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Weight Loss I gained 10 pounds in a week!! HELP! May 20 2011
11:41 (UTC)

If you had a lot of salty foods you are probably suffering from water retention. I doubt you could have picked 10 lbs in a week. Each pound of fat is approx 3500 k/cal, to gain 10lbs you would need to eat 35000 calories! Now this is 35000 on top of your BMR (see the Burn Meter tool in the Tools section of this site). So whatever your burn rate is, mine is around 1800, you would need to eat 35000 calories on top of that! If it were me, I would need to eat 47600 calories a week to gain 10lbs.

Give it a few days, drink lots of water, eat healthily and check your weight in a weeks time. I would imagine it would drop considerably and you will know the true weight you have gained.


Weight Loss LighterLife diet: A bride to be dies while on this crazy diet Sep 09 2009
11:37 (UTC)
Original Post by gi-jane:

It's a pity the coroner couldn't point the finger at the starvation diet as being the likely cause.  The spokesperson from LighterLife sounds a little too complacent in the circumstances.

I agree, I think they were glad the coroners report couldn't point a finger at them.

The coroner said: 'The evidence cannot point one way or the other as to whether her indulging in that diet has in any way caused or contributed to her death,' he added.

LighterLife said: We were very sad to hear the news about Samantha. However, we must emphasise that the coroner has stated the LighterLife Programme could in no way be associated with her death.'

Its interesting how they reword what the coroner said in their statement to make it seem like the coroner dismissed any link between the death and the diet.


Weight Loss Portion control - amazed at what a 'real' portion looks like! Sep 02 2009
15:05 (UTC)

I use a digital scale to get an idea of what the portion size should be. Once I'm happy with that I don't weigh that particular food item too often. I need to know things like, what does a cup of cooked rice look like?

I am amazed by how much my portions have reduced since I've started to change my lifestyle. I'm an overeater and keeping control of the portions is vital. One good thing about weightloss taking time is that you get used to smaller portions over time and wonder how you ever managed those huge portions.

I try to get my eyes used to the portion sizes so that when I am out and about I can estimate roughly how much I'm consuming. So I will weigh items a few times and then only occasionally to make sure I'm staying at the right portion size and it hasn't crept up.

Here are some tips I found on regarding controlling portions.

10 Ways to Control Portions

Motivation It's going to take did you stay motivated at the beginning? Aug 28 2009
11:39 (UTC)

This is the very thing that puts most people off when they try to lose weight. We all want to do it quickly. This is why people do crazy fad diets, which often end up being harmful to your health and you end up putting weight back on and then some. Even now I sometimes get tempted to click on adverts that promise quick weightloss methods. I have a few more pounds to shift but now I'm a lot more realistic about reaching my target.

The thing is, it took me years to put on the weight. It wasn't a sudden process and it had a lot to do with the fact that my lifestyle had gone from very active to sedentary. My food in take remained the same as it was when I was very active. By the beginning of 2005, I was classed as obese and weighed in around 190lbs (I'm only 5'2 and so that was very bad for me).

Things were not very good, I found it difficult finding clothes that fit because I was short as well as being fat. I used to wake up at night gasping for air as I would stop breathing in my sleep. Sometimes I would get out of bed and sit on a step trying to shake that feeling of suffocation. I had become lazy and lethargic. I was reluctant to do anything and this affected my lifestyle.

I tried losing weight by attempting some diets (like Atkins), but I couldn't stick at it. Changes were not happening fast enough for my liking. Actually the reality was I wasn't ready. When I gave up smoking I had got myself all clued up on the pros and cons and made a firm decision to quit. I managed to kick the habit. This was back in 2001 after which I put on some weight because of it.

A friend of mine is a fitness instructor and back when we were younger we used to train together. He tried to get me motivated many times to get moving but it didn't work. I came up so many excuses, I think back and wince at how lame they were.

Eventually in 2005, I moved to my current job and I knew I had to do something about my weight. That first year I actually increased my intake of food, especially junk food as some of my colleagues enjoyed eating out for lunch. I had tried the atkins diet and others prior to this but failed. I knew I had to get myself in the same frame of mind as I did when giving up smoking. This process took me about a year before finally I decided to make some changes. This time it was gradual, I had started to read about dieting sensibly and spent a lot of time doing some research online (as I had done for smoking). I looked at various diets, bought some books but didn't make a start until the summer of 2006.

