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Weight Loss Weight loss advice needed! Apr 24 2012
02:20 (UTC)
the people that lost 4 or 6 pounds in a day make me laugh. when I do a long hike in the summer, even while consciously forcing water in, I lose 4 pounds of water. So what?

it is impossible to lose more than 1/2 pound per day even fasting unless you are in a ketogenic state and running marathons off your body fat. all other drastic drops are water.

and technically you didn't lose any weight if you don't keep it off long term.

not mocking anyone, just reminding you to be realistic and sensible. if you lost say 8lbsthat since January, that is 20-24lbs at the end of the year. And if you did that while adding muscle and fitness you are headed on a path of permanent weight lose and a healthier lifestyle.

last thing, studies show the more.slowly you lose weight, the more likely you are to keep it off. this probably has to do with the body sensing massive fat loss is a sign of starvation, and later wanting to regain it.
Weight Loss Weight loss advice needed! Apr 20 2012
08:48 (UTC)
also remember that you are bumping calories ONLY during your active phase. so if in 2 weeks you decide to take a week off, you would throttle your calories down a bit.

final thing, remember all fats, all carbs and all proteins aren't equal.

as an example, we could eat two totally different meals with identical macro nutrient profiles, but the quality of the micro nutrients could be totally different.

So make sure you aren't just counting calories but analyzing what you are eating and why it is beneficial to you.
Weight Loss Weight loss advice needed! Apr 20 2012
08:42 (UTC)
I would lean towards bumping the calories. you can't increase activity as much as you have and cut calories. Calorie cuts should come during off training periods. If you want to purely lose weight, stop activity and cut calories to the minimum necessary that doesn't cause your body to think it is starving. However, remember you will lose a lot of muscle in this process, not necessarily a good thing.

I'm more a fan of increasing calories and increasing workload and thus lean muscle mass. Long term this is a better solution towards overall health.