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Fitness Zumba? Feb 22 2012
20:42 (UTC)

Bierorama: I only did 3 classes! I couldn't believe it! Last night I did a 45 minute 'low intensity' (yeah right haha) class and burned 731! I felt wonderful afterwards and slept like a rock.


Even if it is a fad like Yoga and Pilates, I love it! As far as the dancing goes, I'm starting to remember the dances so it's getting to be even more fun. Last night I was able to touch my toes for the first time since high school (not that I have been trying to, lol). I find myself having more energy durning the day now too.

Weight Loss Back-Handed Compliments Feb 21 2012
20:26 (UTC)

I'm sorry people are doing that. They are both right, it is jealousy. If the same people keep doing it, maybe you could give them a dose of their own medicine. Its amazing how that works. Congrats on the success of all your hard work!

Pregnancy & Parenting getting rid of the spare tire Nov 21 2011
02:20 (UTC)
Breastfeeding and calorie counting is working for me... A bit of exercise like walking here and there too.