I started by joining my colleagues in 5-a-side football (soccer), which is a fast paced game. I also joined some of them on a charity bike ride. I started to cut down my food and make changes in food choices. I wasn't dieting but I started to cut out junk foods and eat it less frequently. I am a foodie and love food which includes healthy stuff, so that kind of change is not hard for me.

I was still researching and hadn't made a serious commitment to tackle the weight. By the end of 2007, I had lost around 16lbs, which had made a whole world of difference already. At this point a friend of mine became a Herbalife distributor and he convinced me to try the shakes. Well it did work and for about 4 months I took them and I lost the bulk of the weight I wanted. I discovered in reality all the shakes did for me was to make me fell fuller for longer and was nothing more then calorie control. I discovered CC in January 2008 and started logging calories. I found that I wasn't eating enough. I had already lost 13lbs after the first month of drinking the shakes. So I continued and also started logging the calories.

I reached an interim target and stopped with the shakes.I continued calorie counting now realising that the shakes were useful but I was better counting the calories and making sensible food choices. By May 2008, I had gone from 173lbs down to 138lbs.  The lowest I reached was 135lbs by August. My goal at that time was to lose 2lbs more. A trip to Paris and relaxing on the calorie counting I gained some weight and lost it again. After being on a strict diet my body seemed to be rebelling a little and I was diet fatigued and so stopped counting. I gained weight back slowly and by early part of this year I had gone back up to 148lbs. I have started to tackle that and now I've dropped down to 142lbs.

I've learned a lot of things in that time. One of them is that it will take time. I want to reach a goal of 126lbs, which was my weight when active. I am a lot fitter now and my food choices are healthier. I am changing my lifestyle and that is what takes time. To break those bad habits, to put in place good habits. You get many Aha moments.

Stick with CC and people on the forum, they are great source of support. My life has changed around greatly. I am so glad I have taken this journey and now I'm happy to continue the journey, its one that is going to last a lifetime because I don't want to get up 3am in the morning scared that I can't breath, worried about the onset of diabetes (there is family history), not being able to run around with my kids etc.

So please don't give up!

I apologise for the long post.

Foods Why Broccoli?! Why?! Aug 13 2009
15:04 (UTC)
Original Post by victoriagirl:

I am sad that cookies are so high in calories. Anyone, anyone?

I'll sign your petition :P

I remember a colleague gave me a belgian choc chip cookie. It tasted so good and I polished it off thinking maybe I'm indulging in something that is perhaps around 180-200 calories - which sort of fit in my daily calorie count, maybe a little over I thought. The packet didn't have any nutritional info so I looked it on the website of the supermarket it was from. It turns out that this particular one was around 400 kcals! Ouch! Not fair :(

I'd have to have have 4 large stalks of broccoli in order to match that. I'll leave you with this mental image, 1 cookie vs 4 stalks of broccoli!

Foods How to eat Indian take-away on a diet? Aug 12 2009
18:38 (UTC)

Avoid curries with cream, butter, ghee etc. I wouldn't necessarily avoid Naans but know that they are heavier in calories. I usually make an estimate based on information I could find on CC and other places online for a curry.

Take away food always tends to be worse then the curries we make at home.

Here is a brief list of calories in curries: /calorie_content/indian_food.htm

If you want to try curries at home, try recipes from

I think we should all aim for a diet that is balanced and moderate. It would be sad if we could not enjoy take aways occasionally. Just do some damage limitation by eating light the rest of the day, try to keep within your maintenance level and things should be okay.

Foods Why Broccoli?! Why?! Aug 12 2009
17:58 (UTC)

lol! This is a funny thread. When I saw the title I thought the OP hated brocoli, but then was surprised to see them state that brocoli was so high in calories. Its one of the best veggies you can have in terms of health benefits.

See: Health benefits of broccoli

That 280g serving size for a large stalk only comes to 98 kcal but 1 cup of cooked long grain rice is 205kcals (approx 158g). Can anyone actually eat one stalk of broccoli?

Eat more broccoli!


Weight Loss Check out my Weight Loss Success Story Aug 07 2009
15:27 (UTC)

Congratulations Zack! This is how we are all trying to do it here on CC.

