2009
20:15 (UTC)

I've always loved the name Danaë (pronounced Da-na-ee) which is a Greek name. My mom was going to call me this but at my dad's begging, they named me after my grandma - Katerina.

I like both names :)

The Lounge Being lazy Jan 29 2009
18:28 (UTC)

thanks! i like the fact that you call it mojo, i may start doing that as well!

i've read in many places that a little exercise in the morning does wonders for waking you up, i'll try that tomorrow morning!!

Weight Loss Determining Frame Size Jan 29 2009
14:41 (UTC)

I personally think that the frame size is very inaccurate. I'm of a medium build as I am quite tall but not of the tallest or biggest people that I know, yet I am not petite either. Nevertheless, my fingers do overlap on both my wrists, only because my wrists are tiny!


The Lounge Google Chrome Sep 07 2008
13:14 (UTC)

been using Chrome since it came out and it's great! I agree with another previous post - Adblock would be awesome to have!! 

Also, perhaps they could fix the non-spam popups that come on some sites, like on facebook? (just to give an example ;p)

Health & Support Lost Tampon Problem! Sep 06 2008
22:16 (UTC)

my advice is to go see a doctor and get a test to see whether you have a bladder infection or even a vaginal infection, which can go away with antibiotics. You don't want to have consequences because it seems as if that tampon was in for a looong time (and thankfully you didn't get toxic shock syndrome as someone mentioned above). 

hope this helps!

The Lounge Long rant/drama with friends.. Jul 27 2008
02:41 (UTC)


Weight Loss Mediterranean Diet Jul 24 2008
20:23 (UTC)

Extra virgin is the best :) I bought virgin once and i hated the taste of it! Then my parents came to visit and bought me a huge tub of extra virgin Greek olive oil (I'm Greek btw ;p). It has such a different taste than any other oil and I can't think of anything I would switch it with. For example, my mom usually uses sunflower oil to make popcorn, but I use olive oil, just because I like it.

I guess the whole canola oil or other oil switch would be because it has slightly less calories and is less dense overall than olive oil. Loads of research has gone into it and has shown that olive oil actually is really really good for you. I guess if you watch your calories it's worth the better taste (and health benefits!) in the end.

About the spout thing.. I get the same! I've been looking everywhere for a food safe spray bottle to put my oil in so I get less whenever I use it :(

Good luck!

Weight Loss Mediterranean Diet Jul 24 2008
11:19 (UTC)

Among the usual healthy foods (fruit, veggies, fish etc) the diet also contains... *drum roll*

OLIVE OIL. It's the Mediterranean staple. Put it on your salads, cook with it, fry with it, etc. (Watch your calories though, it can be easy to over do olive oil.. as I have found out ;p)

Fitness Better to eat before or after? Jul 23 2008
12:04 (UTC)

It depends really on the person. I tend to eat after I workout because eating before makes me nauseous, just like you. Some people eat only a small snack before workout to boost their energy which may be beneficial in the morning seeing as you need something to keep you going. Perhaps you can try eating something small and then waiting for about an hour or so until the food has digested. I doubt it makes a difference eating before or after a workout, it's really a matter of choice.

Hope this helps!

The Lounge cruggs Jul 21 2008
21:45 (UTC)

so yeah they're comfy.. but so are my sneakers!

no need for ugliness. Even surgeon's shoes look better than crocs (they're not really the same.. no holes and they just look so much better)

and wow.. the crocs with the heels are an abomination...

Health & Support Except for pregnant women, why do people say they "crave" a food when they really just want the taste of it? Jul 19 2008
16:18 (UTC)

I've read somewhere that it's a body response to whatever's missing. So for example if your blood sugar is low, you may crave donuts or something similar. Personally I believe it's mental cravings rather than real. Happens mostly when you cut out foods and then just feel the 'need' to eat because it's forbidden.

*Runs off to eat chocolate*

Pregnancy & Parenting constipation Jul 19 2008
16:09 (UTC)

Can't really answer about the alcohol, I doubt it did harm. Many women continue to drink throughout their pregnancy and their babies are fine (I'm not endorsing it though!).

About the constipation - it's completely normal during pregnancy. There are loads of different changes going on in your body during pregnancy which tends to reduce the motility of your gut causing you to not go as often as you would like. My advice is to keep eating healthily with plenty of fibre and if it really gets too bad for you, just go see your doctor.

Hope this helps!