You don't mention exercise in your article, what exercises were you doing? Or was your calorie deficit all it took to lose the weight?

Foods Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake Jul 20 2009
11:47 (UTC)

Mmmm! Looks very nice. I say enjoy a slice of it. It may be around 300-400 calories. Just don't over indulge.

The old saying comes to mind "Everything in moderation".

Our problem isn't that we have these foods, its having them too often and in large quantities that causes the problems.


Fitness Clubbing for 3 hours = 900 calories? Jul 16 2009
17:10 (UTC)

If walking at 3mph burns approximate 200 calories or so, then dancing in a night club should easily burn 300 cals. So I can believe that figure quite easily.

I guess the best thing about this activity is that you are doing something you enjoy and it isn't seen as 'exercise'. Although when people go clubbing it is accompanied with alcohol (lots of it in the UK - binge drinking etc), which probably defeats the object.


Motivation What is it time for me to let go of? Going from Change to Transition Jul 13 2009
14:20 (UTC)

This makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the post.

The concept of a wall definitely makes a lot of sense. I've found that with weight loss, until you mentally were ready to walk through that gate in the wall you weren't really going to tackle it and you end up failing as a result.

I felt this when I gave up smoking. In reality I wasn't ready to tackle the wall so the prior attempts at quitting just failed. Finally I got the right motivation to do so and I was moving house and thought that this would be an ideal time to make good on my promise that I'd give up smoking. The promise was to my wife when she was pregnant with our daughter. I wasn't ready so I failed. Finally as my daughters 2nd birthday approached I decided to tackle it and for the last 8 years I have been an ex-smoker! It feels good not to cough up a lung every morning, not to have smelly breath, to taste food properly.

The side effect was that I started to put on more weight (I was already overweight).

Despite my success at kicking the habit, I couldn't translate that to weight loss. I wasn't ready to tackle that wall quite yet. I had several failed attempts. Finally I started tackling it in 2006, 5 years after quitting smoking! But I was only gazing at the wall and hadn't gone through the gate yet. I lost about 16lbs before I decided that enough was enough and headed for that new beginning in december 2007.

So far I've lost in total 55lbs but gained 12lbs back over the last few months, which I am now tackling again. There's no going back!

Thanks for the article shanasedai, it helps make sense of the process!

Foods Generic Chinese Take-out... chicken on a stick calories? Jul 03 2009
11:38 (UTC)

Are you referring to Satay Chicken? They come on a stick. See wikipedia reference here.

In which case it would be approximately 135 calories per stick. See: es/food/generic/chicken-satay-stick

so no it wasn't a gazillion calories, closer to 300 :)

Fitness effectiveness of walking vs running Jul 02 2009
14:02 (UTC)

Here is an answer from Does running burn more calories then walking?

If you run and walk at the same speed then you burn the same amount.

I say do both activities as often as a you can.


Foods Moderation = suggested serving size? Jul 02 2009
12:13 (UTC)

Portion sizes depend on the individual. It takes time to figure out the portion size that satisfies you.

For those of us who have become overweight often we are ignoring the signals our stomachs are giving when we are satisfied. It takes time to retrain ourselves for that.

Initially I just made up portion sizes according to the calories I intended to have. If that failed to fill me up I tried to find things that would fill me up without impacting on the calories. Things like salads and vegetables are good as fillers.

As I am originally from Bangladesh (I live in the UK), I eat a lot of rice and curry. I used to have several cups of rice per sitting. Now 1 cups worth (as listed here on CC) is sufficient - actually sometimes it seems very filling now.

I am also trying to eat slower as I find that I can eat more if I eat fast. This gives the stomach time to signal the brain that it is satisfied or full. I think it takes around 10-20 mins for the stomach to send this signal.

If you observe your slim friends and family you will notice that they do exactly this, eat slowly and then stop when they are satisfied. Rarely do they overeat. However we can relearn this and I'm finding that over time I started to have some success at this.

After all who wants to log their calories forever to regulate what they eat? I certainly dont. I want to be able to regulate it like all those naturally slim people.

However, until I learn to do this properly and have reached my target weight I will be logging my calories. The tools here on CC are a vital part of my diet regime.

Motivation There is no turning back- What have you done? Jul 02 2009
11:20 (UTC)

I've dropped from a large to a small (UK sizes) for men. I also purged my wardrobe, gave away a lot of clothes to charity. Like you, I don't want to go back there. I have some medium sizes that I still have and recently I had to use some of them again as I put a few pounds back on but even these I want to get rid of.

Its a great boost for the ego when you finally fit into stuff that is your actual size. When you can shop for stuff that fits you right and looks good on you. The only drawback is that it is expensive to replace your entire wardrobe. But I have no regrets.

I think my wife enjoyed the shopping more then me though :P

Weight Loss soup diet....does it work? Jun 26 2009
17:29 (UTC)

Soup is a great diet food. It has been shown that soup helps stay fuller for longer. You shouldn't have it exclusively but having it once a day is not going to do any harm. Just make sure things like salt content etc is low. Most soups are a great low calorie meal. I have soup most days at work, its convienient and great with a bit of bread.

Of course I would never do a diet such as the cabbage soup diet. That is crazy, very boring and detrimental to your health. You should aim for a healthy balanced diet which contains all kinds of good food.

I love soup. I just haven't got round to making my own yet but there are some great recipes here on CC :)

Weight Loss Do what works for you Jun 24 2009
13:44 (UTC)

I think whenever anyone wants to lose weight, they need to go through a learning process. This is despite following a particular diet. I agree with you, you should do what works best for you as long as that is a healthy way and does not have a detrimental effect.

Perhaps it would be better to get your calorie deficit from exercise as well as cutting back on intake. As you progress you may find that you need to do that more. You didn't mention exercise and it seems that you have a 1000 calorie deficit daily to achieve the 2lb loss. I think this will work for a while and then slow way down as you get closer to your goal weight. You may find calorie shifting doesn't work so great anymore.

I'm still learning and improving and I started the process of dieting 3 years ago now (although I lost the bulk of my weight last year).

Motivation Got to that perfect weight, and then gained it all back and thensome? Jun 19 2009
10:10 (UTC)

I lost most of the weight I wanted and once I got to my initial target, which was to be in the normal weight range, I must admit I started to relax a little. I was elated that I was in the normal weight range, clothing fit me a lot better and my lifestyle and general health was good.

However I started to gain weight again, albeit slowly. It was due to eating more again and things like going on holiday - still eating healthy but indulging in a few desserts here and there. Although unlike the OP I didn't gain as much, only around 12lbs and now after a few months of shifting 2lbs and then going back up, I have decided to tackle it again through the usual, exercise and eating healthy.

This is has been a long learning process. I think that once I get to my new target I need to learn to maintain. When I gain a pound or two I need to tackle it straight away. At least thats the plan.

The thing is this is a lifestyle change and therefore once we reach the target we need to ensure that keeping us there is part of our lifestyle - there is no going back to the old ways because we will just end up where we started. Fortunately due to the length of time it has taken to shift the weight my habits have changed a lot and so the areas I need to now tackle are fewer and I have already had the practice in losing weight in a healthy manner.

It is important to have a healthy outlook in the mind and soul as well as body. Just don't give up, the end result is worth it.


Health & Support Does anyone have a link to the any of the studies linking breakfast and metabolism? Jun 18 2009
17:47 (UTC)

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. From personal experience, if I skip breakfast I tend to eat more at lunch. It is now an essential part of my diet to eat breakfast every morning.

Here are some links from the BBC News website regarding breakfast:

Big breakfast 'aids weight loss'

Breakfast 'keeps teenagers lean'

Skipping breakfast linked to poor health

Breakfast is 'most important meal'


Weight Loss After the diet's done.. Jun 17 2009
17:33 (UTC)

Like everyone else is saying, stop eating so little. You need to use the tools on this website in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.

I think everyone who is trying to lose weight has similar thoughts. We all want a quick fix and in reality what we need is a change of lifestyle. For years I was looking for a quick solution to weightloss. Eventually you come to a point where you realise that there is no quick solution.

Why are we overweight in the first place? Due to our lifestyles. We are eating too much and not burning it off. So we need to make changes that are going to stop us from returning to this point.

You need to find out how many calories you need a day according to your activity level and create a deficit in that. If you create a 500 calorie deficit a day you will lose 1lb in a week. 1-2lbs a week is the kind of speed you are looking at in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.

All of this advice is available on this site. Just go read up on it. There are no quick fixes. We didn't get into this mess overnight we can't get out of it overnight.